Clockworks Season 2 will be released on July 31st

Hi @everyone!

thank you all for giving us so much feedback. It is great to see so many people waiting for our newest update. We are happy to announce the release date of Season 2 on the July 31st! 

It's time we let you all know what we're working on! We've decided to focus on fewer new features and systems, but more so improvements to existing systems. This includes, but is not limited to:

Angel Skills

The Angel you choose will now be able to learn both active and passive skills! Those skills will help you on your adventures in Madrigal.

Record Book

The record book will have a come back on S2, helping you to measure your strength with other top players.

Guild Clash

Guild Clash is an exciting PvP mode taking place twice a week. Up to 8 guilds can clash against each other in an all new world! The goal is to kill the crystals of the opposing guilds, whilst also defending your own. All participating guilds get access to their own private guild house for 7 days. Fight for your guild and receive Guild Clash Medals, you can use these items to buy exclusive consumables,  guild furniture, fashion and mounts!

Blair's Castle - High-Level Farming Area

Whilst this area probably won't be patched in until mid-Season 2, this new area will provide players with an alternative area to farm in!

New Legend Score tier rewards

Featuring an all new tier above Legend, Royal! The Royal tier will be obtainable at 350,000 Legend Score. 


Achievement Modifications

We've gathered up all feedback from the past six months and have made several changes to achievements, this includes modifying existing requirements and rewards and even adding new achievements. Achievements are now more exciting and rewarding than ever before!


Daily Challenges Reward Overhaul

We've significantly reduced RNG! You'll now be able to buy the items you want directly with keys. 


Class and Skill Balance Changes

We intend to bring some classes more in line with others to make them more attractive to play in the first place or reduce their overall powerlevel that overshadows all other options.


Changes to difficulty in obtaining end-game gear

Updates to the way Blood/Titanbane are created to bring the overall cost down and make it more achievable for the average player in a timely manner.


Boss Mechanic changes

Adjusted and changed mechanics for bosses and dungeons such as Hephaestus to make melee classes an actual part of the game, not just a sub-optimal choice in almost all cases.


Updated Titan Auctions

We removed and added several items to bring Titan Auctions more in line with what they are supposed to achieve, upgrade your characters existing gear, instead of replacing entire parts.


Drop Changes

As mentioned in the season-end-text we will reduce the amount of items dropped from bosses specifically a bit as to slow down the overall progression of a season and guarantee that killing a boss actually feels rewarding without flooding the market.


Weapon and Shield random stat adjustments

Several lower level items have received adjustments to their roll radii to make them less "hit or miss", giving all weapons a reason to be used, no matter how bad their rolls might be.


More changes

There will be more changes, such as QoL, updated items, general rewards in certain aspects of the game to ensure a smo