• Added Scroll of Shiny Weapon to Gisela functional @150 cwt.
  • Correctly specified rewards for donator of the month, along with quantities
  • Added Buff Pang to Azria Entrance
  • Changed Vote Goals to be every 100 Votes
  • Removed Pink & Red Kitty Balloon from Station Dior
  • Removed Yo-Yo Knockback for now
  • Disabled opening new shops anywhere except Saint Morning


  • Fixed "Bang Hunter" achievement requirement
  • Fixed [Titan] Ankou trying to give you 1000 Weapons
  • Fixed Meteo being joinable with level 150
  • Fixed Nyamuli dealing no damage
  • Fixed Red Meteonyker not dropping boots (Was already deployed 4-5 hours ago on live servers)
  • Possibly fixed Dungeons getting more entries
  • Fixed Awake window closing when moving
  • Fixed Twitch Cloak
  • Sorry, but we haven't found the solution for the AFK Collector crash yet.