• Added Angel Dust Cube.
  • Added Weapon Re-roll Dust cube.
  • Made the automatic AFK reply opt-in in options.
  • Changed the AFK reply system to use the messengers AFK state.
    • This means you decide when the AFK reply message is sent by deliberately setting your state to AFK in the E Messenger window.
  • Added [Consumable] Gisela to Kaillun Grassland.
  • Adjusted the Legendary Colosseum Reward Box chances.
  • Fixed the duration of the guild buffs from [Siege Medals Shop] Suray from 3 days to 14 days.
  • Changed some fonts, colors and outlines of texts.
  • Made some changes to shop search gui.
  • Channel indicator on shouts is now a prefix instead of a suffix.
  • Added a button to "Automatic Powerups" to activate only the current page of powerups.
    • A complete overhaul of the feature is planned.
  • Added a confirmation to teleport to Lodestar when being in colosseum.
  • Changed the text on some options and added descriptions when hovered over.


  • Re-coded how pets work internally. If you notice any weird behaviour, please tell me.
  • @Happie added more custom made angel skill sfx!


Bar Transitions

  • Added smooth transitions to most HP/MP/FP/EXP bars.
    • Added an option to disable these transitions.



  • Increased size of X-Mas presents.



  • As suggested by the community we increased the difficulty of the solo dungeons: Mysterious Garden, Ragefire Chasm and Stratholme.
    • Increased the minimum entry level to 150.
    • Increased the level of all monsters and bosses to 150.
    • Increased the walking speed of the monsters.
    • Increased the damage of the normal monsters.
    • These changes are experimental please leave feedback.



  • Added missing Giant Hunting achievements.
  • Lowered the requirements of the Achievement "Bad Presents" from 5000 to 1000 kills.



  • Increased the cooldown of Berserk to 30 seconds.

PvP Balance

  • Added 10% Melee and Range Block while in PvP Areas to the Cursed Bilari set.
  • Changed the order of the double damage hit from 2-1-1-2 to 2-1-2-1 in PvP areas (The same as in PvE areas).
  • Reduced the damage of the first hit against players by 15% (1.75x -> 1.5x).
    • PvE damage/dps is unchanged.
  • Increased the Elementor skill "Burningfield" cooldown to 0.5 seconds in PvP areas.
  • Increased the Elementor skill "Electric Shock" cooldown to 0.5 seconds in PvP areas.
  • Increased the Elementor skill "Earthquake" cooldown to 0.5 seconds in PvP areas.
  • Increased the Elementor skill "Poison Cloud" cooldown to 0.5 seconds in PvP areas.
  • Increased the Elementor skill "Windfield" cooldown to 0.5 seconds in PvP areas.
  • Added 18% increased PvP damage to Knight skill "Special Two-Handed Mastery".
    • This results in about 10% more PvP damage while using a 2 Handed weapon.


PvP system related

  • Added spawn protection on the Guild War map.
    • After you are teleported to the bottom of the arena, you are invulnerable for 1 second.
  • Removed the 4 object in the Siege Arena.
  • Removed "res points" from Guild War.
    • This change was added to promote more aggressive play and reward the guild going for kills rather than safety.
  • Reduced the maximum lineup size in Guild War from 10 to 5.
    • This means you can only line up a total of 5 players per guild.
  • While on the Guild War map, the usual guild buff is replaced by the Lv. 10 equivalent.
    • This means everyone in Siege now has the Lv. 10 Guild Buff, no matter the current guild level.
  • Removed guild buffs in Royal Rumble.
  • Removed couple buffs in Royal Rumble.


  • Fixed some item descriptions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused "Cross of Blood" to not use it's dex scaling correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that made it possible to ignore [Primal Creator] Hephaestus minions.
  • Fixed the the last spawn of "Wingnut" not moving in Mysterious Garden.
  • Fixed the server crash that occurred when restarting a channel.
  • Fixed a bug where hiding pets would not work correctly when they are transmuted.