We all know how important Siege is, so let's kick it off with a giveaway! 

We'll be awarding the Siege MVP of January 27 with a very rare, never before seen Phantom Cloak! 


What time is the Siege?

The Siege will be hosted as usual, on Monday 27/01/2020 at 8PM GMT+1.

If you live in a different timezone, feel free to click here to figure out what time Siege commences


The first Siege is actually on Saturday, 25/01/2020, why is the giveaway not on that date?

January 25th's siege is a day after Seasons launch. We feel this won't be enough time to allow for players to prepare their gear to adequately participate in a competitive Siege.


Is the cloak soul-bound/untradeable?

No, the cloak is not soul-bound and can be traded and sold.


Does the cloak give special stats?

No, the cloak is purely cosmetic and can be transmuted if desired.


Is this giveaway only available on the Seasonal cluster?

Yes, this event will only be hosted on the Seasonal cluster.