Patch Notes 3.1.6

Fashion Event

Valentines day! Hold your partner tight and say CHEESE! We're looking for the cutest photo of our Clockwork couples!

From now until the 28th of February, post a screenshot of you and a partner into the channel #fashion-event 

All information regarding the participation and rewards can be found inside the channel.


Rainbow Race

A new fun game mode is now available for you: Rainbow Race

Every Saturday and Sunday you have the chance to participate in the Rainbow Race. 

During the Rainbow Race you have to travel through Madrigal to find the seven game instructors. 

Every instructor has their own unique task you need to complete. 

The tasks can range from Rock, Paper, Scissors to Fast Typer.

The first person to find and complete all seven tasks will be the Rainbow Race winner!

On Saturday the race begins at 3PM (UTC+8) and the Sunday race begins at 3PM (UTC+1) on the Activities channel.

You have to apply one hour before the race begins at the Rainbow Race NPC located in Darkon City!

Happy racing and goodluck!


Royal Rumble

  • Removed the STA from Titanbane Shield to balance out the hybrid playstyle


  • Added Lifetime achievements
    •  Lifetime achievements can't be completed. These are more like statistics for various tasks.
    • Example: How many monsters you have killed or how much penya you have farmed and many more.
  • Added new 280 quest item achievements
  • Added a new category Personal Chest with 8 achievements
  • Added 3 new tutorial achievements
  • Added 10 new achievements regarding daily/weekly challenges
  • Added 20 achievements for the new game mode Rainbow Race
  • Removed 5 Pet Hunting achievements that were not obtainable
    • Rearranged the order of the Pet Hunting category
  • Fixed the requirement of the achievement "Hot Ddukguk Addict" 
  • Fixed the requirement of the achievement "Boss Hearts III"
  • Fixed the requirement of the achievements "Gambler I" to "Gambler V"


  • Added one new emote to the game
  • Added 3 new female fashions to the Siege NPC
    • These fashions will have "All Stat +20" as their set effect.
  • The command /GuildPurgeInactive now has a minimum offline time of 1 day instead of 7 days to kick inactive guild members.
    • It can now only kick Rookie rank members
  • Added Jewel & Dices Manager to the Guildwar Arena
  • Added Dark Nurse Set (F) to [Fashion] Jacky for 50m Penya
  • Added Spy Set (M) to [Fashion] Jacky for 50m Penya
  • Disabled the message window that pops up when prompted to chose a teleport position for the first time in guild siege
  • Added a description to all monster cards. This makes it easier for players to understand how they work.
  • Added a specification to the [Box] Divine Orb of Material Drop (7 days)
  • Replaced the Dark Devil's Cloaks Courage/Fear/Magic chance boxes to be Mythical Tickets.
  • Added the Dragon King Sets as a Replica for 500VP into the NPC [Fashion] Jacky
    • A replica is just the raw skin without the set effects
  • Premium status can now be stacked up to 30 days
  • Added custom shortcuts to F-Tool keys to enable/disable certain slots.
  • It is now possible to use Re-Stat from your bag
  • It is now possible to use Scroll of Element Change from your bag
  • Removed all item cooldowns in Testing Grounds
  • Removed the collision of the small flowers in Sky Forest
  • Added missing icons for various items



  • Removed 12% Melee and Range Block from Blessed Arcanist Jewelry
  • Added 12% Melee and Range Block in PvP areas to Blessed Lipinn Set 
    • This change was made to prevend hybrid arcanists in pvp areas to have even more block rate than in their tank eq
    • It is also a nerf in PvE scenarios, from 42% to 30%
  • Disabled the skill "Templar's Call" in PvP areas
  • Disabled the skill "Drawing" in PvP areas
  • Disabled the skill "Strongwind" in PvP areas
  • Disabled the skill "Pulling" in PvP areas
  • Disabled the skill "Psychic Wall" in PvP areas
    • All of these skills change the position of players, which is annoying to play against and might cause issues with positions when having a high ping
  • Reverted the Harlequin buffs from Patch Notes 3.1.4 but kept the HP scaling


  • Fixed a bug where the Action Slot icon could only be moved once
  • Fixed a bug that caused skills with cooldowns to not be skipped in the action slot
  • Fixed a bug that caused the action slot in Royal Rumble to cast spells of your character outside of Royal Rumble
  • Fixed a bug caused caused a skill to use the wrong range if used after a skill with a cooldown in the action slot in pvp areas
  • Fixed time being displayed incorrectly in the J window
  • Fixed some no-move zone placings in Blessing/Curse of Deathwing
  • Fixed a bug that could cause F-Tool to stop using food
  • Fixed /GuildInvite not working sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where custom hotkeys would not trigger sometimes
  • Fixed a lot of icons being wrong or missing
  • Fixed a bug where a Guild Leader had to be in the line up for Asmodan's Trial
  • Fixed a bug that caused Re-Stat to not work, when your inventory was closed
  • Fixed a bug where skinned items would be sold in Quick Sell 
  • Fixed some texts


Valentines Event 2021 - 14.02.2021 - 28.02.2021

Valentines Event 2021

14.02.2021 - 28.02.2021


Valentines Weekend buff

Every weekend during the valentines event you will experience various daily buffs.

Starting on Valentines day you get a 10% Drop bonus! 

  • Friday: 10% EXP
  • Saturday: 5% Penya
  • Sunday: 10% Drop


Lovely Bears

All monsters from Lv. 60-150 will now drop Lovely Bears .

Lovely Bear can be used to buy several items, ranging from Cloaks*, Fashion*, Skin*s to Mounts*, from [Goddess of Love] Hera in North Flaris.


Mystical Castle

Legend has it monsters have been residing for hundreds of years in the Mystical Castle.

They're protecting one of the biggest treasures the castle has to offer: "Lovely Bears"

Do you have what it takes to fight these monsters of various difficulty?

(You have five entries to this dungeon per day. Upon completion you will receive 200-300 Lovely Bears.)


Server Quests

Valentines Event is a time where you are helping your partner and do various activities together. Complete the Server Quests and get rewarded with Anarchy buffs.

The top 10 participants for each task will receive a special "Participation Bonus" buff.


Event Achievements

A new set of 16 event achievements has been added for you to complete, rewarding you with various items and exclusive badges!


Mythical Tickets

New event exclusive Mythical Tickets were added:

  • Love Fusion Kheldor Cloak
  • Golden Crescent Moon Mount
  • Silver Cresent Moon Mount
  • Love Queen Mount



We hope you enjoy this little event!


* Items are exclusive for one year.

Patch Notes 3.1.5


  • Added Nutty Premium bundle to Gisela.

  • Added an option to move the inventory tiles to the right side of the inventory
  • Added custom choosable hotkey for "Powerup Bag"
  • Added a button to leave your guild in the guild window
  • It is now possible to drag&drop items from the powerup bag to your taskbar
  • Removed the auto-save of filter settings in Personal Chest, as it caused people to think their items are gone
  • Removed spawn SFX of pets in PVP areas
  • Increased maximum amount of equip switches to 10
  • Re-added [Consumables] Gisela to Kaillun Grassland
  • Lowered the requirements of food titles of food that is not purchasable at an NPC from 200k to 20k
    • This includes: Orange Juice, Strawberry Shake, Fruit Juice, Fruit Icewater, Fruit Parfait, Fruit Sherbet and Fruit Punch
  • Increased the Legend Score from 300 to 1000 for these achievements
  • Adjusted the Guild Siege NPCs text to be more clear
  • Added 115 new quest item achievements
    • This includes all quest items of Flaris, Saint Morning and Garden of Rhisis
  • Made it possible to achieve the following achievements at Lv. 150
    • Bloody, Vampire, Ancient, Silverwing Dutchess


  • Fixed a bug that allowed Sword Cross to be procced by everyone, not only a Knight+
    • This interaction was removed because it brought about a toxic playstyle in PvP where knighs would become Sword Cross bots without cooldown for their teammates
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow Holy Cross and Sword Cross to be stacked
    • This should even out the potential DPS gained from Holy Cross compared to all other classes. As it was before, Knights would gain much less effect from Holy Cross compared to all other classes due to it not stacking with Sword Cross.


  • Fixed pets still being visible when in Dark Illusion
  • Fixed a bug where Bull Hamstern would not stack
  • Fixed a bug where opening boxes would sometimes place the item in the same place as the last box
  • Fixed suit element calculation to not work correctly in PVE
  • Fixed a bug that could cause double activation of powerups when they are in the powerup bag and activated through auto-powerups
  • Fixed a bug where pet would despawn when teleporting
  • Fixed Sweet Ddukguk achievement having the wrong requirement
  • Fixed the vote buff resetting after 71h instead of 72h
  • Fixed a bug that blocked guild masters from kicking offline users
  • Fixed a bug where equip would not be registered properly in new records


Patch Notes 3.1.4

Hey! This patch includes a lot of core changes to the flyff code, that could lead to many instabilities like crashes, disconnects or frame drops.

If you encouter problems, please let me know so I can look into it.

Once this patch is stable, I will add another patch with some new content. 


Networking changes

  • Rewrote a lot of the networking code between the client and servers
  • This should reduce lags, as it balances out the traffic between servers
  • Added a fifth channel specific for the SEA region
    • The server is located in Singapore 
    • There might be issues with logging in, disconnecting or using Quick Relog sometimes. Please let me know if you encounter any problems

Personal Chest

  • Introducing the Personal Chest, a better alternative to the old fashioned bank
  • You can find "Personal Chest" NPCs next to most office NPCs 
    • If you have an active premium scroll, you can access the chest through your inventory
  • The chest can be used for items of all kinds and offers two different views: grid and list
  • It can filter items by name, category, level, sex and job, making it easy to find the item you are looking for
  • Every character gets 100 slots for free, but you can increase the size of the chest to up to 500 slots for CWT(edited)

Powerup Bag

  • Introducing the Powerup Bag: A dedicated bag just for your powerups 
  • You can store up to 100 stacks of powerups in this new bag 
  • It is accessible through a new button in the inventory
  • The Auto-Powerup feature integrates the powerups from this bag

In-game F-Tool

  • Added an in-game F-Tool
  • Just like the external program, it can press buttons for you automatically
  • You can change between the different applet bars and set a delay (in ms) between execution
  • It can be found in Start > Features > F-Tool or through a new inventory button

Daily/Weekly Special

  • Discontinuation of daily/weekly specials for an undetermined time
    • While weekly special sales are in fact a good thing, they achieved the complete opposite of what we wanted to achieve: 
    • Instead of seeing these sales as a bonus, the general mind saw it as mandatory, expecting better and better sales and rendering the normal shop to be "not worth"

Equip Switch

  • Recoded a big part of the Equip Switch feature
  • If you move items from inventory to bag, they will now stay in your Switch
  • Fixed a bug where you would be able to save the same weapon twice 
  • Fixed a lot of bugs causing saving to fail
    • Due to these changes all old configurations had to be deleted


  • Inventory Search works for items in the bag aswell
  • Added Beginner Chips Cube to [Exchange] Reonan
  • Added new item category filters for Orbs, Wings and more
  • Added option to hide your own pets
  • Added option to hide titan FPS warning
  • Added smooth blend in of players and monsters
  • Added Purple Furniture (7 Days) to [Colosseum] Willy
  • Added Purple, Blue and Yellow Balloon to [Consumables] Gisela
  • Added an indicator to the HP bar of monsters, if you have [Ultimate] Kheldor Card active
  • Added a new tab in the post box separating system and personal mails
  • Added badges for characters created during a specific season
    • Badges will be placed inside your inventory
  • Added a small chance to drop Angelic Bead Shards from World Bosses
    • Iblis' Perpetrator, Guan Yu Heavyblade, Chief Keokuk, Basilisk of the Great Maw, [General] Razgul
  • Increased the prices of the upgrade scrolls at [Colosseum] Willy
  • Demonic Eye can now be salvaged to Advanced Re-Roll Dust
  • Adjusted icons and descriptions of various items
  • Adjusted the prices at [Beginner Exchange] Solaris
  • Changed custom hotkeys to work on button down instead of button up
  • Changed background of linked items
  • Changed the text message when you get debuffed to red
  • Bag duration can be stacked for up to 365 days
  • Upcut Stone, Activition, Refresher Hold and Vital Drink X duration can be stacked up to 12 hours now
  • Optimized SFX rendering
  • Party skills will now start blinking when reaching 60 seconds and are about to expire
  • Removed mail custody warning
  • Removed "5x Scroll of Amplification" from challenges shop
  • Removed Anarchy Coins from Daily/Weekly challenges
  • Removed the ability to gain EXP from all Achievements

Inventory Changes

  • With the introduction of the Personal Chest, Powerup Bag and F-Tool, the inventory layout has been changed



  • Increased the aoe radius of Psychic Square slightly
  • Increased the aoe radius of Maximum Crisis slightly


General PvP Changes

  • Anarchy Buffs are now removed in PVP areas
  • Made some changes to how powerups work
  • While invulnerable, the HP Bar is yellow (Yourself: Above your head and Status window, other: HP bar when clicked on)
  • When attacking an invulnerable target or while being invulnerable, a crit/block/miss -like "invulnerable" text will pop up
  • Increased invulnerability time from 1 to 2 seconds after teleport in Guild War
  • Disabled Element on Weapon affecting auto attack damage against players
  • Increased Hit of Penya range by 33%
  • Increased Harlequin HP scaling from 1.4 to 1.5
  • Added STA scaling to Hit of Penya
    • Now gains 25 ATK per STA
  • Decreased damage Multiplier of Hit of Penya from 52 to 50
    • These 2 changes combined essentially boil down to more damage while full sta and equal damage in full str

Royal Rumble Changes

  • Lowered the queue time from 90 to 60 seconds
  • Lowered the death time from 5 to 3 seconds
    • This means games start faster and downtime after deaths is lower for more action
  • Increased the damage of HoP Harlequin to counter all of the nerfs from removing Angel Stats, Guild Buffs etc
  • Reduced the HP of Seraphs in Tank equipment
  • Increased Asal damage of Force Masters
  • Removed the STA of the Titanbane Shield for Force Masters
  • Fixed buffs in royal rumble not being shown correctly
  • Fixed buff sfx of "old" buffs still being shown in royal rumble
  • Fixed automatically running to a target after killing it in royal rumble
  • Fixed a rare bug that could allow players to be attackable in the preparation stage of Royal rumble
  • Fixed a bug that caused characters in Royal Rumble to have more stat points than intended
  • Fixed a bug in Royal Rumble where some combat calculations would use the incorrect job


  • Fixed a bug where bought guild buffs wouldn't show the correct time
  • Fixed a bug where guild member names would not be shown correctly after a new member joined the guild
  • Fixed a bug in buy back where you sometimes could not re-buy stackable items
  • Fixed a bug where quick relog would trigger when only clicking once instead of double
  • Fixed a bug when being in "Invulnerable" state not showing the hp bar correctly
  • Fixed HP not being shown correctly in royal rumble
  • Fixed a bug where party assistant status would not be reset correctly after leaving a party
  • Fixed a bug that caused purchasable guild buffs to be disabled in Guild War (they still are in Royal Rumble)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause guild members to not be part of a guild after a server crash
  • Fixed a bug that caused characters to not gain any stat points on level 121 and 130 (If you don't have 388 available stat points at level 150, use a Re-Stat, the purple one at Gisela)
  • Fixed a bug that could give a characters more stat points than intended
  • Fixed some client crashes
  • Fixed the famous black shadow bug
  • Fixed some melee skills having slightly more range than intended
  • Fixed an issue that allowed characters below level 150 to receive solo dungeon dailies
  • Fixed some item category filters showing wrong items

Merry Christmas CW Flyffers!


We want to wish you and your families all the best, to stay healthy and keep gaming!

In the coming weeks we will have some bigger patches and I hope you are as excited as we are.


We are now partnered with Paymentwall, being able to offer more CWT purchase options like crypto currencies, mobile payments or bank transfer.


Additionally, from the 20.12.2020 00:00 (UTC+1) until 31.12.2020 23:59 (UTC+1), there will be bonus rewards on CWT purchases:


CWT goal Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3
1500 CWT

Fiery Evil Pup Mount

Brown Evil Pup Mount

Frost Evil Pup Mount

3000 CWT

Mary Pet

Ayako Pet

Cute Goat Reaper Pet

7500 CWT

Red Sakura Wings

Cleric Wings

Junnup Wings


After you purchase at least 1500 CWT, you may choose one of the three packs above. Depending on how much CWT was purchased in the given time frame, each pack contains the items listed in its column above. If you purchase more than 9000 CWT (7500+1500 CWT), you may choose another pack. Lastly, if you purchase at least 16500 CWT (7500+7500+1500 CWT), you will have access to the third three pack. 

Every pack will be given out once per account. I will message you in-game after the 31st and ask what pack(s) you would like to get. 

All rewards will be sent out in the week after the event ends. All items are purely cosmetic and tradeable.

Patch Notes 3.1.3


  • Added Angel Dust Cube.
  • Added Weapon Re-roll Dust cube.
  • Made the automatic AFK reply opt-in in options.
  • Changed the AFK reply system to use the messengers AFK state.
    • This means you decide when the AFK reply message is sent by deliberately setting your state to AFK in the E Messenger window.
  • Added [Consumable] Gisela to Kaillun Grassland.
  • Adjusted the Legendary Colosseum Reward Box chances.
  • Fixed the duration of the guild buffs from [Siege Medals Shop] Suray from 3 days to 14 days.
  • Changed some fonts, colors and outlines of texts.
  • Made some changes to shop search gui.
  • Channel indicator on shouts is now a prefix instead of a suffix.
  • Added a button to "Automatic Powerups" to activate only the current page of powerups.
    • A complete overhaul of the feature is planned.
  • Added a confirmation to teleport to Lodestar when being in colosseum.
  • Changed the text on some options and added descriptions when hovered over.


  • Re-coded how pets work internally. If you notice any weird behaviour, please tell me.
  • @Happie added more custom made angel skill sfx!


Bar Transitions

  • Added smooth transitions to most HP/MP/FP/EXP bars.
    • Added an option to disable these transitions.



  • Increased size of X-Mas presents.



  • As suggested by the community we increased the difficulty of the solo dungeons: Mysterious Garden, Ragefire Chasm and Stratholme.
    • Increased the minimum entry level to 150.
    • Increased the level of all monsters and bosses to 150.
    • Increased the walking speed of the monsters.
    • Increased the damage of the normal monsters.
    • These changes are experimental please leave feedback.



  • Added missing Giant Hunting achievements.
  • Lowered the requirements of the Achievement "Bad Presents" from 5000 to 1000 kills.



  • Increased the cooldown of Berserk to 30 seconds.

PvP Balance

  • Added 10% Melee and Range Block while in PvP Areas to the Cursed Bilari set.
  • Changed the order of the double damage hit from 2-1-1-2 to 2-1-2-1 in PvP areas (The same as in PvE areas).
  • Reduced the damage of the first hit against players by 15% (1.75x -> 1.5x).
    • PvE damage/dps is unchanged.
  • Increased the Elementor skill "Burningfield" cooldown to 0.5 seconds in PvP areas.
  • Increased the Elementor skill "Electric Shock" cooldown to 0.5 seconds in PvP areas.
  • Increased the Elementor skill "Earthquake" cooldown to 0.5 seconds in PvP areas.
  • Increased the Elementor skill "Poison Cloud" cooldown to 0.5 seconds in PvP areas.
  • Increased the Elementor skill "Windfield" cooldown to 0.5 seconds in PvP areas.
  • Added 18% increased PvP damage to Knight skill "Special Two-Handed Mastery".
    • This results in about 10% more PvP damage while using a 2 Handed weapon.


PvP system related

  • Added spawn protection on the Guild War map.
    • After you are teleported to the bottom of the arena, you are invulnerable for 1 second.
  • Removed the 4 object in the Siege Arena.
  • Removed "res points" from Guild War.
    • This change was added to promote more aggressive play and reward the guild going for kills rather than safety.
  • Reduced the maximum lineup size in Guild War from 10 to 5.
    • This means you can only line up a total of 5 players per guild.
  • While on the Guild War map, the usual guild buff is replaced by the Lv. 10 equivalent.
    • This means everyone in Siege now has the Lv. 10 Guild Buff, no matter the current guild level.
  • Removed guild buffs in Royal Rumble.
  • Removed couple buffs in Royal Rumble.


  • Fixed some item descriptions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused "Cross of Blood" to not use it's dex scaling correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that made it possible to ignore [Primal Creator] Hephaestus minions.
  • Fixed the the last spawn of "Wingnut" not moving in Mysterious Garden.
  • Fixed the server crash that occurred when restarting a channel.
  • Fixed a bug where hiding pets would not work correctly when they are transmuted.

Winter Event - Part 2

Winter Event - Part 2

09.12.2020 - 03.01.2021 23:59 UTC+1

@Kiyo drew a really cute wallpaper for you!



Winter Flaris


It's cold in Flaris, so have some snow. 



Advent calendar


Every day the server's rates are increased. Check this post for more information.



Fashion Fiesta


Get your winter boots and try to shoot the best image! Send in your screenshot with a winter/christmas theme by the 27th december in the #fashion-event channel. Winners will be chosen by the community afterwards and three winners will be picked. Each winner-picture will be rewarded with 3000 CWT! You can also participate with multiple persons or guilds, but only once per player.



Special Snowflake


You miss Cascada? I doubt it, but you can farm Golden Snowflakes at all monsters from Lv. 60-150.

Golden Snowflakes can be used to to buy several items from [Event] Noel in North Flaris. Over 50 new and exclusive items are available!

*Note: The Guild House will be enabled in the next patch, the Decorative Guild House furniture is is not useable until then.

Check out the NPCs for all items. Preview them with Shift + Click on the item!



Present Hunt


Small present boxes can be found all over Madrigal and Cascada! To open them, you need Christmas Scissors. Christmas Scissors are rewarded upon completing any dungeon.

Present boxes will drop "X-Mas Box 2020" containing:

  • Christmas Aibatt Pet
  • Present Cat Pet
  • Reindeer Sleigh Mount
  • Snowdrop Fashion Set


Evil Presents


Madrigal and Cascada were overrun by Christmas Giggleboxes! Kill them to get Golden Snowflakes or even Christmas Scissors!


Online Presents


Every two hours you are online, you will be rewarded with a "X-Mas Online Box 2020" containing:

  • Chamiru's Weapon Skins
  • Iceflake Queen Pet
  • Festive Christmas Fashion



Server Quest


Server Quests are back with more variety, a few changes and a new Anarchy buff:

Winter Spirit: +5% Penya Drop, +20% Angel Item Drop



Christmas Yetti 


Every few hours a Christmas Yetti will hide in Madrigal. Fight and kill it to activate full anarchy buffs for one hour!





A new set of 25 event achievements has been added for you to complete, rewarding you with various items and exclusive badges!

We hope you enjoy the event!

Winter Event - Part 1

Starting tomorrow we are having a Winter Event! On each day, the server rates will be boosted until the 26th December.

1. December - +5% EXP
2. December - +5% Penya
3. December - +3% Drop
4. December - +8% EXP
5. December - +8% Penya
6. December - +5% Drop
7. December - +5% EXP
8. December - +5% Penya
9. December - +3% Drop
10. December - +5% EXP
11. December - +8% Penya
12. December - +5% Drop
13. December - +8% EXP
14. December - +5% Penya
15. December - +3% Drop
16. December - +5% EXP
17. December - +5% Penya
18. December - +5% Drop
19. December - +8% EXP
20. December - +8% Penya
21. December - +5% Drop
22. December - +8% EXP
23. December - +8% Penya
24. December - +15% Drop
25. December - +25% EXP
26. December - +25% Penya

A farming event will be patched in the next days, too. Enjoy <3

Black Friday Sale

Starting now we will have a sale with many exclusive items! The sale will end on Sunday, 29th Nov 23:59 UTC+1. 

The following sales will be active:





 Weapon Skins









To thank everyone supporting the server,  there will be tiered rewards, too. The more CWT you buy, the more rewards you get.

  • Top up 300 CWT and get a Golden Charm Badge
  • Top up 1.500 CWT and get a Thanksgiving Turkey Mount


  • Top up 3.000 CWT and get Daygorra Mask Wings



  •  Top up 7.500 CWT and get a Dark Jingle Nine Tail Fox Mount


All rewards will be sent out in the following week. If you purchased more than 7.500 CWT, you are eligible for another round of rewards. All item rewards are purely cosmetic and tradeable.




* Exclusive items are exclusive for at least one year.

Patch Notes 3.1.0 - Season 2 End

Season 2 and CW server have been merged.



- Added quick access shortcuts to teleporter.

- You cannot sell items for less than 10k Penya in private shops anymore.

- Added all possible Angel Awakes to "Fast Angel's Awake" window.

- Added "Pet Stat Scroll" to the Pet Tamer for 300 CWT. It allows you to add stats (STR/STA/DEX/INT +20, Speed +10%) to your pickup pet. 

-- If your pet previously had stats (the default stats some pets have), they will be disabled and only the new stats count.

- It is now possible to choose how many powerups will be shown per row.

- Fixed a bug that occured when hiding fashion while wearing animated fashion.

- Fixed a bug that caused clients to freeze/whitescreen frequently, most notably while collecting.


User CP

Season Information

Exp Rate
Drop Rate
Penya Rate

Clockworks Information

Exp Rate
Drop Rate
Penya Rate