- Added NA Siege on Saturday 8PM EST (2AM CET)

- Increase Siege lifes to 15

- Added Siege time info ingame

- Removed Penya limit in shops

- Added Short-Ponytail Hair to Perin Merchant Wafor for 10 Perins

- Changed "Skin" option in Petfilter to "Event"

- Replaced all Instance Boss kill quests with dungeon clear quests

- Added Shinigami set (M/F) to NPC Jacky



- Removed monsters getting knocked back when getting crit

- Adjusted "Carvi" and "Monstrous Carvi" spawn density to match other monster spawns more accurately

- Adjusted "Holy Cross" Effect in PvP: Increased cooldown from 3 seconds to 6 seconds in PvP areas



- Hephaestus will spawn his minions even after he reset his HP

- Fixed not getting buffs in Siege when no Seraph or Force Master is alive anymore

- Fixed a bug where Daily/Weekly rewards would be shown as tradeable items

- Fixed a bug where weekly challenges wouldn't reset on Monday 4am CET

- Fixed a bug where colored Glows and Angel Transmutation wouldn't work sometimes

- Fixed a bug that showed couple teleport cooldown to be at 10 minutes when its 5 minutes

- Fixed a bug where you couldn't get rid of some quest items

- Fixed Psy Auto Attacks to not be shown on other clients

- Fixed recieving x2 cloaks with Legend

- Fixed Hide and Seek Andy NPC

- Fixed an error in the "Reduce PVP/PVE damage" formula which caused it to not work properly

- You can not use "Blessing of the Angel Tamer" on non angelic pets anymore

- Fixed getting Red Meteonyker Daily Quest when being over Lv. 130