• Changed Entry requirements for the following dungeons:
    • Ankou's Asylum: Can additionally be entered as a Hero
    • Kalgas' Cave: Can additionally  be entered as a Hero
    • Abyssal Cove of the Ancients: Can not be entered by Hero and Legend Hero
    • La Christiana: Can not be entered by Hero
  • Model Viewer: Pets will now be rendered with their correct (PVE) size. Also added a player model as reference for their size
  • Improved the time it takes to login greatly. If you have a slow/bad connection, you should now still be able to login
  • Jewels, like Diamonds, can now be created faster by rightclicking the weapon while having the Jewel Creation window open
  • Added sorting feature to guild bank
  • Revamped the notifications of Stat Dices and Achievements. 
    • Clicking the notification will open the respective window
  • Monstrous monsters in Cascada give 25% more Pet EXP now
  • Added indicator to guild window how many players are online


Party EXP Calculation changes

  • Characters with EXP Stop enabled are considered level 1.
    • This means as long as any character following your leveler has EXP Stop enabled, they are considered as level 1.
    • This eliminates the need for a dedicated level 1 char following your leveler.
  • Leveling without a leecher is considered leveling with a level 1 Leech
    • Similar to the EXP Stop change, players that would rather level without a leech at all can now do so without an EXP penalty
  • Parties can be leveled without a Leecher


  • Fixed a bug that could lead to a crash after Titan auction
  • Fixed a bug with Weekly Challenges resetting upon login on Mondays
  • Fixed a bug where Achievements would appear as empty
  • Fixed a bug in Switch Equipment tool that caused blade weapons to be shown out of order
  • Fixed a bug that caused ATK (Dragon, Awake) not to be increased by ATK%
  • Cheer won't be removed by Scroll of Holy anymore
  • Some pets were adjusted in size
  • Fixed some pet names