Valentines Event 2021

14.02.2021 - 28.02.2021


Valentines Weekend buff

Every weekend during the valentines event you will experience various daily buffs.

Starting on Valentines day you get a 10% Drop bonus! 

  • Friday: 10% EXP
  • Saturday: 5% Penya
  • Sunday: 10% Drop


Lovely Bears

All monsters from Lv. 60-150 will now drop Lovely Bears .

Lovely Bear can be used to buy several items, ranging from Cloaks*, Fashion*, Skin*s to Mounts*, from [Goddess of Love] Hera in North Flaris.


Mystical Castle

Legend has it monsters have been residing for hundreds of years in the Mystical Castle.

They're protecting one of the biggest treasures the castle has to offer: "Lovely Bears"

Do you have what it takes to fight these monsters of various difficulty?

(You have five entries to this dungeon per day. Upon completion you will receive 200-300 Lovely Bears.)


Server Quests

Valentines Event is a time where you are helping your partner and do various activities together. Complete the Server Quests and get rewarded with Anarchy buffs.

The top 10 participants for each task will receive a special "Participation Bonus" buff.


Event Achievements

A new set of 16 event achievements has been added for you to complete, rewarding you with various items and exclusive badges!


Mythical Tickets

New event exclusive Mythical Tickets were added:

  • Love Fusion Kheldor Cloak
  • Golden Crescent Moon Mount
  • Silver Cresent Moon Mount
  • Love Queen Mount



We hope you enjoy this little event!


* Items are exclusive for one year.