Patch Notes 3.1.7


  • Changed the Love Bear drop from dungeons:
    • Normal dungeons: 100-150 Love Bears
    • Solo dungeons: 50-100 Love Bears
    • Event dungeon: 200-300 Love Bears
    • Normal and solo dungeons can give a reward 15 times per person per day.
    • Event dungeon can give a reward 5 times per person per day.
  • Changed cloaks to not be skins, but they will be soul-bound once equipped 



  • Increased spawn density in Bahara Desert
  • Added Sewer Rat Mount to [Station] Dior
  • Added some new cute cloaks to [Fashion] Jenny 
  • Added Giant versions of the Cascada monsters to Cascada
    • You can find them only in normal Cascada and their name is "Nightmare <Monster name>
    • They can drop a Baby version of themselves
    • Added 11 new achievements for the pet versions
  • Reworked the Rainbow Race Boxes to be more worth to participate
  • Added a reward for 2nd and 3rd place to Rainbow Race



  • Fixed a bug where switching the element of your weapon would not update for other users.
  • Fixed a bug where linked items would be shown incorrectly when using dark themes
  • Fixed a bug where Unbinding scrolls would not work
  • Fixed "Earth Splitter" and "Sky Splitter" having a longer cast time than intended


Patch Notes

  • Monstrous Cascada monsters now count as 4 monsters towards the "Endless Pursuit" counter
  • Removed Tank AI from Cascada Giants
  • Made all Cascada Giants Aggro
    • They should be easier to spot now. The aggro range should also be relatively small, so avoiding combat with them should not be a problem.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Blessing of the Wise Man to not remove all debuffs correctly
  • Fixed Cascada giants not being visible on the minimap
  • Fixed some hitboxes of monsters in Ankou's Asylum
  • Fixed equipped title resetting after a server restart