Q: What's happening with price bot?
A: The price bot will be disabled for season 3. Some of the reasons are: 1. It's perceived involvement in dumping prices. 2. The massive influx of players will break discords message limit, and therefore the bot. 3. The entire price history has been deleted with the burning down of our server that hosted the database for the bot.

Q: Did I understand it correctly that there is going be 9 continents in the future but only 1 (Eldeon) will be released in S3? Is there any release schedule for the other continents? Like will some of them be released during S3 and will the season be split up into multiple phases, similar to how WoW expansions work. Or is it 1 continent per season?
A: With our current schedule, season 3 will release with only one continent available. Depending on how season 3 progresses, more continents might be released during the season. As for future seasons, no set schedule is planned, but each season will probably have a new continent.

Q: Will we see a change to late game dungeon difficulty, especially concerning Seraphs being the better tanks compared to Templars (more versatile while also being able to tank every dungeon) ?
A: Our idea with Tank AI was that any character will be able to tank a dungeon, given that they have enough HP to do so. Seraphs are perceived to have, as mentioned in the question, the best kit overall for tanking purposes, given enough investment. We have changes planned to both Seraphs and Templars to make Templars a perhaps better choice for tanking in certain groups. 

Q: Would votes on the account be carried over for the season?
A: Yes. This is also true for the vote buff. We will remind everyone with an announcement 10 days before season 3 releases of this fact as well again.

Q: Is anything going to change about AFK Collectors? Especially early on, they are extremely valuable to a point where they are a must have. Will you reduce the maximum amount of collectors usable?
A: We agree. We also believe that AFK Collectors completely remove the reason for people to collect normally, as there is no way to compete with a 24/7 collecting NPC. They also invalidate the existence of batteries completely, because even though batteries are a better value, for that to be true a character would have to also collect 24/7. We decided to nerf AFK Collectors and collectors in general in two ways.
1. We reduced the collecting speed of AFK Collectors by 50%.
2. We reduced the amount of total placable collectors per channel from 6 to 3, for a total of 18 collectors.

If any questions have been left unanswered, feel free to ask them in the #season-faq-question-gathering discord channel. If they are not answered by one of the upcoming reveals, we will answer them in there.