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Premium Pet

Premium Sale

  • Added new Special Weekly Sales. This week you can get 50+25 EXP Scrolls!

  • Added Harpy weapon Skins to [Weapon Skins] Judy

  • Added Scroll of Weapon Glow Change to Gisela for 150 CWT. It let's you change your weapons element glow to the old one. It will not fit all skins 100% correctly, but you can send us the name of the skin + a screenshot and it will get fixed.
  • Removed Easter Event, Fury Ghost NPC and Dark Skull skin.


  • Improved client performance. This should make a major difference while being in crowded areas and on Titan. Please give me feedback
  • When re-rolling Daily Challenges, it is not possible to get a challenge of the same type anymore
  • Added Flasks to [Royal Rumble] shop
  • Cheer is stackable for up to one hour now
  • Added indicator if HC was applied to damage
  • Increased Autopowerup pages to 8
  • Added indicator for Automatic Powerups how many powerups are set
  • Added skip button in waiting stages in colosseum.
  • If you disconnect during a Colosseum match, you can rejoin during a waiting stage now. Go to the Colosseum NPC and choose "Enter Colosseum".
  • Decreased rolling time of Stat Dices
  • It is possible to skip the Stat Dice rolling animation when holding control
  • AFK Vendor and AFK Collector names will now be hidden if the option "Show NPC names" is not checked
  • Changed tooltip in guild member list and added nickname
  • Changed icon of Angel Change Coupon
  • Couple teleport is usable even if the partner is dead now
  • Added a message who won a titan auction
  • Added Clockworks Chips and Supreme Clockworks Box to Clockworks' drop pool
  • Bloody set parts can not be sold with quick sell anymore
  • Hid Tier achievements and rewards as they confused a lot of players
  • Removed Class Specific pet filter option
  • Decreased Royal Rumble preparation time
  • Items from AFK Collectors will always be sent via mail
  • Removed sounds of pickup pets
  • Removed "Attack Speed: Very slow/slow/..." from Weapon display
    • It is a useless stat that is more confusing than helpful

Stat Pet Skins

  • Added a new feature allowing you to skin your stat pet. 
    • It is available at every Pet Tamer in the Pet Transmutation window.
    • For now you can buy the normal stat pet skins at the Pet Tamer for 1 Perin. More skins will be available in the next patches. Every pet is possible, so please send us your wishes
    • The skin is not visible in PVP areas.


  • Reduced the amount of people that can be lined up for guild siege from 10 to 5
  • Reduced the amount of poeple that can be on the ground at the same time from 5 to 3
    • This is a change that was made after testing it for a few sieges with a big part of the community. Additionally, it was suggestion @1269 that was 100% positively voted. We will evaluate what this change brings to the landscape of siege and will adjust accordingly


  • Added Stonehand to Seraphs and Force Masters in royal rumble
  • Lifesteal added to the game
    • Lifesteal works with every spell/auto attack/physical skill. Things that would not count towards either physical or magical lifesteal now work with this new stat.
  • Physical and Magical Lifesteal have been removed from the game
    • Diamonds that previously gave those stats can not be rolled anymore. They still have their functionality.
    • Divine Orb of Bloodsuck now gives Lifeleech instead of Physical Lifesteal
  • Removed "Pan Barrier" increasing Range Block in PvE areas
  • Reduced "The Doom Guard" Ranged and Melee Block by 2% each
  • Reduced "Cursed Bileire/Bilari Set"  Ranged and Melee Block in PvP Areas by 10% each

Element Change

  • Adjusted the way element dmg is calulated in PvP scenarios for auto attacks
    • The functionality for auto attack dmg with elements on weapons now should follow more clearly the way it is calculated for spells.
    • Spells and auto attacks now deal up to ~15% more/less dmg to a target depending on the element upgrade level of the attacker/defender weapon/suit
      • Before this change, auto attacks were working as follows (perspective from the dmg dealer, for dmg tanker just invert the numbers to their negative counterpart):
      • Weapon + 0, Suit + 0: no dmg increase/decrease
      • Weapon + 0, Suit + 20: dmg decrease by ~21.11%
      • Weapon + 20, Suit + 0: dmg increase by ~30%
      • Both same element or elements that are neutral to each other: no dmg increase/decrease
      • Weapon Fire, Suit Wind (Weapon strong, suit weak):
      • Weapon + 20, Suit + 20: dmg increase by ~10.48%
      • Weapon Wind, Suit Fire (Weapon strong, suit weak):
      • Weapon + 20, Suit + 20: dmg decrease by ~3.85%
      • This means that before it was always beneficial to have an element on suit, because instead of taking 30% more dmg in all cases where the enemy has a +20 weapon, you only take 10% more against the element you are weak against, and no increased damage against neutral elements.


  • Fixed a bug that did not allow you to create characters on Season 1 page
  • Fixed a but that would not show Season 1 page for all accounts
  • Fixed a lot of client crashes, please keep sending those reports <3
  • Fixed a bug that caused DMG reduction from set effects to not apply to Asal
  • Fixed Cursed Mentalist Necklace giving MP instead of HP on upgrade levels 1~20 (It already gave HP at upgrade levels 21~30)
  • Fixed a bug where beads in a pet would instantly disappear
  • Fixed "Dark Rabbit Set (F)" description
  • Fixed a bug where you would "lose" the connection to your AFK Vendor
  • Fixed Fel Rager mount having the wrong model
  • Fixed some mounts crashing your client
  • Fixed some items that could not be traded or deleted
  • Fixed [Ultimate] Khan Card icon
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't spawn a pet anymore
  • Fixed some achievements not being unlocked for certain characters with Angel Ranks
  • Fixed the chat of private shops not working
  • Fixed the "Daily Challenge Notification" option not working. You can disable it in Options -> Advanced
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Force Masters to not fully heal after switching in PVP areas
  • Fixed a bug that would trigger the "penya limit reached" warning
  • Fixed pickup pets getting stuck sometimes
  • Fixed Achievement "Cursed" giving out a broken item
  • Fixed Transmutation Token being recognized as a quest item