Halloween Event 2020



@Miru made a new awesome Halloween themed wallpaper! Download it here.


Halloween Server Quests


-          A new feature exclusive for the Halloween event has been added, requiring the whole server to team up!

-          The whole server has to complete 10 quests in a limited time.

-          For completing a Server Quest, the whole server will be buffed by the displayed Anarchy Buff with increased durations. The maximum duration for each buff was increased to 24h instead of 4h.

-          If the whole server manages to complete all 10 quests, the completion reward is given. Completion reward is a server buff with a really high duration.

-          After the time of a quest ran out, it will be marked as FAILED. The completion reward is then gone.

-          When all 10 quests are completed/failed, a new set of quests and reward will be chosen.



Attack of Saint Morning


- Flyffers! This Halloween, Monsters spawned by the evil Shade have invaded Saint Morning! Only you can stop them! Use our custom Teleporter [Hotkey : V] to participate in a high-level encounter against the all-powerful monsters, and clash against all monsters to get some great loot!

- You can enter the dungeon twice per character and six times per player. Minimum Lv. 150.

- To complete the dungeon, you have to find three imposter monsters which are protecting the boss Araxna.

- Completing the dungeon will reward you with 200-300 Halloween Pumpkins. Monsters in the dungeon can drop these Halloween Pumpkins or their respective pets (skins), too.

                - Baby Blood Puppet

                - Baby Dark Mr. Pumpkin

                - Baby Dark Magician




Zombie Hunt

-          Madrigal and Cascada are plagued by zombies. Kill them all to get Halloween Charms or Halloween powerups!



Lit the Candles

-          All monsters can now drop Halloween Candles.

-          Combine Halloween Candles, Halloween Charms and Halloween Pumpkins to Blood Vials

-          Blood Vials can be used to buy a huge amount of weapon skins, fashion, wing masks, pets, mounts and power ups.



Premium Skins

-          Added lots of premium skins!

We hope you enjoy this little event!


Patch Notes 3.0.7

Patch Notes 3.0.7


Premium Shop

- The monthly Scroll of Premium reward will now automatically change in the npc after 4 weeks


Mythical Tickets

- Introducing a new and exciting form of getting premium items.

- Mythical Tickets contain 9 possible items, with one or more rare items. All other items are CWT items, making them way more fair than old chance boxes. Gone are the days wasting CWT for more FLY, FOR, FUN powerups. 

- Choose one of the hidden cards and hope to get your desired item! 

- Each Mythical Ticket costs 100 CWT for the first try. After your first try, the price is discounted to 80 CWT each try. 


- The following Mythical Tickets are available as of now: 

-- Mythical Ticket - Kheldor Cloak (Pitch Black)

-- Mythical Ticket - Kheldor Cloak (White)

-- Mythical Ticket - Kheldor Cloak (Gold)

-- Mythical Ticket - Kheldor Cloak (Dark Blue)

-- Mythical Ticket - Kheldor Cloak (Black/Orange)

-- Mythical Ticket - Kheldor Cloak (Violet/Blue)

-- Mythical Ticket - Kheldor Cloak (Blue/Yellow)

-- Mythical Ticket - Kheldor Cloak (Red/White)

-- Mythical Ticket - Kheldor Cloak (Black/Red)

-- Mythical Ticket - Kheldor Cloak (Brown/Yelow)

-- Mythical Ticket - Kheldor Cloak (Violet)

-- Mythical Ticket - Kheldor Cloak (Green)

-- Mythical Ticket - Kheldor Cloak (Orange)

-- Mythical Ticket - Kheldor Cloak (Purple)

-- Mythical Ticket - Kheldor Cloak (Grey)

-- Mythical Ticket - Kheldor Cloak (Cyan)

-- Mythical Ticket - Kheldor Cloak (Black)

-- Mythical Ticket - Earth Flash Mount

-- Mythical Ticket - Lightning Flash Mount

-- Mythical Ticket - Frost Flash Mount

- To give you a first impression of the Mythical Tickets, every character Lv. 150+ who has logged in after the 4th October receives 3 promotional tickets: 1x Mythical Ticket - Earth Flash Mount, 1x Mythical Ticket - Lightning Flash Mount, 1x Mythical Ticket - Frost Flash Mount

-- Note: promotional Mythical Tickets and their contents are untradeable. Non-promototional Mythical Tickets and their contents are tradeable.

- You can find the new Mythical Tickets at [Mythical Tickets] Loraine next to [Arena Manager] Lay in all major cities. Additionally you can directly open Mythical Tickets through the "Item List" feature.



- Added Titles to Giant Kills: 500, 1000, 2500 & 5000

- Added a lot of monster titles

- Added new achievements

- Added some missing Shaduwar achievements and their corresponding titles

- Adjusted the Legend Score for PvP achievements

- Adjusted the Legend Score for PVE achievements

- Adjusted the Legend Score for Misc achievements

-- Your Legend Score will automatically be adjusted to represent the new LS rewards.

-- This also can mean your LS decreases, if your achievements give less LS now. 

- Replaced the Kingyo Hunter Title with the Oseti Hunter Title


Quick Relog

- Added "Quick Relog"

-- A new way to switch server channels without logging out. 

-- Note: It still counts as logging out, removing you from dungeons etc. if you use it.


Party Assistant

- Added "Party Assistant" system

-- Assistants are allowed to use party skills now.

--- If the assistant does not have a "Scroll of Unlimited Party Points", party skills will cost points.

-- In a future update party assitants will be able to start colosseum.



- Added Element Tooltip on monsters showing the strong and weak element when you hover over the element

- Added cross-channel Shop Search again

- Added cross-channel Item Link 

- Added cross-channel shouts

- Added Item Transy (F) to Gisela for 25CWT. This item allows you to change the sex of fashion items.

-- Only works for items that have a male and female version. You can't sex change CS Items that don't have an opposite version for obvious reasons. If an item is missing, please tell us.

- Extended functionality of "Dungeon Info" display. When you click on a target, it will show an arrow above your character pointing in the direction plus marking the monster on the minimap

- Pets will not be despawned after dying anymore

- Increased drop rate of Guan Yu's Shell

- Weekly Challenge: Removed the possibility to get the same reward twice

- Daily/Weekly Challenge: Common item drops will not be untradeable now

- Emoijs can now be send with :emoji: in chat and pms

- Assist/Ringmaster/Seraph/Force Master buffs can be used on targets without being in a party again

- Removed Darkon as a shop area again

- Reduced the minimum amount of players needed to start a Royal Rumble match to 3. Please do not forget that abusing the system will have consequences for your account(s)

- Added the lock feature to the awake window

- Added Jewel Exchange to [Jewel & Dice Manager] Peach. You can exchange 1 Topaz + 1 Ruby + 1 Sapphire + 1 Emerald to 1 Diamond

- Items in mails can be added with rightclick now

- Items in private shops can be added with rightclick now

- Added a check to Anarchy buffs if they're active for more than 3:30h to prevent accidental purchases/uses.

- Added both Colosseum difficulties to the Record Book

- Added Ethereal Stones to the teleporter items

- Added Punk Warrior Set [Red] to [Fashion] Jacky

- Added Tradional Taiwan Set (M/F) to [Fashion] Jacky (for 50m) & made it viewable in the Item Wiki

- Added Double-Ponytail Hair (F) to [Hair] Mia

- Added Demonision Skins to [Weapon Skins] Judy

- Added some new hair to "[Hair] Mia"

- Added AFK Vendor [1 day] for 100VP to [Consumables] Gisela

- Improved translations

- Added the current world a party member is in to the party window



- Increased the requirement to receive the "Magical Sacrafice" PVP debuff on Billposters from 4k to 4.5k MP

-- AoE bps managed to trip this "protection" that was supposed to apply to asal bps only

- Increased the cooldown of Aether Grasp from 2 seconds to 7 seconds

-- both changes have been voted on in #pvp-suggestions

-- We refrained from changing anything about Psychic Bombs for now to see the impact of the changes made first. If Mentalist is judged to be overbearing with this buff, it will see adjustments in neccesary areas

- Increased the INT scaling of Aether Grasp from 200 to 285

-- This results in a ~30% damage boost



- Fixed a bug with Quick Login, where the password would not be filled correctly for some players

- Fixed "Shenron Skin Time!" and "Ultimate Shenron Skin Time!" achivement requirements being switched

-- If you have the wrong achievement unlocked, please open a ticket.

- Fixed some "Buff Goku Set" items not being part of the goku set properly

- Fixed Cascada ambient color

- Fixed some item names and descriptions

- Fixed a bug where you could use your taskbar while buying/selling items

- Fixed emoticons being blurry

- Fixed a bug where some items would not be activated in the Transmog window

- Fixed a visual bug that made it look like you could sell angelic upgraded items with the quick sell feature (it would never be sold)

- Removed Rosposa and Monstrous Rosposa to be assigned as a possible Daily Challenge target

- Fixed a bug that caused Armondonite Hunter to have lower min attack than intended

- Fixed a text issue that suggested that Reonan could still exchange shields

- Fixed the swing of transmuted yoyos having the original model


Dev Notes

- Reworked the entire communication system between the server and client

-- To find any still lingering errors in the client-server communication, we added code to provide more error handling, clearer debug messages and more stability.

-- This will help us find the cause of some errors, like "ghost dcs".

- Updated how item icons are being loaded and rendered to improve performance

Patch Notes 3.0.6

Patch Notes 3.0.6



- Extended Dragon Ball Event to 4th October.

- Added "Buff Goku Set" to Goku NPC. It is beyond ugly and fucked, but enjoy.



- Every spawn in Cascada was reworked to ensure a better farming experience.

-- Every single monster group has more spawn area.

-- Some spawns might have higher density, while others have lower.

-- Monstrous monster density increased slightly.

- Made Battos less flappy

- Removed the collision of some objects.

- Removed the last 10% hardcoded blockrate (ONLY CASCADA)

-- Attacks now have a 100% chance to deal full damage.

-- For anyone interested in the proccess of how much work goes into doing something like this, Tetris documented his side of the work on his twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/tetris_kappa/videos

-- Have fun while the vods are still online.

-- PLEASE give us feedback about your farming results.


Hotkey Manager

- Rewrote a lot of the hotkey functions on CW.

-- It is now possible to assign almost all keys to functions or windows.

-- You can also use Shift, CTRL or a combination of both to extend your hotkeys.

--- Unfortunately I had to delete old saved hotkeys due to this change.

-- It is now possible to assign hotkeys to functions like:

--- Action Slot

--- Hide all players

--- Equip Switch

--- Start/Stop Kill Counter

--- Applet Slots (left slots on task bar)

---- If you want more assignable functions, feel free to suggest them.

- Auto attacks will not be stopped when opening a window bound to your walking keys now


Dungeon Information

- All dungeons will now show the current objectives on the screen.

- Dungeons will show the completion time when finished now


Chat White/Blacklist

- Added White/Blacklist filter options to chat. 

- You can access it in the chat if you click on "Filter".

-- Whitelist: Only messages containing your keywords will be shown.

-- Blacklist: Remove all messages containing your keywords.

-- Multiple keywords can be separated by a comma.



- Added Scroll of Holy for CWC and Marks of Death.

- Reduced some prices in CWC shop.

- The hotkey to hide all players can now be triggered with both + keys, numpad and normal +.

- Made extreme changes to "Hide all players" option which should increase FPS on titan fights.

- You can now purchase motions (O Window) in the window itself.

- It is now possible to skin Axes with Swords and vice versa.

- Sacred Water (Lv. 1) and Blue Z-Orb (Lv. 1) are tradeable now.

- It is now possible to unbind shields with both Scroll of Unbind.

- It is now possible to click party members if "hide all players" option is enabled.

- Re-arranged Recordbook jobs.

- It is now possible to use a location filter in shop search.

- A new record was added: Most Achievements

-- Event achievements will not be counted to your total record.

- Party members will always have a green name, even if they have premium active.

- Added Bloody Weapons to the blacklist of the Quicksell feature.

- Link Attack will give full bonus with 4 party members.

-- This change will be reverted once the colosseum can be started by everyone and not only the party leader.

- Added "Alpine Hunter Floating Book" to [Weapon Skins] Judy.

- Awake window will not be closed when teleporting now.

- Pickup pets will now have the same speed as your character.

- Added some common item drops such as Gingerbread to "Event" pet filter.

- Pickup pets will now show a checkmark in inventory when used.

- It is now possible to stack certain powerups for up to 12h. Stackable powerups have a new tooltip indicating this.

- Added Restat to Gisela.

- EXP is now displayed in the kill counter.

- Gave all Colosseum monsters earth element.

- Penya share is always off by default now.

- Unread Mails without Penya or items won't be deleted by "Collect & Delete" anymore.

- Removed Daily/Weekly Challenges where you had to kill multiple map worldbosses like Basilisk more than once.

- Angel Skills with kill counters will now show the counter in the tooltip.

- Angel Skills will now correctly show the effects in the tooltip.

- Angel Skills will now show the next upgrade stage in the tooltip.

- Added a small icon to mails of the item that was sold.

- Added 2 additional ways to display monster HP https://i.imgur.com/IIQZynW.gif

-- 1: Same as before

-- 2: Thicker HP bar, Premium HP display moved on top of the HP bar

-- 3: Same as before, but the buffs/debufs displayed are moved lower to not interfere with Premium HP display as is in #1 

-- This can also be used without premium, if you want a thicker HP bar in general #2 

-- If there is enough people, we can create a 4th option that is like #2 (thick bar) and #3 (moved buffs/debufs) combined



- Re-enabled Crucio Spell in PvP areas

- Reduced Crucio Spell reflect by 50% (From 200% to 100% in PvE, 20% to 10% in PvP)

-- As per #pvp-suggestions #6 & #7

- Holy Cross debuff duration will not be reduced by the secondary effect of Scroll of Holy

-- As per #pvp-suggestions #4


- We are intending to add #pvp-suggestions #5 to the game, but have not received any information/discussion on how to approach this situation. What's neeeded is 

-- Current damage numbers

-- Expected damage numbers

-- Cooldown changes

-- Explaination why

-- All of that in #pvp-flame-channel

- Endless Pursuit (STR Angel Skill) now grants 20% movementspeed.

-- Self buff after 50 kills is unchanged.



- Fixed a bug that could cause a client/server desync with Penya Share.

- Fixed a bug that could case a client/server desync with EXP Stop.

- Fixed Titan bidding window to be focussed all the time.

- Fixed a few daily challenges texts in all translations.

- Fixed some item descriptions in all translations.

- Fixed being stuck after using skills.

- Fixed a bug that caused character to sink into the ground.

- Fixed Dragon Ball Event achievements and added a new one that was missing.

- Fixed a bug with Asmodan's Trials where you could not teleport in again if everyone left.

- Fixed a bug with Asmodan's Trials where a guild could open more than one Trials run at once.

- Fixed a bug where you couldn't trade in Asmodan's Trials if you had a shop open before.

- Fixed dances only playing once.

- Fixed Gum balls and Macarons being removed upon death.

- Fixed pets despawning sometimes after teleports.

- Fixed Risem hitbox.

- Fixed [Primal Creator] Hephaestus hitbox.

- Fixed a bug that caused Equip Switch to be messed up in Royal Rumble.

- Fixed most lags in Snowy Peaks.

Patch Notes 3.0.5

Patch Notes 3.0.5


Premium Shop

- Added a new Premium (28d) + Pet bundle to Gisela and Website. This month you can get a free Chien pet!



- Added Goku SSJ 4 pet for 210CWT to Goku NPC and webshop.

- Added Frieza pet to Goku NPC and webshop.

- Changed Shenron AI behaviour that should prevent griefing.

- Increased the minimum amount of Dragonballs you can get in dungeons to 100 and maximum to 200.

- Increased the minimum amount of Dragonballs you can get from Shenron to 250 and maximum to 500.

- Fixed a bug where Shenron pet would be untradeable. 

-- If you have an untradeable one, you can PM us to exchange it.


Guild Clash

- Made some preparations for Guild Clash. I'm aiming for a test this weekend. If you/your guild want to help in testing, please message us.



- The teleporter window won't close if you can not teleport due to combat and such.

- Items from collecting can now be automatically added to bag if "Pickup items directly to Bag" is active.

- Added a Facebook Streaming reward box for those facebook streamers amongst you.

-- Same conditions apply to the Facebook reward box as to the Twitch reward box.



- Added an error that pops up when the system detects/crashes because of a corrupted file that deletes it and promts you to re-patch.

-- This should fix or atleast lead to an alot easier time for players that crash due to corrupted files.

- Significantly decreased the time the client needs to load into the login window.


PvP Balance

- Added effect to Scroll of Holy in PvP areas:

-- After using a Scroll of Holy, all incoming CC skill time is reduced by 90% for 2 seconds.

-- Translation: Someone uses Sneaker on you, it only lasts for 0.5 seconds instead of 5, if the sneaker lands in the 2 seconds while the reduction effect is active.

-- The idea behind this change is to not make it as easy to gang up on one person while spamming their CC abilities. It encourages more smart usage of CC skills.



- Fixed a bug where Crucio Spell would still reflect damage in Royal Rumble.

- Fixed a bug where Siege lineup would fail if a character is online on another channel.

- Fixed a bug that caused textures to unload/not be loaded correctly.

- Fixed Angel Skill "Eternal Prison" not casting properly.

- Fixed a bug that caused certain instance bosses to not reset to their spawn position if they walked too far away from it.

- Fixed [Angel Shop] Gabriella orientation in Guild War Arena.

- Fixed Angel Skill "Fast Swings" removing Attack Speed on Lv 3.

- Fixed a bug where a bleed effect could cause another bleed effect.

- Fixed some translation issues.

- Fixed some achievement requirements, titles and descriptions.

- Changed Guild War time for Sunday to 40 minutes

- Reduced Shenron level from 158 to 150

- Removed Shenron double attack

- Significantly increased the time between Shenron attacks

- Decreased minimum Shenron Boss HP

- Increased HP Scaling for each new participant

- Decreased the damage Shenron deals significantly


Patch Notes 3.0.4

Patch Notes 3.0.4


Premium Shop

- Added Blue Crystal weapon skins to [Weapon Skins] Judy for 300 CWT

- Added 23 new motions available at [Dance Instructor] Georgia. These motions are only available for CWT.

- Added Shadowmaster Set (M/F) to [Perin Merchant] Wafor for 750CWT. This set is also available at Pang's Merchant on level 80-Master.

- Added Famous Cheerleader Set (F), and Cheerleader Set (F) to [Fashion] Jacky NPC for 150CWT each.




- Furniture time can be stacked up to 28 days now.

- Furniture items are stackable in inventory now.

- You won't be kicked out of Trials lineup if you leave during the "Join" state.

- Added [Clockworks Flyff] Buff Helper to Asmodans Trials first room.

- Applied new prices to FWC Cloaks in [GM Events] Heather.

- Normalized 125, 130 and 150 set names for male and female.

- Moved the HP that is visible when Premium is active on top of the monster HP bar.

- Increased the delay between attacks of Treetrypy to match the attack speed of Armondonite Hunter.

- Increased the chance to get a Hematite-Soaked Creation Stone as a drop from [Primal Creator] Hephaestus significantly.

- Reverted the pet info window placement change.


Achivement Fix

-- If you are missing an achivement that you already fulfilled the requirements for, open a Ticket.

-- This includes all achivements that have tasks that are and stay fulfilled at any given time, such as couple level, angel rank etc.


Ragefire Chasm

- Re-did all of Ragefire Chasm. This means:

-- Updated no-move zones

-- Updated Monster Locations

-- Updated ground levels

-- It should now be very difficult to get stuck in places that can end your run. Any bridge/jumping place can be recovered from if fallen down to.


Sky Forest

- Updated Sky Forest Teleporter picture.

- Overhauled Sky Forest completely

-- This is an old patch note that we just never wrote down, so we thougth it'd be a good idea to do that. Better late than never lol.

- Updated statue model

- Increased statue hp from 4.5m to 20m

- Changed statue element to earth to match the rest of the dungeon.

-- Thanks to @PrijnceTV  for the map


Snowy Peaks

- Overhauled Snowy Peaks completely

- Updated map layout and statue model

- Reduced statue hp from 38m to 20m

- Changed statue element to earth to match the rest of the dungeon.

-- Thanks to @PrijnceTV  for the map


Guild War

- Increased the War Time for Siege from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

- Added [Angel Shop] Gabriella to the Guild War arena.

- Changed no-walk zones in Guild War Arena:

-- Before: https://i.imgur.com/BphOgcE.jpg

-- After: https://i.imgur.com/mAzUZGb.jpeg



- Disabled Psykeeper "Crucio Spell" damage reflect against players.

- Changed Asal formula, it now looks like this: https://i.imgur.com/rGfeFTe.png

- For anyone not interested in math: 

-- Higher damage in full sta, same damage in full str.

- Cursed Heraus Set: Adjusted Stats: Added: 10% Ranged Block, Reduced: 30% Ranged Block in PvP -> 20% Ranged Block in PvP.

-- No change in PvP, 10% more Ranged Block Rate in PvE.

- Updated [Ultimate] Kalgas Card effect: Now only provides a 5% damage boost against Players. The 20% damage boost against Monsters is untouched.



- Fixed the skill description for Shrouded Thoughts.

- Fixed the level 2 and 3 skill effects of Fast Swings being switched.

- Fixed an issue that caused level 2 Endless Pursuit to root yourself.

- Fixed bank issues.

- Added a check to titan auction reducing the possibility to place wrong bids.

- Fixed some buggy texutres in Craft of Hephaestus.

- Fixed some objects being clickable/not clickable in Craft of Hephaestus.

- Fixed Bahara Desert quest items not being usable for guild exp.

- Fixed a bug causing pixelated fashion.

- Fixed a bug where collectors would get "stuck".

- Fixed Giant Hunter III requirement from 50 to 100 Giants..

- Fixed Samba Set (M) being replaced by another box.

- Fixed some item descriptions.

- Fixed a bug that prevented Hematite-Soaked Creation Stones to be awarded as personal drops from Titans correctly.

- Fixed a bug that would make monsters in Snowy Peaks and Sky Forest mainly  use their ranged attacks.

- Fixed some item descriptions.

- Fixed a bug in the german version where the "Beende x dungeon y times" task requirement would continuously rise.

- Fixed a bug where the action slot wouldn't be working after using Cursed Mind.

- Fixed the skill icons of Bloodletting and Shrouded Thoughts.

- Fixed a bug that caused skills with cooldowns to be used in the action slot.

-- Any skills with cooldowns in action slots are now skipped and a message appears on the screen to remind a player.

- Fixed some achivement requirements.

- Fixed Angel Skill "Bloodletting" not scaling it's damage with additional Skill levels.

Rising Sun Sale

This week we have a special fashion sale!

Valid until Sunday, 20th September, 23:59 UTC+2 you can buy the limited Rising Sun sets and the Armor of Clockworks Shadow for 210 CWT in our web shop. Don't miss them! 






Thursday August 27 - Sunday September 20 2020

Event Multipliers: EXP + 10 % DROP + 5% PENYA + 5%


Dragon Balls can now be found all throughout Madrigal! All monsters can drop them.

These Dragon Balls can be used to purchase a variety of items from [Saiyan] Goku. Goku is positioned in Flaris, Saintmorning and Darkon!

Goku has a series amount of items for sale! Let's take a look!


There are a total of 26 individual pets to obtain! These pets feature your favourite Dragon Ball characters! Each pet also contains up to 12 different skins!

You can purchase these as a Pickboxes (Unchosen Colours) for CWT or as a Chancebox for Dragon Balls.

You are guaranteed the selected pet chosen with the chance boxes, however you'll 

recieve a random colour!

These pets are purely cosmetic, and do not give any attributes or bonus stats. 

Here's an example of a pickbox! Select the pet you'd like and select 'Claim'.

Rightclick a pet to view it or view all the varieties using the /wiki command or Start -> Features -> Item List!


Goku's Flying Nimbus - 3,000 Dragon Balls

Goku Set (M) - All Stats + 20 - 15,000 Dragon Balls 

Piccolo Set (M) - All Stats + 20 - 15,000 Dragon Balls 

Android 18 Set (F) - All Stats + 20 - 15,000 Dragon Balls 

Bulma Set (F) - All Stats + 20 - 15,000 Dragon Balls 

Many more items are available, check them out in-game!





These badges include some of your favourite characters from the Dragon Ball series!


There are two new Powerups, that work like Flower Pot. After expiration, you will get the next level powerup. A total of 6 levels per powerup are available. These Powerups cost 1,500 Dragon Balls each! 

Name Buff Duration
Sacred Water (Lv. 1)  Attack +100, Max. HP+250 1 hour
Super Sacred Water (Lv. 2)  Attack +250, Max. HP+500 1 hour
Mega Sacred Water (Lv. 3)  Attack +400, Max. HP+750 1 hour
Supreme Sacred Water (Lv. 4)  Attack +550, Max. HP +1000, Max HP. Rate +1% 1 hour
Super Supreme Sacred Water (Lv. 5)  Attack +650, Max. HP+1000, Max HP. Rate +2% 1 hour
Ultimate Sacred Water (Lv. 6)  Attack +800, Max. HP+1000, Max HP. Rate +3% 1 hour


Name Buff Duration
Blue Z-Orb (Lv. 1)  Speed +3% 1 hour
Red Z-Orb (Lv. 2)  Speed +3%, EXP Rate +1%, All Stat +1 1 hour
Green Z-Orb (Lv. 3)  Speed +5%, EXP Rate +2%, All Stat +1 1 hour
Silver Z-Orb (Lv. 4)  Speed +7%, EXP Rate +3%, All Stat +2, ATK. Rate +1% 1 hour
Gold Z-Orb (Lv. 5)  Speed +8%, EXP Rate +4%, All Stat +2, ATK. Rate +2% 1 hour
Rainbow Z-Orb (Lv. 6)  Speed +10%, EXP Rate +5%, All Stat +3, ATK. Rate +3% 1 hour


There are three new Anarchy Buffs available for the duration of this event! These Anarchy Buffs cost 2,500 Dragon Balls each! 

Name Buff Duration
 Goku's Glory Increased Attack +5% 1 hour
 Vegeta's Vengence Item Drop Rate +5% 1 hour
 Roshi's Blessing Exp. Rate +10% 1 hour


Goku's hiding throughout Madrigal! Every hour, Goku will appear randomly in a certain location. Clue's will be given! It's up to you to find him and recieve a number of Dragon Balls and a Random Badge Box!


Shenron the Eternal Dragon is here in Madrigal! He'll appear once every six hours in the Titan Arena in Saint Morning! Kill him and obtain Shenron and Ultimate Shenron Weapon Skins, Dragon Balls, Random Dragon Ball Badge Boxes and even a rare Shenron Pet! Beware, he is VERY strong.



There are several new Dragon Ball achievements up for grabs! Complete them all and get a bunch of Event-exclusive items, titles and badges and a bunch of Legend Points!


We hope you enjoy this event! Please join us on discord here if you have any questions or suggestions!

More to come soon!

- The Clockworks Flyff Team

Patch 3.0.3


- As we are still waiting for a few more items for our big farming event, we will host a small farming event as a substitution.

- This Kittie Themed event offers new Pusheen Kittie Bags, Kittie Masks and Kitten Cloaks!

- Monsters will now drop 'Kitty Ribbons', this event item can be exchanged for these exclusive cosmetic items.

- This event will last until September 14 2020.

- The big, new event should be available in around one week. It will not be cosmetics only!!! DON'T PANIC  

Angel Skill Upgrade

- You can finally upgrade your Angel Skills

- Read more here

Dungeons & Drops

- Updated [Cursed] Deathwing map to ensure it's the same as [Blessed] Deathwing.

- Fixed textures in Aminus dungeon.

- Updated Hephaestus item drops in teleporter.

- Removed Sacred Bead of Shade's Tormet from all drop tables as it has no effect with our hitrate and attack speed changes.

- Added Buff Pang to Cascada and Neo Cascada.

- Added a confirmation before joining a dungeon when its not open yet.(edited)


- Until the vote issue is fixed, you can now purchase 5 Scrolls of Amplification ES(S) for x1 Challenge Key in the Daily Challenges window. 

- Shops can now be opened in Darkon, along with Saint Morning.

- Locked items can be automatically unlocked while trading if holding CTRL.

- Status window of the buff-pet and stat-pet are now side-by-side by default.

- Items can now be white/blacklisted from the teleporter.

- Pets can now be switched without disabling a spawned one first.

- Hotkey to hide all players and SFX is now CTRL +, additionally, hiding all players will no longer hide party members.

- Shop search will no longer close when walking.

- Shop search arrow size increased when having a marked shop. 

- Untradeable items can now be placed in your bank. This does not work with Common Bank.

- Placed mail boxes at every collector field to allow for easy access to loot.

- Case insensitive search is now possible for party finder.

- Blessed/Cursed Fragments & Hephaestus Construction Plans have their class designation to assist in class specific shop filters.

- You can now awaken D-level pets.

- Disabled glow of vendors.

- Added Samba set M/F to NPC Jacky. 

- Locked motions can be previewed in O window now

Skill & Balance Changes

- All Assist/Ringmaster skills are now AoE buffs.

- Changed icon of the [Ultimate Khan] debuff to help differentiate it from Cursed Mind.(edited

Fixes & Optimisations

- Fixed Rise of Nightmare Achievement not rewarding you Legend Points.

- Fixed inability to use Loadstar option in Stratholme.

- Fixed client crashing when searching for party leaders.

- Fixed item descriptions and names.

- Fixed item pricing for some Siege Metal items

- Fixed a bug where skill cooldowns would not be shown after teleporting. 

- Fixed skill cooldowns not being shown in PvP.

- Fixed a bug where monsters would appear as following you when using Dark Illusion.

- Fixed a bug where Pang's Store would not appear on Lv 80-M.

- Fixed a bug where Angel Barrier skills would apply to non-party members.

- Fixed a bug where Titans would not appear.

- Fixed a bug with 'Heavy Artilery' not using the intended range.

- Fixed a bug that dealt damage to monsters around yourself instead of around your target with Heavy Artilery.

- Fixed a bug that caused Stratholme boss Kingston to deal 4 times the intended damage.

- Fixed the angel skill 'Impale'. It now correctly increases your damage and shows an indicator if/when triggered.

- Fixed a bug that caused dungeon bosses to gain attack/movement speed after a debuff.

- Fixed a bug where you could not properly enable full screen in options.

- Fixed a bug where the Guild Bank would open for everyone if it was sorted.

- Fixed a bug where Friendships wouldn't work anymore after being attacked.

- Optimised rain.

- Optimised the client's sound engine.

Season 2 is now live!

Hello Flyffers!

Thank you for such a successful launch, it was great to see over 1000 players online so quickly! 

We hope you enjoy our new content. Feel free to leave suggestions in our community Discord!

Enjoy Season 2!


Season 2 July 31 6PM GMT+2

Hey everyone!

We hope you're ready for the release of Season 2 on July 31 6PM GMT+2! 

The Clockworks server will be taken offline in the early mornings of Friday to prepare for the launch.

Click here to view the CW S2 countdown!

We hope to see you there!


The Clockworks Flyff Team 


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