Blessed/Cursed Deathwing

  • The Deathwing Dungeons have been completely reworked.
    • New layout that is much shorter than the old one.
    • Removed monster kill amount requirement.
    • New monster model and way to spawn Deathwing.
    • Teleporter opens after destroying all 3 "Living Mana Core".
    • Drops are unchanged.


  • You can now remove Shiny/Old Glow effect for free at Peach.
  • Cascada achievements can be completed by killing monstrous monsters now too.
  • Increased client performance when using mounts or wing masks.
  • Increased size of the free bag to 12 slots and adjusted the window to remove the scrollbars.


  • [Ultimate] Clockworks Card cooldown in PvP Areas increased to 20 seconds.
  • Disabled Stun Orb in PVP 
    • An all around orb that allowes to cc outside of your classes limitation is to strong and causes frustrations, both for people that are forced to use it due to how strong it is and those that are on the receiving end.
    • For now it has no functionality in PvP areas, but will come back in some capacity in the future.
  • Changed back Guild Siege lineup size to 10 and players on the battle field to 5.
    • As we have seen in the time that we had reduced lineup and battle field player sizes, guilds just start teaming, defeating the entire purpose of siege.
    • We hope to find another way to combat this unsportsman like behaviour in the future.

Pet Sizes

  • Pet sizes have been adjusted to be different in PvP and PvE areas. 
    • PvP area sizes will still be the same as before, up to waist high.
    • PvE area sizes are now 50% bigger than their PvP counterpart.
    • If there is any pet that is too big/small, you can post it in #pet_size.


  • Reverted Slayer damage pattern change made in patch 2.2.2 in PvP areas.
    • As we have seen, the power you have as a slayer with this change is astronomically higher than expected and to strong to be kept that way. 1st and 3rd hit still deal most dmg in PvE, but PvP is back to pre 2.2.2 patch.
  • ATK Speed of all classes has been set to 100%
    • This makes ATK Speed of all kind (Weapons/Sets/Buffs) useless, just like Hitrate. For now the stats will stay ingame, but will not have any functionality.


  • Fixed a bug where weekly challenges would reset too early.
  • Fixed a bug where clients wouldn't load up properly when starting multiple at once.
  • Fixed a bug that caused resurrection to not work when dying in Colosseum.
  • Fixed a bug causing push back of skills to work on bosses/Titans.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs with royal rumble...
  • Fixed Divine Anarchy Set (F) icons.
  • Fixed Alpha Clockworks Skin descriptions.