Winter Event - Part 2

09.12.2020 - 03.01.2021 23:59 UTC+1

@Kiyo drew a really cute wallpaper for you!



Winter Flaris


It's cold in Flaris, so have some snow. 



Advent calendar


Every day the server's rates are increased. Check this post for more information.



Fashion Fiesta


Get your winter boots and try to shoot the best image! Send in your screenshot with a winter/christmas theme by the 27th december in the #fashion-event channel. Winners will be chosen by the community afterwards and three winners will be picked. Each winner-picture will be rewarded with 3000 CWT! You can also participate with multiple persons or guilds, but only once per player.



Special Snowflake


You miss Cascada? I doubt it, but you can farm Golden Snowflakes at all monsters from Lv. 60-150.

Golden Snowflakes can be used to to buy several items from [Event] Noel in North Flaris. Over 50 new and exclusive items are available!

*Note: The Guild House will be enabled in the next patch, the Decorative Guild House furniture is is not useable until then.

Check out the NPCs for all items. Preview them with Shift + Click on the item!



Present Hunt


Small present boxes can be found all over Madrigal and Cascada! To open them, you need Christmas Scissors. Christmas Scissors are rewarded upon completing any dungeon.

Present boxes will drop "X-Mas Box 2020" containing:

  • Christmas Aibatt Pet
  • Present Cat Pet
  • Reindeer Sleigh Mount
  • Snowdrop Fashion Set


Evil Presents


Madrigal and Cascada were overrun by Christmas Giggleboxes! Kill them to get Golden Snowflakes or even Christmas Scissors!


Online Presents


Every two hours you are online, you will be rewarded with a "X-Mas Online Box 2020" containing:

  • Chamiru's Weapon Skins
  • Iceflake Queen Pet
  • Festive Christmas Fashion



Server Quest


Server Quests are back with more variety, a few changes and a new Anarchy buff:

Winter Spirit: +5% Penya Drop, +20% Angel Item Drop



Christmas Yetti 


Every few hours a Christmas Yetti will hide in Madrigal. Fight and kill it to activate full anarchy buffs for one hour!





A new set of 25 event achievements has been added for you to complete, rewarding you with various items and exclusive badges!

We hope you enjoy the event!