These rules were set with the agreement of the server team. Occasional changes are immediately binding and it is mandatory for all players to comply.

§1 - General

  1. The player is obliged to regularly inform themselves regarding the importance of the rules. Accordingly, a player can be penalized for an infringement even in ignorance of a rule.
  2. With the registration of an account on this server you automatically accept all current and still following rules.
  3. The player is obliged to behave according to our rules and is expected to report any violations of the rules.
  4. Any form of exploiting the servers vote system is strictly prohibited.
  5. We do not tolerate loophole abuse. If you find a way to damage the community, a player, the economy or someones reputation the Staff team will immediate take action. This list is not exhaustive.

§2 - Penalties

  1. We always strive for a peaceful and respectful community. This means that we want to largely waive penalties, but we will enforce the rules if needed.
  2. The penalties enforced upon individual players or groups of players are definitive and exercised according to the severity of the infraction.
  3. Possible penalties are:
    • Temporary/Permanent deactivation of the in game chat
    • Temporary/Permanent ban from the game
    • The exclusion from events.
  4. In the duration of the suspension, all access to the penalized account will be denied.

§3 - Account ownership

  1. All accounts and their contents are the property of the server.
  2. We reserve the right to temporarily take over the account of a user and to validate reports of suspicion.
  3. If an already punished account is validly prosecuted more than once, the account will be locked permanently.
  4. For the purposes of this section, suspicion will amount to either a report by another player or the belief, by the Staff, that the member is acting in a manner which strays from the Rules.

§4 - Community

  1. The Community shall act in a way which encourages harmonious social interaction between players, and the Staff.
  2. Accordingly, it is not permitted to harass, denounce, expose or threaten a player mentally/physically. This applies for the in-game chat, forum and Server owned Discord Server.
  3. Spam is considered within the ambit of this section and is prohibited with the exception of the off-topic area of the forum. In-game shouts should be limited according to the number of other players using shouts.

§5 - Staff Team

  1. Towards team members is a polite, businesslike and especially honest behavior appropriate, so they can help you quickly and professionally.
  2. Never ever impersonate as a team member. Team members who have a private character are not allowed to do their duties through these. This means that a team member will only help with his according in-game character.
  3. Don't try to benefit from personally knowing a team member. Team members are generally advised to never talk about current developments within the staff team.
  4. Don't bother a team member with item and/or penya wishes. This only reduces the teams responsiveness and can, if repeated, lead to a temporary deactivation of the in-game chat or even a temporary ban.
  5. Information from team members may not be passed to other players. This includes things such as which exact items a player has and what effects they have, who is behind an anonymous name, who was banned and for what reason etc; any team member who infringes this rule will be banned permanently from his position.

§6 - Recovery of Items

  1. Generally, no items are returned, whether it is the players fault or not. This means that no items are returned in the following cases:
    • Rollbacks/Server crashes
    • Scam/loss through mail/trade
    • Discard or selling for the wrong price
    • Upgrade
    • Guild bank
    • Shared account
  2. The only exception to this rule is when you lose a shop item. In this case you are allowed to ask for the retrieval of the lost item. This rule can only be used once per user. The shop item will only be retrieved if the item is lost on one of the accounts of the original buyer.
  3. The Staff Team does not restore any deleted characters. They are permanently gone.

§7 - Drop-, Item- and Monster stealing

  1. Drop theft ("Looting") is strictly forbidden.
  2. It is also forbidden to intentionally and without the consent of the other player to attack the same monsters.
  3. The exploitation of AFK farming is strictly prohibited, as is the use of automation mechanisms and third party programs that are not approved by the Staff Team.

§8 - In-game fraud and scam

  1. It is the responsibility of the parties involved to ensure the proper trade exchange occurs. The Staff Team is not responsible if a player fraudulently takes another item.
    • Exception to this is theft of the item that was dropped in a party. This will need to be proven through appropriate evidence.
    • Staff Members are not to be asked to act as middlemen in these transactions.
  2. Scamming is prohibited. The natural definition of the word shall be applied, meaning; an act, with the intent to cheat or defraud another player of their items or account.

§9 - Account sharing

  1. Account and item sharing is permitted at the responsibility of the involved parties.
  2. In the event of an account or item robbery, the primary account involved will be locked and the account owner punished. §6 of the rules apply to the injured party.

§10 - Clockwork Points-, item- and account selling

  1. It is forbidden for anyone to sell items, CWT or accounts to a third party for real money. You are however allowed to sell your CWT and your account for in-game currency.
  2. It is prohibited to offer an account or items as exchange/sale on 3rd party forums or places not officially sanctioned by Clockworks Flyff. You may only offer items or accounts on the official Clockworks Flyff discord or within the game. The attempt alone will result in penalties for the account and the accounts connected to the person breaching this rule.
  3. Players and team members are prohibited to trade for real money. This includes PayPal, Paysafe Card, uKash, etc.
  4. The retraction of money after a payment will result in a permanent ban, provided that the person has received the Clockwork Points.

§11 - Bugs, Exploits and Third party programs

  1. It is forbidden to use non-authorized third party programs.
  2. The usage of bugs is strictly forbidden, as well as the usage of exploits and automation mechanisms.
  3. Duping will result in an immediate permanent ban.
  4. Attempting to dupe or assisting in a dupe will result in a temporary ban.
  5. Programs and tools that provide an unfair advantage are not allowed. The exceptions are programms released and approved within our forum.

§12 - Royal Rumble

  1. Royal Rumble is a Free For All PvP game mode. As such, you are expected to play against each other. Any sort of teaming/cooperating with other players towards a common goal is not permitted.
  2. When playing Royal Rumble, your goal should be to get the most possible points without breaking rule 1. or 3.
  3. AFK farming, or using multiple accounts to farm in Royal Rumble is strictly prohibited and shall be punished with a temporary to permanent ban.

§13 - Guild Siege & Guild Clash

  1. Guild Siege & Guild Clash are a Guild based PvP game mode. As such, you are expected to cooperate with your guild and fight against other guilds. Any sort of teaming/cooperating with other guilds towards a common goal is not permitted.
  2. When playing Guild Siege or Guild Clash, your goal should be to deploy every strategy possible to improve your chances of winning as a Guild/placing as high as possible.
  3. Joining Guild Siege or Guild Clash for the sole purpose permanently hindering a player from playing the game (by using CC skills, spamming them, etc), without your own Guild being able to capitalise on your game play is considered toxic behaviour and is not permitted and will lead to exclusions from playing Guild Siege or Guild Clash.
  4. Joining Guild Siege or Guild Clash for the sole purpose of farming Siege Medals or Guild Clash Medals will lead to a temporary ban.
  5. Joining Guild Siege or Guild Clash to AFK, having the intention to lose all your lives as quickly as possible or being lined up despite not providing your Guild with any positives is considered to be not in the spirit of competition and will lead to temporary exclusions from Guild Siege, Guild Clash or the game.