Guild Clash

We are happy to announce that Guild Clash is now live!

Guild Clash introduces a new PvE and PvP experience to all our glorious adventurers. Up to eight guilds can show their skills of destroying their opponents statues while simultaneously defending your own! If all three statues of a guild are destroyed, that guild loses. The last guild to survive wins!

Every participating guild will be granted access to their new guild house. Inside your guild house you are able to place guild furniture to strengthen your guild.


Similar to Guild Siege, the winning guild obtains a crown right next to their names! The MvP of Clash also gets a new and unique MvP Badge to show of their insane skills. You can have both crowns and both MvPs at the same time.


Guild Clash is held every Saturday at 6 PM (UTC+1, server time) and replaces the Guild Siege on that day.

More information: Clash Guide


Daily Quests

We heard you miss Cascada and added Daily Quests!

Everyday [Daily Quest] Maki, who is located in North Flaris, will grant you one Daily Quest which you can complete. After completing the quest you go back to him and he will reward you with Daily Quest Tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for various items in his shop. All Daily Quests will reset at 00:00 (UTC+1, server time).



  • Optimized loading times when equipping items.
  • Added a delay to titan auctions of one second to prevent accidental bids. 
    • If the current bid is 50% higher than the last bid, a warning will be issues and the delay increased to two seconds.
    • If we find anyone tricking others to pay higher prices with fake bids, we will take action.
  • Reworked the GM Events NPC.
  • Added some text to the mail box specifying that mails have a 30 day expiration date.
  • Increased element glow when having old glow applied
  • Added missing icons of items.
  • Shops will now additionally to the items and prices, remember the title after re-connecting.
  • Added Spacesuit Set for 50m Penya to [Fashion] Jacky.
  • The buffpang will now give you your Angel Skill selfbuffs if possible at their current level



  • Adjusted Bloody Wand Stats: Increased DCT by 5%
  • Adjusted Titanbane Wand Stats: Increased DCT by 5%
  • Adjusted Blessed Mentalist Jewelry Stats: Added 15% DCT
  • Angel Skill "Bloodletting" is now a selfbuff
  • Significantly decreased the cast time of "Earth Splitter" and "Cyclone"
    • This should put the cast time of these skills on par with "Ruada Balajenda" (AoE gathering skills)



  • Fixed some Achievement names.
  • Fixed text errors for Rainbow Race.
  • Fixed a bug where the stat text in the pet status window was misaligned in the german and french translation.
  • Fixed a bug that caused atk speed from legacy beads to be shown in the pet tooltip.
  • Fixed a visual glich in equipment view.
  • Fixed a bug with custom hotkeys not correctly working.
  • Fixed a bug in petfilter lists where you couldn't scroll down.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters wouldn't lose their target when you die.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause players to gain exp while dead
  • Fixed a bug that would allow players to be revived when leveling up while being dead
  • Fixed a bug that could cause dead players to be teleported
  • Made it so pets have the same speed as the character while walking (x)
  • Fixed all problems with SEA. It should now fully work