Patch Notes 2.2.1

Hi, please read this post first, if you haven't:


Monthly Donator

Premium Pet

Premium Sale

  • Added new Special Weekly Sales. This week you can get 50+25 EXP Scrolls!

  • Added Harpy weapon Skins to [Weapon Skins] Judy

  • Added Scroll of Weapon Glow Change to Gisela for 150 CWT. It let's you change your weapons element glow to the old one. It will not fit all skins 100% correctly, but you can send us the name of the skin + a screenshot and it will get fixed.
  • Removed Easter Event, Fury Ghost NPC and Dark Skull skin.


  • Improved client performance. This should make a major difference while being in crowded areas and on Titan. Please give me feedback
  • When re-rolling Daily Challenges, it is not possible to get a challenge of the same type anymore
  • Added Flasks to [Royal Rumble] shop
  • Cheer is stackable for up to one hour now
  • Added indicator if HC was applied to damage
  • Increased Autopowerup pages to 8
  • Added indicator for Automatic Powerups how many powerups are set
  • Added skip button in waiting stages in colosseum.
  • If you disconnect during a Colosseum match, you can rejoin during a waiting stage now. Go to the Colosseum NPC and choose "Enter Colosseum".
  • Decreased rolling time of Stat Dices
  • It is possible to skip the Stat Dice rolling animation when holding control
  • AFK Vendor and AFK Collector names will now be hidden if the option "Show NPC names" is not checked
  • Changed tooltip in guild member list and added nickname
  • Changed icon of Angel Change Coupon
  • Couple teleport is usable even if the partner is dead now
  • Added a message who won a titan auction
  • Added Clockworks Chips and Supreme Clockworks Box to Clockworks' drop pool
  • Bloody set parts can not be sold with quick sell anymore
  • Hid Tier achievements and rewards as they confused a lot of players
  • Removed Class Specific pet filter option
  • Decreased Royal Rumble preparation time
  • Items from AFK Collectors will always be sent via mail
  • Removed sounds of pickup pets
  • Removed "Attack Speed: Very slow/slow/..." from Weapon display
    • It is a useless stat that is more confusing than helpful

Stat Pet Skins

  • Added a new feature allowing you to skin your stat pet. 
    • It is available at every Pet Tamer in the Pet Transmutation window.
    • For now you can buy the normal stat pet skins at the Pet Tamer for 1 Perin. More skins will be available in the next patches. Every pet is possible, so please send us your wishes
    • The skin is not visible in PVP areas.


  • Reduced the amount of people that can be lined up for guild siege from 10 to 5
  • Reduced the amount of poeple that can be on the ground at the same time from 5 to 3
    • This is a change that was made after testing it for a few sieges with a big part of the community. Additionally, it was suggestion @1269 that was 100% positively voted. We will evaluate what this change brings to the landscape of siege and will adjust accordingly


  • Added Stonehand to Seraphs and Force Masters in royal rumble
  • Lifesteal added to the game
    • Lifesteal works with every spell/auto attack/physical skill. Things that would not count towards either physical or magical lifesteal now work with this new stat.
  • Physical and Magical Lifesteal have been removed from the game
    • Diamonds that previously gave those stats can not be rolled anymore. They still have their functionality.
    • Divine Orb of Bloodsuck now gives Lifeleech instead of Physical Lifesteal
  • Removed "Pan Barrier" increasing Range Block in PvE areas
  • Reduced "The Doom Guard" Ranged and Melee Block by 2% each
  • Reduced "Cursed Bileire/Bilari Set"  Ranged and Melee Block in PvP Areas by 10% each

Element Change

  • Adjusted the way element dmg is calulated in PvP scenarios for auto attacks
    • The functionality for auto attack dmg with elements on weapons now should follow more clearly the way it is calculated for spells.
    • Spells and auto attacks now deal up to ~15% more/less dmg to a target depending on the element upgrade level of the attacker/defender weapon/suit
      • Before this change, auto attacks were working as follows (perspective from the dmg dealer, for dmg tanker just invert the numbers to their negative counterpart):
      • Weapon + 0, Suit + 0: no dmg increase/decrease
      • Weapon + 0, Suit + 20: dmg decrease by ~21.11%
      • Weapon + 20, Suit + 0: dmg increase by ~30%
      • Both same element or elements that are neutral to each other: no dmg increase/decrease
      • Weapon Fire, Suit Wind (Weapon strong, suit weak):
      • Weapon + 20, Suit + 20: dmg increase by ~10.48%
      • Weapon Wind, Suit Fire (Weapon strong, suit weak):
      • Weapon + 20, Suit + 20: dmg decrease by ~3.85%
      • This means that before it was always beneficial to have an element on suit, because instead of taking 30% more dmg in all cases where the enemy has a +20 weapon, you only take 10% more against the element you are weak against, and no increased damage against neutral elements.


  • Fixed a bug that did not allow you to create characters on Season 1 page
  • Fixed a but that would not show Season 1 page for all accounts
  • Fixed a lot of client crashes, please keep sending those reports <3
  • Fixed a bug that caused DMG reduction from set effects to not apply to Asal
  • Fixed Cursed Mentalist Necklace giving MP instead of HP on upgrade levels 1~20 (It already gave HP at upgrade levels 21~30)
  • Fixed a bug where beads in a pet would instantly disappear
  • Fixed "Dark Rabbit Set (F)" description
  • Fixed a bug where you would "lose" the connection to your AFK Vendor
  • Fixed Fel Rager mount having the wrong model
  • Fixed some mounts crashing your client
  • Fixed some items that could not be traded or deleted
  • Fixed [Ultimate] Khan Card icon
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't spawn a pet anymore
  • Fixed some achievements not being unlocked for certain characters with Angel Ranks
  • Fixed the chat of private shops not working
  • Fixed the "Daily Challenge Notification" option not working. You can disable it in Options -> Advanced
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Force Masters to not fully heal after switching in PVP areas
  • Fixed a bug that would trigger the "penya limit reached" warning
  • Fixed pickup pets getting stuck sometimes
  • Fixed Achievement "Cursed" giving out a broken item
  • Fixed Transmutation Token being recognized as a quest item

Server Merge

Season server has been successfully merged into CW server. 


Have fun playing!

Patch Notes 2.1.3

Patch 2.1.3


Monthly Donator


  • Added Easter Event 2020 - More information shortly.
  • Added Anime Face Masks to [Fashion] Jenny
  • Added Fury Ghost NPC. He will sell Fury Ghost CS Sets and Dark Skull Skins :slight_smile:
  • Added new achievements to obtain Colosseum Tokens
  • Added "Sorcerers Exchange" menu to Collector NPCS
  • Decreased viewing distance of monster names
  • Decreased amount of Jump Daily Challenges drastically
  • Removed damage numbers on invisible targets
  • Optimized Client startup and Badge rendering
  • Added Angel Coin boxes to "Angel" petfilter setting



  • Reworked the way block is calculated in PvP scenarios
    • Dex and level are not a factor in the block calculation anymore
    • Block shown in your H window is now the actual block rate you have against enemies (except if they have block reducing effects)
  • Relics that have been removed with the new changes:
    • Pan Barrier is functional again in PvP (technically)
    • Templar block is not capped at 50% anymore
    • Ranged attacks against Templar don't have a 30% penetration rate anymore
    • Ranged attacks against Crackshooters don't have a 18% penetration rate anymore
    • Melee attacks against Acrobats don't have a 30% penetration rate anymore
  • With the new way block is calculacted in PvP scenarios, all sets have received a rework to their set effects to reflect those changes
    • For now to get a baseline for everyone, every set 150 has been adjusted so everyone has 35% Melee Block and 50% Ranged Block in dmg equipment and 50% Melee Block and 65% Ranged Block
    • After getting feedback, these numbers will change on a class to class and dmg to tank basis
    • For all feedback on this, please use the #⚔balance_discussion channel!



  • Fixed a bug where a wrong weekly offer would be shown
  • Fixed a bug with Colosseum Easy Mode achievements
  • Fixed a bug where couples would still be "online" after a channel crashed
  • Fixed a bug that caused the drop rate of "Guan Yu Heavyblade" to be much lower than intended introduced in patch 2.1.2
  • Fixed a bug that caused the drop rate of "Iblis' Perpetrator" to be much lower than intended introduced in patch 2.1.2
  • Fixed Hera Hoverbike model
  • The achievement "Attempt the Cursed Aminus Dungeon." was changed to "Clear Cursed Aminus Dungeon.". It now works in Colosseum, too.
  • The achievement "Defeat Red Meteonyker 50 times." works in Colosseum now
  • Fixed achievements "Kill X players in the Siege Arena overall"
  • Fixed achievements "Obtain a killing Spree of X without dying in a Siege."
  • Fixed achievements "Kill X players in a single Siege Match"
  • Fixed a visual bug showing multiple spawned CS Pets
  • Fixed a bug that caused block reduction effects (Silverwing Card, Blade Berserk) to reduce enemy block % wise instead of being a total reduction
  • Fixed achievement "Chasing that Awakening" not working with Scroll of Superior Awakening
  • Fixed a bug in Model Viewer that would not show your transmuted items
  • Fixed a visual bug that would not correctly pass lead of parties to players on other channels

Season 1 End

Hello @everyone!

It has been about two months since the season has started. Many of you have already progressed far and have accumulated wealth and gear to beat pretty much everything the game has to offer. As we have mentioned in our seasons FAQ, we will let you decide when to end the current season, but more about that at the end of this text.

For now, let's talk about what we have learned and what we want to change for the future.

The first and most important thing we have learned: Do not launch a huge project when there are other obligations looming. Our main developer Vladi has probably lived through the hardest period of his life, trying to balance work, university, exams and server obligations while also caring for one's mental and physical well being. Though me and Chapstick are almost always available for support on game issues, neither of us has the ability to fix game breaking bugs on our own. In the future, we will look for ways to create an environment where less errors happen and where a fix for any given problem can be deployed as quickly as possible.

In game related, many of you have criticized that weapon and set drop rates were too high. Initially we increased them since we knew seasons would be a time-limited server that many might quit early or not start entirely if they felt like there was no time to progress anymore. As it turns out, we achieved the complete opposite of people reaching endgame way too quickly (given their time investment) and ending their run just as quickly due to having achieved everything. In the future we hope to fine-tune the numbers to keep players interested in doing dungeons, while also keeping the market at a stable point.

Other things that in our eyes were a bad addition were upgraded weapons from titans. These remove a major obstacle of clearing dungeons and devalue actual item drops heavily, since the titan weapons are so easily accessible. The idea was that those weapons would be used for creating Blood-/Titanbane weapons, but also affected the entire market heavily as a consequence. Removing or changing those weapons is something we would want to adjust for the future, while also re-evaluating the creation process of Blood-/Titanbane weapons.

Thirdly, the way general character progression works out is in our opinion very stale. Generally it is as follows: Create a Jester, level it to 80 Master, run Savage Wilds, get jewelry and ultimate weapons, level the character you want with those weapons and ignore every dungeon in between. Depending on player consensus, we might change something about that, but we will see what you guys think and hope for ideas and feedback.

Continuing, we strive creating a balance where characters have different roles to play while not being overshadowed in every aspect by others or being reduced to uselessness due to outside circumstances. One such example would be the ranged vs. melee class debate, where it is pretty apparent that melee classes have a huge disadvantage in both dungeon related tasks (monsters hit for a lot of damage) and general farming related tasks (money, materials etc.). Both issues are substantial and warrant a complete rework of certain aspects of the game to make it more accessible to all classes while keeping the general idea of different classes and their specializations alive.

Lastly, due to the influx of a huge amount of new players (we peaked at around 1500 characters online) and our real life obligations, we fell behind our communication efforts with players both in and out of the game. We pride ourselves with being a community driven server but didn’t manage to keep up with the demand thrown our way. Ideally, we would want to increase our presence whenever we can while also keeping up with other responsibilities.

Following that point, we were less transparent than usual, rarely talking about what we were working on or why something is delayed or why something is or is not implemented even though there is community demand for things. This was caused by a combination of the enormous amount of players and the time constraints that we faced, dedications to fixing game breaking bugs, as well as no dedicated channels where all that information is centered, so people can easily see what is the case. For the future, we would want to establish an easier way for people to see what we do and think, while also commenting on as many topics as possible.

The last and probably most damaging point, is the ability to sell your entire character. While we still want to support players who would want to switch to another class while making their own gear available to other people to enjoy, it comes with the downside that other players see that people stop playing. This can have a butterfly effect, giving other players a reason to also quit. Another aspect of the same problem, is people selling their gear for CWT, hoarding those funds for future seasons, effectively removing those CWT out of the system of people that continue playing the current season, increasing market pricing beyond what it would normally reach. All in all, we have not yet concluded how we want to combat these issues, but with user input and time, we will figure something out and present our ideas.

There are many more bigger and smaller things that we have not mentioned, these are the main points we as the admin team consider the most detrimental to server progression as well as gameplay that we want to change for all upcoming seasons.

But enough about what we didn’t like and what we want to change, there are also things we want to introduce and work on for future seasons beginning now. To not overwhelm you with a detailed text such as for what we want to change, here is a list and some thoughts as to what we hope to achieve:

  1. More Events

  2. More methods of general progression (less Cascada, more activities, alternative ways of earning money/upgrades/power)

  3. New areas to level and farm

  4. Shortening the divide between players that invest a few hours per day and others that are online all day (Through e.g. a dungeon run limit per player instead of per character, more short high reward activities that can be supplemented with low reward activities and so on)

  5. Updating Dungeon Layouts (Deathwing and Stratholme)

  6. Updating Hephaestus boss mechanics to not make melee and non-aoe users useless

  7. Adding more PvP related content (Siege with Preset gear, Capture the Flag, defend the castle etc.)

  8. Milestones (A serverwide system that tracks progress of all players, similar to a record book, but everyone contributes to the milestones)

  9. More GM and Admin activities

  10. Adjustment of re-roll radiuses on weapons

  11. A more exciting way to incorporate the angels theme into actual combat

And many more things for the future.
But for everyone who managed to get to the end, here are the dates that we have for you to bring Season 1 of Clockworks Flyff to an end:

  1. 19.04.2020 23:59:59

  2. 03.05.2020 23:59:59

  3. 17.05.2020 23:59:59

As a reminder: this is the date at which Seasons and Clockworks will be merged. After that point, receiving Tier Sets won’t be possible, so redeem them before servers go down that date!


To vote on a date, please join Discord and visit the post

Patch Notes 2.1.0 - The Colosseum


The Colosseum is a place where you can test your power, kill bosses, earn yourself valuable items and gain alot of experience. Colosseum, if taken seriously, can be a valuable place for grinding experience, upgrade items, power ups or general swag. To enter, talk to [Colosseum] Willy between the Card Master and [Arena Manager] Lay in Flarine.

The Colosseum can be entered in two ways, Normal and Guild Mode. If the party leader chooses Normal mode, everyone in his party can enter the Colosseum with him. Guild Mode only allowes party members to enter that are also part of your guild. Normal Bosses in both easy and hard mode have Tank AI. It is only available on Channel 4

Normal Difficulty is completable by every class and consists of 10 stages, each one increasing in power and endurance. Each Stage awards every unique player in the group with 75 Colosseum Token, for a total of 750 if you manage to complete all stages. In this mode specifically, boss HP scales for every character present at the time a boss spawns. For example, if 6 characters enter Normal Difficulty, boss HP is increased by 500%.

Stage Max. Damage in thousand HP
1 18 54613471
2 36 62287056
3 54 70709284
4 72 78195709
5 90 85869295
6 108 82818577
7 126 95040166
8 144 102526591
9 162 107205606
10 180 113718797

Legendary Difficulty is designed to be killed with a group. It consists of 7 stages, out of which some bosses have special boss mechanics that make the fight harder and require tactics to finish. Each Stage awards every unique player in the group with 100 Colosseum Token for the first 6 stages and 150 for the last one, for a total of 750 if you manage to complete all stages.

Stage Max. Damage in thousand HP
1 200 ----
2 280 ----
3 360 ----
4 440 ----
5 520 ----
6 600 ----
7 700 ----

Additionally, every unique player receives a Legendary Colosseum Reward Box.


Each completed run time in Guild Mode is documented and saved in three different rankings, Weekly, Monthly and Hall of Fame. Weekly and Monthly are self explainatory, while Hall of Fame contains the 4 fastest runs of all time.


Additionally to every character being able to enter a maximum of 3 times normal or legendary mode, each unique player can only receive rewards 3 times per day. This means that a unique player may do the Colosseum on multiple characters more than 3 times in total, but will only receive rewards 3 times.


The shop contains many powerups unique to the Colosseum aswell as useful Upgrade materials for those still in progress of gearing their characters.

On top of that, you can purchase Colosseum specific Cloaks, Weapon Skins and CS Sets!



  • Added Premium (28 Days) + Free White King Bunny Pet!
  • Added Alpine Hunter Weapon Skins to [Weapon Skins] Judy for 300 CWT each. They will be added later to the web-shop aswell.
  • Added Pet Auras to [Pet Tamer] for 60 CWT. It changes the color of your pets bead aura for 15 days.



  • Added some missing loading screens.
  • Added a warning when equipping a new Holy or Divine Orb.
  • Added Guaranteed Success on piercing for Weapons, Shields and Suits.
  • Added "Open Chat" and "Invite to Party" to guild list in messenger when using right click.
  • Re-added "Holy Orb of Health" to the boss drop pool; It was removed by mistake.
  • It is now possible to use Angelic weapons in Hephaestus exchange. You now have to exchange your weapons to [Creation Token]s before creating a weapon.
  • Removed "Scroll of Pet Awakening (Raised pets)" from [Pet Tamer] since it has essentially no use.
  • Removed Worldbosses from ticket channel 2. They now correctly only spawn on channel 1 of their respective ticket.



  • Titanbane Stick: Adjusted Stats: Added: up to 50% DCT, Removed: DEF%.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some item names.
  • Fixed Penya Share in parties.
  • Fixed some Angel Transmutation models being switched.
  • Fixed being able to use Anarchy Buffs out of your Bag.
  • Fixed a lot of badges not having a transparent background.
  • Fixed Bloodbane Knuckle (Seraph) missing the AR50 requirement.
  • Fixes bosses having different attack timings for the client and server.
  • Fixed Gladiators Golden Wooden Sword being a blue weapon (quick sell).
  • Fixed yoyo sfx still being visible when using the "hide players" option.
  • Fixed a bug where guilds would be out of sync after a channel was restarted.
  • Fixed the female "1 on 1 Mentalist" royal template having 2x bloodbane weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where Anarchy buffs would not get restored after a channel was restarted.
  • Fixed "Collect & Delete" in mailbox not working even if you had enough space. Also fixed getting too much penya.

Patch Notes 2.0.9

Premium Shop

  • Added X1000 EvilTron. This fancy mechanical pet is a newer version of the X900 Gen 1, with a new black and gold shine. This pet is available from the Pet Tamer NPC for 300 CWT.
  • Added Blue Moon Sets (M/F) to [Fashion] Jacky NPC for 150 CWT.
  • Added Yoko Set (F) to [Fashion] Jacky NPC for 150 CWT.
  • Added Golden, Scarlet, Black, Purple, Green and White Auras (15 Days) to [Fashion] Jacky NPC for 90 CWT.
  • Removed "Magicat Premium Special" from NPC
  • Removed "Anarchy Mocomochi Event" from NPC
  • Fixed Magma Corgi DEX/INT Pet stats. If you have the wrong one, PM @Vladi
  • New Donator of the Month Reward! Commencing now, and will be awarded to the player with the highest donation at the end of the month.
  • New Weekly Sale starting on March 5: Buy 2 Get 1 Free Angel Amplifications!



  • As announced on 20/02/2020 the vote buff will not be set to 7d automatically anymore.
  • Added [GM Events] Heather! GMs will now reward you with Event Tokens (tradeable) for winning their hosted events. You are able to purchase fashion, pets, amps and more from this NPC.
  • Disabled Auras in PVP Areas to increase FPS
  • You can now convert 9999 Scroll of Superior Awakenings to a cube at [Exchange] Reonan to easily sell/stack/distribute.
  • Added 3 new emoticons in the motions window, /dead, /gcool, /gengaww
  • Enabled Seraph/FM buffs for everyone in Siege
  • Reduced Anarchy Buff spamming
  • Rangda will now only spawn on channel 1
  • Optimized FPS when having the chat open
  • Optimized Shop Search and changed default sorting
  • Updated recommended dungeon HP in teleporter
  • Changed Couple Teleport to work while on Mount/Flying or in Kalgas Room
  • Added preview to lots of fashion boxes in shops, hold shift and click on it
  • Moved Sunday 2am (CET) siege to Sunday 6pm (CET)
    • Sunday 6pm Siege will have 20 lifes instead of 15
  • It is now possible to transmute masks into wings
  • Removed CWT Coupon cooldown
  • Daily Gift time will be cached for 10 minutes after log out
  • Changed "Craft of Heaphaestus" teleport position
  • Changed Spam limitations for shouting


  • Butcher's Carnage: Adjusted Stats:  up to 33% ICD, 10% Crit, Reduced: up to 15 ATK% (from 30%), Removed: ATKSpeed 
  • Bloodbane 1H Axe: Adjusted Stats: Added: up to 10% Crit, Increased: up to 43% ICD (from 10%), Reduced: up to 15% ATK% (from 30%), Removed: ATKSpeed
  • Enchant Poison and Enchant Blood: Adjusted Stats: Reduced STR Scaling from 20 to 13 per STR
  • Savagery: Adjusted Stats: Reduced: up to 5% ATK% (from 10%)
  • Dementia: Adjusted Stats: Reduced: up to 81% ICD (from 111%), up to 17% ATK% (from 22%)
  • Bloodbane Yo-Yo: Adjusted Stats: Reduced: up to 24% ATK% (from 32%)
  • Sky Striker: Adjusted Stats: Reduced: up to 60% ICD (from 90%), up to 15% ATK% (from 30%)
  • Bloodbane 2H Sword: Adjusted Stats: up to 40% Crit (from 30%) up to 70% ICD (from 80%), up to 20% ATK% (from 30%)
  • Added Seraph versions of Bloodbane Knuckle and Bloodbane Shield
    • Both of these can be exchanged at Reonan for the Force Master versions
  • Changed Harlequin's Greeting behaviour. You do not teleport anymore.
  • Set Stone Feet cooldown to 16 seconds
  • Elementor can stack up 1h buffs in Siege now
  • You can only use 8 restats in Siege now.
  • Disenchant only removes HP buffs in PVP now
  • Changed Charge multiplier of crackshooter to 1.9 (from 2.2)
  • Changed HP scaling of crackshooter to 1.4 (from 1.6)
  • Reduced

Patch Notes 2.0.8

Patch 2.0.8


Hi, this patch might seem small, but I've done a lot of "under the hood" work, which will hopefully decrease the lags.



- Premium (28day) Monthly Reward #2 is now available! Enjoy a FREE Fire Fox pet with your premium scroll. You can purchase this bundle from [Consumables] Gisela.


- Dungeon Entries will now be restored after a server restart. This is needed due to the frequent patches/crashes. We can not reset Entries after crashes anymore.

- Optimized some server-side things to reduce lags.

- Hide and Seek NPCs will only spawn in Madrigal now.



- Fixed a bug where Elementor Masteries wouldn't increase damage of skills.

- Fixed a bug where "Increased PvE Damage" wouldn't work properly.

- Fixed a bug where "Damage Reduction" wouldn't work properly.

- Fixed a bug where Weekly challenges would reset upon login. 

- Fixed a bug where you would tasks in Weekly/Daily challenges with a requirement of 0. If you still have one, message me on Discord with your character name and I can reset your Daily/Weekly challenges.

- Fixed a bug where +3 items wouldn't be recognized in Quick Sell.

- Fixed a bug where you wouldn't be able to create Hephaestus Shields/Books

- Fixed a bug that caused some mail to be undeletable.


- Disabled the Record Book again, as it's still a buggy mess and I didn't touch it yet.

Valentines Quest Event

Happy Valentines Day CW FlyFFers 

Starting from February 14, the Valentines Quest Event will be active!

This event also gives a bonus EXP + 25%!

So use this time to level up your characters, farm quest items and recieve awesome exclusive rewards!

This event ends on March 1, so be quick!

Hearts now drop from monsters all throughout the land! These quest items can be used to purchase event exclusive items from [Love Goddess] Aphrodite. Here she'll sell you fashion, pets, skins and other miscellaneous items. You can find her in any major city!

Celebrate Valentines Day in style with these two new fashion sets! Both Beach Love (left) and Young Love (Right)

sets are 5,000 Hearts each.

These sets are purely cosmetic and do not provide any additional stats. They can be skinned if desired.

Want to feel like a King or Queen on Valentines Day? Now you can with the King and Queen Love Sets! 

These sets are purely cosmetic and do not provide any additional stats. They can be skinned if desired.

These sets cost a pretty penny, at 42,500 Hearts each! It's also possible to obtain this set from the Love Royalty Set Chancebox, available for 30 CWT in NPC [Love Goddess] Aphrodite.

The [Chance Box] Love Royalty Set has the chance to contain:

Love King/Queen Set (Comes as a Pickbox, just select the gender!)

Hero Glasses

Angel Amplifications

Scroll of Premium

Scroll of Amplification ES(S)

and various consumables!

Feeling lonely? Need a new companion? These Valentines themed pets are sure to help! Love Lykan (left), Love Burr (Middle) and Love Hunter (Right) are available for 7,000 Hearts each.

These pets are purely cosmetic and do not provide any additional stats. They can be skinned if desired.

Rose Gold Angel and Bloody weapons are now also available for 4,000 and 8,000 Hearts each!


Additionally, Valentines exclusive Kawaii Skins are also available for 12,000 Hearts each!

There's also miscellaneous items available from Aphrodite! Such as Love Heart Glasses in Black, Blue, Green, Purple and Red (All Stats +3), Pink Heaven Wings and more! So be sure to check it out!

Event Exclusive Achievements are also available! Navigate to Start -> Features -> Achievements and select 'Valentines Event' to view and start completing these 8 (easy to difficult) achievements!

We hope you enjoy Valentines Day with us on Clockworks FlyFF, share the love and be sure to join us on Discord!

Have fun!

Patch Notes - 2.0.7


- Added NA Siege on Saturday 8PM EST (2AM CET)

- Increase Siege lifes to 15

- Added Siege time info ingame

- Removed Penya limit in shops

- Added Short-Ponytail Hair to Perin Merchant Wafor for 10 Perins

- Changed "Skin" option in Petfilter to "Event"

- Replaced all Instance Boss kill quests with dungeon clear quests

- Added Shinigami set (M/F) to NPC Jacky



- Removed monsters getting knocked back when getting crit

- Adjusted "Carvi" and "Monstrous Carvi" spawn density to match other monster spawns more accurately

- Adjusted "Holy Cross" Effect in PvP: Increased cooldown from 3 seconds to 6 seconds in PvP areas



- Hephaestus will spawn his minions even after he reset his HP

- Fixed not getting buffs in Siege when no Seraph or Force Master is alive anymore

- Fixed a bug where Daily/Weekly rewards would be shown as tradeable items

- Fixed a bug where weekly challenges wouldn't reset on Monday 4am CET

- Fixed a bug where colored Glows and Angel Transmutation wouldn't work sometimes

- Fixed a bug that showed couple teleport cooldown to be at 10 minutes when its 5 minutes

- Fixed a bug where you couldn't get rid of some quest items

- Fixed Psy Auto Attacks to not be shown on other clients

- Fixed recieving x2 cloaks with Legend

- Fixed Hide and Seek Andy NPC

- Fixed an error in the "Reduce PVP/PVE damage" formula which caused it to not work properly

- You can not use "Blessing of the Angel Tamer" on non angelic pets anymore

- Fixed getting Red Meteonyker Daily Quest when being over Lv. 130

Patch Notes - 2.0.6


- Added Purple Furniture (7 Days) - This Furniture set is 60% the power of Blue Furniture Sets, and is available from the Clockworks Chip NPC Leon in both individual parts and box

- Added new 11 Achievements for PvE Cascada Hunter Achievements

- Added "Claim All" button to Achievements

- Added Fashion NPC Jacky besides Fashion Jenny NPC, he will contain new CS sets and ones that weren't released previously for CWT/Penya


- Increased max amount of guilds participating in Guild War to 15

- Increased the amount of "Scroll of Amplification" purchased from 3 to 5 per 100VP

- Increased the amount of Empty Scrolls required for creating Unbinding scrolls from 10 to 25, Reroll Dice from 10 to 15, and Angel Amplifications from 10 to 15.

- Significantly increased quantity of items received from daily challenge boxes


- Decreased "Scroll of Holy" cooldown from 4 seconds to 2.8 seconds (for now, more experimental changes coming if needed)

- Decreased "Carvi" and "Monstrous Carvi" model size by 20%

- Decreased "Purple Dragon (Skin)" pet size


- Removed max teleport amount limitation in Deathwing dungeons

- Removed Free Style Set as a CWT CS Set (If anyone purchased it message us and we will refund you the CWT)

- Removed cooldown of restats

- Removed objects from the middle of Siege map


- Moved all mass player activities to channel 4 - activities. Namely, Royal Rumble, Asmodans Trials, Guild Siege and Titans, HnS NPCs 

- All Vendor/Shop sales will be sent via mail now (to avoid player confusion about lost items)

- Auto-Powerups will be disabled when being AFK

- Buff Pang in Guild War will now give you Seraph/Force Master buffs if there is a Seraph/Force Master with more than 0 lifes in your lineup

- In PvP areas Arcanists will recieve 1h versions of their "Element Mastery" buffs that do not get replaced when casting a spell (they get removed after leaving arena/royal rumble/guild war)(Bearbeitet)


Craft of Hephaestus:

- Increased the aggro range of all bosses

- New Mechanic: when the entire party attacking hephaestus wipe, his HP will reset to full.

Reason: Even though we know there are mechanics that you can use on plenty of official flyff bosses to avoid having to properly gear for the boss, we feel that Hephaestus is supposed to be the culmination of your work in the first season. Being able to (with alot of endurance and time) kill the boss with practically no gear goes against our idea of a "final boss".



- Reduced Stonehand stun chance from 12% to 6%

- Adjusted "Cursed Mind" Magic Resist reduction from 100% to 50%

- Removed resistance reduction from "Fire Strike", "Water Well" and "Lightning Shock"

- Adjusted "Vigorous Roenier Set" Effect: Reduced ICD: 40% -> 30%, Crit: 22% -> 15%, ATK: 12% -> 11%

- Adjusted "Reine Set" Effect: Reduced ICD: 40% -> 30%


Bug Fixes:

- Fixed text errors in Royal Rumble

- Fixed some achievement requirements/descriptions

- Fixed some item names

- Fixed some bugs with Shop Search

- Fixed not getting teleported in front of the Guild War npcs if clicking yes

- Fixed a bug with messenger not showing the correct last online time

- Fixed a bug where you couldn't see the tooltip of weekly challenge rewards

- Fixed several monster position bugs

- Fixed Arcanine Mount speed

- Fixed Siege winner and MVP not updating on other channels

- Fixed Star Fighter set making hair invisible 

- Fixed Diamond Tier Rewards, please message @Chapstick if you've received the wrong Diamond reward

- Fixed Trabant set icons

- Fixed Punk Queen set icons

- Fixed Izayoi set icons

- Fixed Cat Pajama set icons

- Fixed Angel set icons

- Fixed "Scroll of Unlimited Party Points" not being unlimited. If you purchased/used a scroll, please open a ticket and message us for a refund.

- Some more FPS optimizations

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