@Miru made a new awesome Halloween themed wallpaper! Download it here.


Halloween Server Quests


-          A new feature exclusive for the Halloween event has been added, requiring the whole server to team up!

-          The whole server has to complete 10 quests in a limited time.

-          For completing a Server Quest, the whole server will be buffed by the displayed Anarchy Buff with increased durations. The maximum duration for each buff was increased to 24h instead of 4h.

-          If the whole server manages to complete all 10 quests, the completion reward is given. Completion reward is a server buff with a really high duration.

-          After the time of a quest ran out, it will be marked as FAILED. The completion reward is then gone.

-          When all 10 quests are completed/failed, a new set of quests and reward will be chosen.



Attack of Saint Morning


- Flyffers! This Halloween, Monsters spawned by the evil Shade have invaded Saint Morning! Only you can stop them! Use our custom Teleporter [Hotkey : V] to participate in a high-level encounter against the all-powerful monsters, and clash against all monsters to get some great loot!

- You can enter the dungeon twice per character and six times per player. Minimum Lv. 150.

- To complete the dungeon, you have to find three imposter monsters which are protecting the boss Araxna.

- Completing the dungeon will reward you with 200-300 Halloween Pumpkins. Monsters in the dungeon can drop these Halloween Pumpkins or their respective pets (skins), too.

                - Baby Blood Puppet

                - Baby Dark Mr. Pumpkin

                - Baby Dark Magician




Zombie Hunt

-          Madrigal and Cascada are plagued by zombies. Kill them all to get Halloween Charms or Halloween powerups!



Lit the Candles

-          All monsters can now drop Halloween Candles.

-          Combine Halloween Candles, Halloween Charms and Halloween Pumpkins to Blood Vials

-          Blood Vials can be used to buy a huge amount of weapon skins, fashion, wing masks, pets, mounts and power ups.



Premium Skins

-          Added lots of premium skins!

We hope you enjoy this little event!