It is time to make an announcement about the schedule of all upcoming dates, what you can expect and when to get more info. Starting April 16th, we will start releasing new information about Season 3, system changes, a balance and season manifesto, new features and full patch notes by the end of the two weeks leading up to the release on the 30th of April. The first post on April 16th will be the Season FAQ with the questions that you had and those we came up with. Additionally, we will outline how we will handle the previously known "CWT transfers" for this season.

Season 3 will be released on April 30th 18:00 CEST.

P.S: Given the hugely positive response to us adding the south east asia server, coming with Season 3 we are also adding an east coast NA server for our players overseas! So if your friends don't know yet and don't like to play on others servers with high ping, you can tell them we got their backs!

P.S.S: We will remind everyone 10 days before Season 3 releases again, but just so everyone knows, if you intend to play and have not been voting, we are not resetting the vote buff on Season 3 start. This means, if you want the full vote buff, start getting your vote streak early!