Fashion Event

Valentines day! Hold your partner tight and say CHEESE! We're looking for the cutest photo of our Clockwork couples!

From now until the 28th of February, post a screenshot of you and a partner into the channel #fashion-event 

All information regarding the participation and rewards can be found inside the channel.


Rainbow Race

A new fun game mode is now available for you: Rainbow Race

Every Saturday and Sunday you have the chance to participate in the Rainbow Race. 

During the Rainbow Race you have to travel through Madrigal to find the seven game instructors. 

Every instructor has their own unique task you need to complete. 

The tasks can range from Rock, Paper, Scissors to Fast Typer.

The first person to find and complete all seven tasks will be the Rainbow Race winner!

On Saturday the race begins at 3PM (UTC+8) and the Sunday race begins at 3PM (UTC+1) on the Activities channel.

You have to apply one hour before the race begins at the Rainbow Race NPC located in Darkon City!

Happy racing and goodluck!


Royal Rumble

  • Removed the STA from Titanbane Shield to balance out the hybrid playstyle


  • Added Lifetime achievements
    •  Lifetime achievements can't be completed. These are more like statistics for various tasks.
    • Example: How many monsters you have killed or how much penya you have farmed and many more.
  • Added new 280 quest item achievements
  • Added a new category Personal Chest with 8 achievements
  • Added 3 new tutorial achievements
  • Added 10 new achievements regarding daily/weekly challenges
  • Added 20 achievements for the new game mode Rainbow Race
  • Removed 5 Pet Hunting achievements that were not obtainable
    • Rearranged the order of the Pet Hunting category
  • Fixed the requirement of the achievement "Hot Ddukguk Addict" 
  • Fixed the requirement of the achievement "Boss Hearts III"
  • Fixed the requirement of the achievements "Gambler I" to "Gambler V"


  • Added one new emote to the game
  • Added 3 new female fashions to the Siege NPC
    • These fashions will have "All Stat +20" as their set effect.
  • The command /GuildPurgeInactive now has a minimum offline time of 1 day instead of 7 days to kick inactive guild members.
    • It can now only kick Rookie rank members
  • Added Jewel & Dices Manager to the Guildwar Arena
  • Added Dark Nurse Set (F) to [Fashion] Jacky for 50m Penya
  • Added Spy Set (M) to [Fashion] Jacky for 50m Penya
  • Disabled the message window that pops up when prompted to chose a teleport position for the first time in guild siege
  • Added a description to all monster cards. This makes it easier for players to understand how they work.
  • Added a specification to the [Box] Divine Orb of Material Drop (7 days)
  • Replaced the Dark Devil's Cloaks Courage/Fear/Magic chance boxes to be Mythical Tickets.
  • Added the Dragon King Sets as a Replica for 500VP into the NPC [Fashion] Jacky
    • A replica is just the raw skin without the set effects
  • Premium status can now be stacked up to 30 days
  • Added custom shortcuts to F-Tool keys to enable/disable certain slots.
  • It is now possible to use Re-Stat from your bag
  • It is now possible to use Scroll of Element Change from your bag
  • Removed all item cooldowns in Testing Grounds
  • Removed the collision of the small flowers in Sky Forest
  • Added missing icons for various items



  • Removed 12% Melee and Range Block from Blessed Arcanist Jewelry
  • Added 12% Melee and Range Block in PvP areas to Blessed Lipinn Set 
    • This change was made to prevend hybrid arcanists in pvp areas to have even more block rate than in their tank eq
    • It is also a nerf in PvE scenarios, from 42% to 30%
  • Disabled the skill "Templar's Call" in PvP areas
  • Disabled the skill "Drawing" in PvP areas
  • Disabled the skill "Strongwind" in PvP areas
  • Disabled the skill "Pulling" in PvP areas
  • Disabled the skill "Psychic Wall" in PvP areas
    • All of these skills change the position of players, which is annoying to play against and might cause issues with positions when having a high ping
  • Reverted the Harlequin buffs from Patch Notes 3.1.4 but kept the HP scaling


  • Fixed a bug where the Action Slot icon could only be moved once
  • Fixed a bug that caused skills with cooldowns to not be skipped in the action slot
  • Fixed a bug that caused the action slot in Royal Rumble to cast spells of your character outside of Royal Rumble
  • Fixed a bug caused caused a skill to use the wrong range if used after a skill with a cooldown in the action slot in pvp areas
  • Fixed time being displayed incorrectly in the J window
  • Fixed some no-move zone placings in Blessing/Curse of Deathwing
  • Fixed a bug that could cause F-Tool to stop using food
  • Fixed /GuildInvite not working sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where custom hotkeys would not trigger sometimes
  • Fixed a lot of icons being wrong or missing
  • Fixed a bug where a Guild Leader had to be in the line up for Asmodan's Trial
  • Fixed a bug that caused Re-Stat to not work, when your inventory was closed
  • Fixed a bug where skinned items would be sold in Quick Sell 
  • Fixed some texts