The Colosseum is a place where you can test your power, kill bosses, earn yourself valuable items and gain alot of experience. Colosseum, if taken seriously, can be a valuable place for grinding experience, upgrade items, power ups or general swag. To enter, talk to [Colosseum] Willy between the Card Master and [Arena Manager] Lay in Flarine.

The Colosseum can be entered in two ways, Normal and Guild Mode. If the party leader chooses Normal mode, everyone in his party can enter the Colosseum with him. Guild Mode only allowes party members to enter that are also part of your guild. Normal Bosses in both easy and hard mode have Tank AI. It is only available on Channel 4

Normal Difficulty is completable by every class and consists of 10 stages, each one increasing in power and endurance. Each Stage awards every unique player in the group with 75 Colosseum Token, for a total of 750 if you manage to complete all stages. In this mode specifically, boss HP scales for every character present at the time a boss spawns. For example, if 6 characters enter Normal Difficulty, boss HP is increased by 500%.

Stage Max. Damage in thousand HP
1 18 54613471
2 36 62287056
3 54 70709284
4 72 78195709
5 90 85869295
6 108 82818577
7 126 95040166
8 144 102526591
9 162 107205606
10 180 113718797

Legendary Difficulty is designed to be killed with a group. It consists of 7 stages, out of which some bosses have special boss mechanics that make the fight harder and require tactics to finish. Each Stage awards every unique player in the group with 100 Colosseum Token for the first 6 stages and 150 for the last one, for a total of 750 if you manage to complete all stages.

Stage Max. Damage in thousand HP
1 200 ----
2 280 ----
3 360 ----
4 440 ----
5 520 ----
6 600 ----
7 700 ----

Additionally, every unique player receives a Legendary Colosseum Reward Box.


Each completed run time in Guild Mode is documented and saved in three different rankings, Weekly, Monthly and Hall of Fame. Weekly and Monthly are self explainatory, while Hall of Fame contains the 4 fastest runs of all time.


Additionally to every character being able to enter a maximum of 3 times normal or legendary mode, each unique player can only receive rewards 3 times per day. This means that a unique player may do the Colosseum on multiple characters more than 3 times in total, but will only receive rewards 3 times.


The shop contains many powerups unique to the Colosseum aswell as useful Upgrade materials for those still in progress of gearing their characters.

On top of that, you can purchase Colosseum specific Cloaks, Weapon Skins and CS Sets!



  • Added Premium (28 Days) + Free White King Bunny Pet!
  • Added Alpine Hunter Weapon Skins to [Weapon Skins] Judy for 300 CWT each. They will be added later to the web-shop aswell.
  • Added Pet Auras to [Pet Tamer] for 60 CWT. It changes the color of your pets bead aura for 15 days.



  • Added some missing loading screens.
  • Added a warning when equipping a new Holy or Divine Orb.
  • Added Guaranteed Success on piercing for Weapons, Shields and Suits.
  • Added "Open Chat" and "Invite to Party" to guild list in messenger when using right click.
  • Re-added "Holy Orb of Health" to the boss drop pool; It was removed by mistake.
  • It is now possible to use Angelic weapons in Hephaestus exchange. You now have to exchange your weapons to [Creation Token]s before creating a weapon.
  • Removed "Scroll of Pet Awakening (Raised pets)" from [Pet Tamer] since it has essentially no use.
  • Removed Worldbosses from ticket channel 2. They now correctly only spawn on channel 1 of their respective ticket.



  • Titanbane Stick: Adjusted Stats: Added: up to 50% DCT, Removed: DEF%.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some item names.
  • Fixed Penya Share in parties.
  • Fixed some Angel Transmutation models being switched.
  • Fixed being able to use Anarchy Buffs out of your Bag.
  • Fixed a lot of badges not having a transparent background.
  • Fixed Bloodbane Knuckle (Seraph) missing the AR50 requirement.
  • Fixes bosses having different attack timings for the client and server.
  • Fixed Gladiators Golden Wooden Sword being a blue weapon (quick sell).
  • Fixed yoyo sfx still being visible when using the "hide players" option.
  • Fixed a bug where guilds would be out of sync after a channel was restarted.
  • Fixed the female "1 on 1 Mentalist" royal template having 2x bloodbane weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where Anarchy buffs would not get restored after a channel was restarted.
  • Fixed "Collect & Delete" in mailbox not working even if you had enough space. Also fixed getting too much penya.