- As we are still waiting for a few more items for our big farming event, we will host a small farming event as a substitution.

- This Kittie Themed event offers new Pusheen Kittie Bags, Kittie Masks and Kitten Cloaks!

- Monsters will now drop 'Kitty Ribbons', this event item can be exchanged for these exclusive cosmetic items.

- This event will last until September 14 2020.

- The big, new event should be available in around one week. It will not be cosmetics only!!! DON'T PANIC  

Angel Skill Upgrade

- You can finally upgrade your Angel Skills

- Read more here

Dungeons & Drops

- Updated [Cursed] Deathwing map to ensure it's the same as [Blessed] Deathwing.

- Fixed textures in Aminus dungeon.

- Updated Hephaestus item drops in teleporter.

- Removed Sacred Bead of Shade's Tormet from all drop tables as it has no effect with our hitrate and attack speed changes.

- Added Buff Pang to Cascada and Neo Cascada.

- Added a confirmation before joining a dungeon when its not open yet.(edited)


- Until the vote issue is fixed, you can now purchase 5 Scrolls of Amplification ES(S) for x1 Challenge Key in the Daily Challenges window. 

- Shops can now be opened in Darkon, along with Saint Morning.

- Locked items can be automatically unlocked while trading if holding CTRL.

- Status window of the buff-pet and stat-pet are now side-by-side by default.

- Items can now be white/blacklisted from the teleporter.

- Pets can now be switched without disabling a spawned one first.

- Hotkey to hide all players and SFX is now CTRL +, additionally, hiding all players will no longer hide party members.

- Shop search will no longer close when walking.

- Shop search arrow size increased when having a marked shop. 

- Untradeable items can now be placed in your bank. This does not work with Common Bank.

- Placed mail boxes at every collector field to allow for easy access to loot.

- Case insensitive search is now possible for party finder.

- Blessed/Cursed Fragments & Hephaestus Construction Plans have their class designation to assist in class specific shop filters.

- You can now awaken D-level pets.

- Disabled glow of vendors.

- Added Samba set M/F to NPC Jacky. 

- Locked motions can be previewed in O window now

Skill & Balance Changes

- All Assist/Ringmaster skills are now AoE buffs.

- Changed icon of the [Ultimate Khan] debuff to help differentiate it from Cursed Mind.(edited

Fixes & Optimisations

- Fixed Rise of Nightmare Achievement not rewarding you Legend Points.

- Fixed inability to use Loadstar option in Stratholme.

- Fixed client crashing when searching for party leaders.

- Fixed item descriptions and names.

- Fixed item pricing for some Siege Metal items

- Fixed a bug where skill cooldowns would not be shown after teleporting. 

- Fixed skill cooldowns not being shown in PvP.

- Fixed a bug where monsters would appear as following you when using Dark Illusion.

- Fixed a bug where Pang's Store would not appear on Lv 80-M.

- Fixed a bug where Angel Barrier skills would apply to non-party members.

- Fixed a bug where Titans would not appear.

- Fixed a bug with 'Heavy Artilery' not using the intended range.

- Fixed a bug that dealt damage to monsters around yourself instead of around your target with Heavy Artilery.

- Fixed a bug that caused Stratholme boss Kingston to deal 4 times the intended damage.

- Fixed the angel skill 'Impale'. It now correctly increases your damage and shows an indicator if/when triggered.

- Fixed a bug that caused dungeon bosses to gain attack/movement speed after a debuff.

- Fixed a bug where you could not properly enable full screen in options.

- Fixed a bug where the Guild Bank would open for everyone if it was sorted.

- Fixed a bug where Friendships wouldn't work anymore after being attacked.

- Optimised rain.

- Optimised the client's sound engine.