Hello @everyone!

It has been about two months since the season has started. Many of you have already progressed far and have accumulated wealth and gear to beat pretty much everything the game has to offer. As we have mentioned in our seasons FAQ, we will let you decide when to end the current season, but more about that at the end of this text.

For now, let's talk about what we have learned and what we want to change for the future.

The first and most important thing we have learned: Do not launch a huge project when there are other obligations looming. Our main developer Vladi has probably lived through the hardest period of his life, trying to balance work, university, exams and server obligations while also caring for one's mental and physical well being. Though me and Chapstick are almost always available for support on game issues, neither of us has the ability to fix game breaking bugs on our own. In the future, we will look for ways to create an environment where less errors happen and where a fix for any given problem can be deployed as quickly as possible.

In game related, many of you have criticized that weapon and set drop rates were too high. Initially we increased them since we knew seasons would be a time-limited server that many might quit early or not start entirely if they felt like there was no time to progress anymore. As it turns out, we achieved the complete opposite of people reaching endgame way too quickly (given their time investment) and ending their run just as quickly due to having achieved everything. In the future we hope to fine-tune the numbers to keep players interested in doing dungeons, while also keeping the market at a stable point.

Other things that in our eyes were a bad addition were upgraded weapons from titans. These remove a major obstacle of clearing dungeons and devalue actual item drops heavily, since the titan weapons are so easily accessible. The idea was that those weapons would be used for creating Blood-/Titanbane weapons, but also affected the entire market heavily as a consequence. Removing or changing those weapons is something we would want to adjust for the future, while also re-evaluating the creation process of Blood-/Titanbane weapons.

Thirdly, the way general character progression works out is in our opinion very stale. Generally it is as follows: Create a Jester, level it to 80 Master, run Savage Wilds, get jewelry and ultimate weapons, level the character you want with those weapons and ignore every dungeon in between. Depending on player consensus, we might change something about that, but we will see what you guys think and hope for ideas and feedback.

Continuing, we strive creating a balance where characters have different roles to play while not being overshadowed in every aspect by others or being reduced to uselessness due to outside circumstances. One such example would be the ranged vs. melee class debate, where it is pretty apparent that melee classes have a huge disadvantage in both dungeon related tasks (monsters hit for a lot of damage) and general farming related tasks (money, materials etc.). Both issues are substantial and warrant a complete rework of certain aspects of the game to make it more accessible to all classes while keeping the general idea of different classes and their specializations alive.

Lastly, due to the influx of a huge amount of new players (we peaked at around 1500 characters online) and our real life obligations, we fell behind our communication efforts with players both in and out of the game. We pride ourselves with being a community driven server but didn’t manage to keep up with the demand thrown our way. Ideally, we would want to increase our presence whenever we can while also keeping up with other responsibilities.

Following that point, we were less transparent than usual, rarely talking about what we were working on or why something is delayed or why something is or is not implemented even though there is community demand for things. This was caused by a combination of the enormous amount of players and the time constraints that we faced, dedications to fixing game breaking bugs, as well as no dedicated channels where all that information is centered, so people can easily see what is the case. For the future, we would want to establish an easier way for people to see what we do and think, while also commenting on as many topics as possible.

The last and probably most damaging point, is the ability to sell your entire character. While we still want to support players who would want to switch to another class while making their own gear available to other people to enjoy, it comes with the downside that other players see that people stop playing. This can have a butterfly effect, giving other players a reason to also quit. Another aspect of the same problem, is people selling their gear for CWT, hoarding those funds for future seasons, effectively removing those CWT out of the system of people that continue playing the current season, increasing market pricing beyond what it would normally reach. All in all, we have not yet concluded how we want to combat these issues, but with user input and time, we will figure something out and present our ideas.

There are many more bigger and smaller things that we have not mentioned, these are the main points we as the admin team consider the most detrimental to server progression as well as gameplay that we want to change for all upcoming seasons.

But enough about what we didn’t like and what we want to change, there are also things we want to introduce and work on for future seasons beginning now. To not overwhelm you with a detailed text such as for what we want to change, here is a list and some thoughts as to what we hope to achieve:

  1. More Events

  2. More methods of general progression (less Cascada, more activities, alternative ways of earning money/upgrades/power)

  3. New areas to level and farm

  4. Shortening the divide between players that invest a few hours per day and others that are online all day (Through e.g. a dungeon run limit per player instead of per character, more short high reward activities that can be supplemented with low reward activities and so on)

  5. Updating Dungeon Layouts (Deathwing and Stratholme)

  6. Updating Hephaestus boss mechanics to not make melee and non-aoe users useless

  7. Adding more PvP related content (Siege with Preset gear, Capture the Flag, defend the castle etc.)

  8. Milestones (A serverwide system that tracks progress of all players, similar to a record book, but everyone contributes to the milestones)

  9. More GM and Admin activities

  10. Adjustment of re-roll radiuses on weapons

  11. A more exciting way to incorporate the angels theme into actual combat

And many more things for the future.
But for everyone who managed to get to the end, here are the dates that we have for you to bring Season 1 of Clockworks Flyff to an end:

  1. 19.04.2020 23:59:59

  2. 03.05.2020 23:59:59

  3. 17.05.2020 23:59:59

As a reminder: this is the date at which Seasons and Clockworks will be merged. After that point, receiving Tier Sets won’t be possible, so redeem them before servers go down that date!


To vote on a date, please join Discord and visit the post https://discordapp.com/channels/421298671091712000/692013868809191444/692014497530904637