Patch Notes 3.0.5


Premium Shop

- Added a new Premium (28d) + Pet bundle to Gisela and Website. This month you can get a free Chien pet!



- Added Goku SSJ 4 pet for 210CWT to Goku NPC and webshop.

- Added Frieza pet to Goku NPC and webshop.

- Changed Shenron AI behaviour that should prevent griefing.

- Increased the minimum amount of Dragonballs you can get in dungeons to 100 and maximum to 200.

- Increased the minimum amount of Dragonballs you can get from Shenron to 250 and maximum to 500.

- Fixed a bug where Shenron pet would be untradeable. 

-- If you have an untradeable one, you can PM us to exchange it.


Guild Clash

- Made some preparations for Guild Clash. I'm aiming for a test this weekend. If you/your guild want to help in testing, please message us.



- The teleporter window won't close if you can not teleport due to combat and such.

- Items from collecting can now be automatically added to bag if "Pickup items directly to Bag" is active.

- Added a Facebook Streaming reward box for those facebook streamers amongst you.

-- Same conditions apply to the Facebook reward box as to the Twitch reward box.



- Added an error that pops up when the system detects/crashes because of a corrupted file that deletes it and promts you to re-patch.

-- This should fix or atleast lead to an alot easier time for players that crash due to corrupted files.

- Significantly decreased the time the client needs to load into the login window.


PvP Balance

- Added effect to Scroll of Holy in PvP areas:

-- After using a Scroll of Holy, all incoming CC skill time is reduced by 90% for 2 seconds.

-- Translation: Someone uses Sneaker on you, it only lasts for 0.5 seconds instead of 5, if the sneaker lands in the 2 seconds while the reduction effect is active.

-- The idea behind this change is to not make it as easy to gang up on one person while spamming their CC abilities. It encourages more smart usage of CC skills.



- Fixed a bug where Crucio Spell would still reflect damage in Royal Rumble.

- Fixed a bug where Siege lineup would fail if a character is online on another channel.

- Fixed a bug that caused textures to unload/not be loaded correctly.

- Fixed Angel Skill "Eternal Prison" not casting properly.

- Fixed a bug that caused certain instance bosses to not reset to their spawn position if they walked too far away from it.

- Fixed [Angel Shop] Gabriella orientation in Guild War Arena.

- Fixed Angel Skill "Fast Swings" removing Attack Speed on Lv 3.

- Fixed a bug where a bleed effect could cause another bleed effect.

- Fixed some translation issues.

- Fixed some achievement requirements, titles and descriptions.

- Changed Guild War time for Sunday to 40 minutes

- Reduced Shenron level from 158 to 150

- Removed Shenron double attack

- Significantly increased the time between Shenron attacks

- Decreased minimum Shenron Boss HP

- Increased HP Scaling for each new participant

- Decreased the damage Shenron deals significantly