Starting now we will have a sale with many exclusive items! The sale will end on Sunday, 29th Nov 23:59 UTC+1. 

The following sales will be active:





 Weapon Skins









To thank everyone supporting the server,  there will be tiered rewards, too. The more CWT you buy, the more rewards you get.

  • Top up 300 CWT and get a Golden Charm Badge
  • Top up 1.500 CWT and get a Thanksgiving Turkey Mount


  • Top up 3.000 CWT and get Daygorra Mask Wings



  •  Top up 7.500 CWT and get a Dark Jingle Nine Tail Fox Mount


All rewards will be sent out in the following week. If you purchased more than 7.500 CWT, you are eligible for another round of rewards. All item rewards are purely cosmetic and tradeable.




* Exclusive items are exclusive for at least one year.