Happy Easter CW Flyffers!

We are having an event until the 11th April. You can enjoy various new activities and get various old and new items while this event lasts! 

Additionally you will benefit with a 5% EXP, 5% Penya, 5% Drop bonus from the 2nd to the 5th of April!


Easter Egg Hunt

We have hidden Golden Eggs all over Madrigal. Try to find all 40 golden easter eggs and report them in our discord in the #easter-egg-hunt channel with a screenshot! After finding all golden easter eggs we will increase the event item drop chance by 5% until the end of the event!



All monsters above level 60 will now drop Festive Easter Eggs, used to buy various new items at [Event] Randy’s shop. Randy is located in North Flaris.


World Boss

Every 4 hours you get the chance to encounter one of three dangerous world bosses. After you defeted this threat; the server will be granted the Rabbit’s Blessing Anarchy Buff. 


Rabbit’s Blessing lasts for 2 hours and gives these stats:

  • 15% Event Item drop increase
  • 5% EXP



After completing a dungeon you will be rewarded with up to 5 Festive Empty Baskets. This only works for the first 15 dungeons you clear every day!


Daily Quests

Every day you will get access to one new daily quest. After completing the tasks [Event] Randy gave you, you will be rewarded with one Festive Basket.


Cincins are invading Madrigal

Different colored Cincins will spawn all over Madrigal and they can drop Festive Empty Baskets and will drop one Festive Easter Egg Basket. Slay as many as you can to get access to even more rewards.



Enjoy up to 16 different achievements you can explore and achieve.


Server Quests

We brought back an improved version of the Server Quests! Enjoy hundreds of different ways to celebrate Easter with the community!


New CWT items

A bunch of new CWT items are now available. Items with an asterisk(*) are only available during the event.

Mythical Ticket Lava Kheldor Cloak & Lava Turtle Shield


Mythical Ticket Queen of the Bunnies & King of the Bunnies *

Mythical Ticket - Yellow Blue Eye Kitten

Mythical Ticket - Princess Alpaca

Happy Circus Director & Ayaka *

Easter Costume Set & Easter Nitro Set *



We hope you enjoy this event!