Patch Notes - 2.0.3


  • Increased likelyhood of instance bosses hitting the tank
  • Added Tank AI for all instance bosses

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed AFK Collectors 
  • Fixed an error that caused items in mail to not be shown
  • Fixed Angel Amplifications not giving the correct amount of EXP. Rate increase
  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to unable to use some party skills
  • Fixed some monster animations
  • Fixed some item names and descriptions
  • Fixed recieving Daily/Weekly challenges that require an impossible amount of kills/level
  • Fixed Achievement "Devoted Fighter" requiring to few kills
  • Fixed Achievements "Dungeons ..." that require dungeon completions
  • Fixed Achievement "Castaway" to work with all Coral Island Tickets


  • Adjusted "Neclus Set" Effect: Reduced ICD: 40% -> 30%, Crit: 12% -> 8%, ATK Rate: 10% -> 8%
  • Adjusted "Reine Set" Effect: Added Crit: 12%, Increased ICD: 30% -> 40%
  • Adjusted "Rody Set" Effect: Reduced ICD: 40% -> 30%, Crit: 12% -> 8%, ATK Rate: 10% -> 8%
  • Adjusted "Vigorous Roenier Set" Effect: Added ATK Rate: 12%, Increased ICD: 30% -> 40%
  • Adjusted "Element Mastery" Passive Skills: Added: PVP - Magic Damage Rate +6%
  • Adjusted "Element Mastery" Passive Skills: Incrased duration from 45s to 120s
  • Adjusted "Psychic Square" Skill: Reduced MIN ATK: 281,282 -> 149,150
  • Adjusted "Psychic Square" Skill: Reduced INT Scaling: 95 -> 85
  • Adjusted "Psychic Square" Skill: removed 200% DCT requirement
  • Adjusted "Blessing of the Wise Man" Skill: Chance to remove all debuffs increased from 49% to 100%
  • Adjusted "Blessing of the Wise Man" Skill: Increased Cooldown from 0.5 to 3 seconds
  • Blessing of the Wise Man can now remove Sleeping effects

Patch Notes - 2.0.2


  • Added Scroll of Shiny Weapon to Gisela functional @150 cwt.
  • Correctly specified rewards for donator of the month, along with quantities
  • Added Buff Pang to Azria Entrance
  • Changed Vote Goals to be every 100 Votes
  • Removed Pink & Red Kitty Balloon from Station Dior
  • Removed Yo-Yo Knockback for now
  • Disabled opening new shops anywhere except Saint Morning


  • Fixed "Bang Hunter" achievement requirement
  • Fixed [Titan] Ankou trying to give you 1000 Weapons
  • Fixed Meteo being joinable with level 150
  • Fixed Nyamuli dealing no damage
  • Fixed Red Meteonyker not dropping boots (Was already deployed 4-5 hours ago on live servers)
  • Possibly fixed Dungeons getting more entries
  • Fixed Awake window closing when moving
  • Fixed Twitch Cloak
  • Sorry, but we haven't found the solution for the AFK Collector crash yet.

Patch Notes - 2.0.1


  • Disabled Record Book for now as it could be a cause of the lag
  • Added Copper Battery (1 day) to [Collecting Manager] Collins for 200 VP
  • Added all the missing collector Items to the teleporter
  • Added 1 more channel to Neo cascada


  • Fixed Guild Banks not being loaded
  • Fixed crimson serpent set requiring 5 Set items for the full effect (now 4)
  • Fixed getting EXP from Achievements with EXP Stop
  • Fixed the Worldserver crash
  • Fixed recieving multiple world boss rewards with one user
  • Fixed bosses being too slow/too fast
  • Fixed an issue where Sleeping could be applied on bosses
  • Fixed Hephaestus having a berserk state
  • Fixed some monster animations
  • Fixed Ultimate Kalgas Card being proccessed at the wrong point of dmg calculation
  • Fixes to Achievement "Challenges"
  • Fixes to Achievement "Devoted Fighter"
  • Fixed getting DCd when using the Charge Motion a lot.
  • Fixed items on ground having no tooltip
  • Many text fixes, TY @bLAZIKEN sKYWALKER#3148
  • Possibly fixed Royal Rumble relog

Premium (28day) Monthly Reward #1

Premium Kitty

All players who purchase Scroll of Premium (28 Days) will immediately recieve an exclusive FREE Magicat Pet!

What is Scroll of Premium and what effects does it give?

You can read everything you need to know about Scroll of Premium and its effects here.

What is Scroll of Premium Monthly Reward?

An exclusive reward is given to players who purchase a Scroll of Premium 28 days. This reward changes each month.

You can purchase a Scroll of Premium (28 Days) directly from the web-shop or [Consumables] Gisela NPC in Flaris.

Does Magicat provide stats?

No, Magicat is purely cosmetic and can be skinned if desired.

Offer lasts until February 21 2020.



Client now available for download - Launch 6PM GMT+1

Hey CW FlyFFers,

You're now able to download the new client directly from here.

Alternatively, you can also patch directly from the old client. 


My screen is back when I patch and select 'Play Game', why is that?

We will not provide the executable file until launch, so this error is normal. 


For any questions or help, please join us on Discord at:

Clockworks Discord


Seasons Launch on Friday 6pm GMT+1

Hi folks,

the new update and seasonal server will be applied and started on Friday 6pm GMT+1 (


To guarantee a successful launch, I need to take the main server offline on Wednesday evening already.

There are so many changes, that we need the time to test everything properly when the update has been applied. The website will be unaccessible from time to time, too. 


We’re sorry for the inconvenience and look forward to see you on Friday!

Seasonal Siege Giveaway! January 27 2020

We all know how important Siege is, so let's kick it off with a giveaway! 

We'll be awarding the Siege MVP of January 27 with a very rare, never before seen Phantom Cloak! 


What time is the Siege?

The Siege will be hosted as usual, on Monday 27/01/2020 at 8PM GMT+1.

If you live in a different timezone, feel free to click here to figure out what time Siege commences


The first Siege is actually on Saturday, 25/01/2020, why is the giveaway not on that date?

January 25th's siege is a day after Seasons launch. We feel this won't be enough time to allow for players to prepare their gear to adequately participate in a competitive Siege.


Is the cloak soul-bound/untradeable?

No, the cloak is not soul-bound and can be traded and sold.


Does the cloak give special stats?

No, the cloak is purely cosmetic and can be transmuted if desired.


Is this giveaway only available on the Seasonal cluster?

Yes, this event will only be hosted on the Seasonal cluster.


Loyalty Packs - Thanks for your support.

Loyalty Packs are our thank you to those who stuck around! These packs are awarded to players with an Angel Rank of 30+ who logged in within the last 3 months (until now) , and will be available on Seasonal characters. This Pack features:

Legend Set (M/F)

[Loyal] Title

Loyal Owl Mount

Conditions: Limited to 1 per account. All items are tradeable. Offer valid only to those who have logged in before the creation date of this post.



Twitch Rewards are here!

From now until the end of time, streaming our server will get you some awesome goodies! These include Twitch exclusive badges and fashion!

How do I get these rewards?

Stream our server for a minimum of 4 hours and with a title including our servers website []. Make sure your characters name is visible, as we'll be sending you it directly to that account!

Do these items provide bonuses?

No, these items are purely for cosmetic display only.

What if I stream on multiple characters?

Contact us through Discord and we'll be happy to send your Twitch pack to any character of your liking. However, you have to conclusively prove that you own the character and actively use it in your streams.

When do I get my reward?

Message us with a link to your channel and we'll send you the rewards! They'll appear in either your inventory (if you're online) or mail box, so keep an eye out!

Are these rewards soul-linked?

Yes, these rewards are soul-linked, along with the box itself. The contents and box are not tradeable.

Clockwork Seasons - A Fresh Start! | January 24 2020

Server Launch: January 24 2020

Join us on Discord

Hey CW Flyffers! Thank you for supporting us through our development journey. We can finally announce a release date for our update! It's something we've worked very hard on, and includes many new features and updates to systems and mechanics.

The core feature of this update is Seasons! We feel this is a necessary direction to take FlyFF to ensure sustainable and balanced gameplay. It's new, it's scary, but it'll be an adventure! Seasons provide an opportunity to start fresh and relive the exciting initial progression you crave! With each Season brings a new series of content and challenges for you to undertake, explore and overcome. 

After a Season, progress will be moved to Clockworks where you can continue to enjoy your journey. They'll also be available in the same client, so you're free to jump from server to server. The Clockworks Server will still be supported, include all updates and continue to be online 24/7, so participating in Seasons is not a requirement to continue playing the game you know and love.

What are the features?

We've compiled a list of our new or updated features here! We're still in the progress of making guides, but we'll let you all know when we add a new one!

View our features here!

How does Seasons work?

We've answered a few questions for you, available from our FAQ. However, if you have any questions you can let us know on Discord! Our friendly team of GMs are also available to help out.

View our FAQ

Loyalty Packs

We'd like to award every Loyal player who stuck around with a Loyalty Pack, these can be redeemed on the Seasonal or Clockworks server, whatever your choice is! You can read up on that here:

Loyalty Packs

User CP

Server Information

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Drop Rate
Penya Rate