Hi Clockworks Players,

today we are celebrating the 4 year anniversary of Clockworks Flyff. We want to thank you all for playing the game, being here in good and bad times and for your support. Without you this would not be the place it is. <3


Today, we are going to have multiple events:

  • Increased rates: +25% EXP, +10% Penya, +10% Drop
  • Almost 24 hours of Anarchy buffs
  • A special CWT sale with a bonus reward
  • GM Events all day long, whenever we have time

Tetris wrote some trivia about the past of CW, I added it to the end of this post. 

We hope you enjoy this small special day.





Everyone who purchases more than 1500 CWT will receive Clockwork Wings in the following days!



Clockworks Flyff Lore - Lidl Edition

Year: 2016 till now

  • Vladi, Sedrika and Tetris work on the last iteration of Lunaria Flyff mid 2016
  • dies because of dupes and shit
  • Chapstick asks on Epvp for someone to create a Siege server for him
  • Vladi answers the call
  • After a while, project becomes bigger
  • Vladi adds Sedrika and Tetris to work on the project
  • Chapsticks original idea of a server focused on p2w and savage wilds (his favourite dungeon) get reworked into the 1.0 version of CW
  • CW releases on 3rd March 2017 with a personal record of over 700+ players in the first week
  • Funny release bug: chars had wrong stats, first and only wipe after 20 minutes
  • becomes no. 1 server on GTOP for a while, competing with Insanity and Magma
  • ~~boring stuff~~
  • First expansion: Attack of Deathwing - 150 sets and jewelry in April 2017
  • Last touches basically happened in the last 24 hours
  • huge success
  • ~~boring stuff~~
  • Second expansion: Return of the Angels around in June 2017
  • Took longer than expected due to being bigger than previous projects
  • Also very well received, has seen barely any changes till today
  • ~~boring stuff~~
  • Third expansion: Asmodan’s Trials around end of 2017
  • ~~boring stuff~~
  • Planning of a PvP update by Sedrika while the rest begin work on the season concept
  • Months of delay because of the PVP update that got scrapped in the end
  • Sedrika had to leave the team in April 2018
  • Big sadness
  • Mentus joins us briefly, creates the record book and dungeon entry
  • Leaves as quickly as he came, now around August 2018
  • Still working on season update
  • Keep adding more and more things
  • Server meanwhile drops to 0 players because of no meaningful updates in months
  • No problem, this is the real story of No Man’s Sky, just work and release a good patch
  • Chapstick dragging his feet
  • lots of time pass by
  • Season launches in January 2020 more than one year later than originally planned
  • Release to over 1.8k player peak
  • Huge lag spikes because Windows Power Saving mode 
  • Update well received, a bit rough around the edges
  • Found a concept that is new to Flyff but still works, while also capturing the needs of both permanent and temporary players
  • End of season 1
  • Working on concept for season 2
  • Debating what systems to remove, improve or leave untouched
  • Thinking about new things to add
  • Creating a lot of things that never see the light of day
  • Chapstick availability and will to work dwindling further, depressing the rest of us
  • Again, working on stuff in basically the last few days
  • Releasing a way to small season content wise at least no lags this time :pog:
  • 2.8k player peak :poggers:
  • People more familiar with the content, already know how to use and abuse everything
  • Despite nerfed drop rates, they are still to high
  • Many adjustments mid season to all kinds of things
  • Chapstick stops responding to our messages
  • Vladi and Tetris uncertain of cw future
  • Work in the background non-stop to secure everything so players don’t notice
  • Write an information post about Chapstick, what has already happened and how everything will go forward
  • Promote Jugachi to Head-Gamemaster and teach him how to work on flyff
  • End season 2 without releasing blairs castle or guild clash
  • Work out a concept for season 3 and what to release until that update
  • Release several qol things for inventory management, background improvements
  • Release clash
  • you are here
  • Season 3 will be released in around 2 month
  • lots of new stuff planned