Hey! This patch includes a lot of core changes to the flyff code, that could lead to many instabilities like crashes, disconnects or frame drops.

If you encouter problems, please let me know so I can look into it.

Once this patch is stable, I will add another patch with some new content. 


Networking changes

  • Rewrote a lot of the networking code between the client and servers
  • This should reduce lags, as it balances out the traffic between servers
  • Added a fifth channel specific for the SEA region
    • The server is located in Singapore 
    • There might be issues with logging in, disconnecting or using Quick Relog sometimes. Please let me know if you encounter any problems

Personal Chest

  • Introducing the Personal Chest, a better alternative to the old fashioned bank
  • You can find "Personal Chest" NPCs next to most office NPCs 
    • If you have an active premium scroll, you can access the chest through your inventory
  • The chest can be used for items of all kinds and offers two different views: grid and list
  • It can filter items by name, category, level, sex and job, making it easy to find the item you are looking for
  • Every character gets 100 slots for free, but you can increase the size of the chest to up to 500 slots for CWT(edited)

Powerup Bag

  • Introducing the Powerup Bag: A dedicated bag just for your powerups 
  • You can store up to 100 stacks of powerups in this new bag 
  • It is accessible through a new button in the inventory
  • The Auto-Powerup feature integrates the powerups from this bag

In-game F-Tool

  • Added an in-game F-Tool
  • Just like the external program, it can press buttons for you automatically
  • You can change between the different applet bars and set a delay (in ms) between execution
  • It can be found in Start > Features > F-Tool or through a new inventory button

Daily/Weekly Special

  • Discontinuation of daily/weekly specials for an undetermined time
    • While weekly special sales are in fact a good thing, they achieved the complete opposite of what we wanted to achieve: 
    • Instead of seeing these sales as a bonus, the general mind saw it as mandatory, expecting better and better sales and rendering the normal shop to be "not worth"

Equip Switch

  • Recoded a big part of the Equip Switch feature
  • If you move items from inventory to bag, they will now stay in your Switch
  • Fixed a bug where you would be able to save the same weapon twice 
  • Fixed a lot of bugs causing saving to fail
    • Due to these changes all old configurations had to be deleted


  • Inventory Search works for items in the bag aswell
  • Added Beginner Chips Cube to [Exchange] Reonan
  • Added new item category filters for Orbs, Wings and more
  • Added option to hide your own pets
  • Added option to hide titan FPS warning
  • Added smooth blend in of players and monsters
  • Added Purple Furniture (7 Days) to [Colosseum] Willy
  • Added Purple, Blue and Yellow Balloon to [Consumables] Gisela
  • Added an indicator to the HP bar of monsters, if you have [Ultimate] Kheldor Card active
  • Added a new tab in the post box separating system and personal mails
  • Added badges for characters created during a specific season
    • Badges will be placed inside your inventory
  • Added a small chance to drop Angelic Bead Shards from World Bosses
    • Iblis' Perpetrator, Guan Yu Heavyblade, Chief Keokuk, Basilisk of the Great Maw, [General] Razgul
  • Increased the prices of the upgrade scrolls at [Colosseum] Willy
  • Demonic Eye can now be salvaged to Advanced Re-Roll Dust
  • Adjusted icons and descriptions of various items
  • Adjusted the prices at [Beginner Exchange] Solaris
  • Changed custom hotkeys to work on button down instead of button up
  • Changed background of linked items
  • Changed the text message when you get debuffed to red
  • Bag duration can be stacked for up to 365 days
  • Upcut Stone, Activition, Refresher Hold and Vital Drink X duration can be stacked up to 12 hours now
  • Optimized SFX rendering
  • Party skills will now start blinking when reaching 60 seconds and are about to expire
  • Removed mail custody warning
  • Removed "5x Scroll of Amplification" from challenges shop
  • Removed Anarchy Coins from Daily/Weekly challenges
  • Removed the ability to gain EXP from all Achievements

Inventory Changes

  • With the introduction of the Personal Chest, Powerup Bag and F-Tool, the inventory layout has been changed



  • Increased the aoe radius of Psychic Square slightly
  • Increased the aoe radius of Maximum Crisis slightly


General PvP Changes

  • Anarchy Buffs are now removed in PVP areas
  • Made some changes to how powerups work
  • While invulnerable, the HP Bar is yellow (Yourself: Above your head and Status window, other: HP bar when clicked on)
  • When attacking an invulnerable target or while being invulnerable, a crit/block/miss -like "invulnerable" text will pop up
  • Increased invulnerability time from 1 to 2 seconds after teleport in Guild War
  • Disabled Element on Weapon affecting auto attack damage against players
  • Increased Hit of Penya range by 33%
  • Increased Harlequin HP scaling from 1.4 to 1.5
  • Added STA scaling to Hit of Penya
    • Now gains 25 ATK per STA
  • Decreased damage Multiplier of Hit of Penya from 52 to 50
    • These 2 changes combined essentially boil down to more damage while full sta and equal damage in full str

Royal Rumble Changes

  • Lowered the queue time from 90 to 60 seconds
  • Lowered the death time from 5 to 3 seconds
    • This means games start faster and downtime after deaths is lower for more action
  • Increased the damage of HoP Harlequin to counter all of the nerfs from removing Angel Stats, Guild Buffs etc
  • Reduced the HP of Seraphs in Tank equipment
  • Increased Asal damage of Force Masters
  • Removed the STA of the Titanbane Shield for Force Masters
  • Fixed buffs in royal rumble not being shown correctly
  • Fixed buff sfx of "old" buffs still being shown in royal rumble
  • Fixed automatically running to a target after killing it in royal rumble
  • Fixed a rare bug that could allow players to be attackable in the preparation stage of Royal rumble
  • Fixed a bug that caused characters in Royal Rumble to have more stat points than intended
  • Fixed a bug in Royal Rumble where some combat calculations would use the incorrect job


  • Fixed a bug where bought guild buffs wouldn't show the correct time
  • Fixed a bug where guild member names would not be shown correctly after a new member joined the guild
  • Fixed a bug in buy back where you sometimes could not re-buy stackable items
  • Fixed a bug where quick relog would trigger when only clicking once instead of double
  • Fixed a bug when being in "Invulnerable" state not showing the hp bar correctly
  • Fixed HP not being shown correctly in royal rumble
  • Fixed a bug where party assistant status would not be reset correctly after leaving a party
  • Fixed a bug that caused purchasable guild buffs to be disabled in Guild War (they still are in Royal Rumble)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause guild members to not be part of a guild after a server crash
  • Fixed a bug that caused characters to not gain any stat points on level 121 and 130 (If you don't have 388 available stat points at level 150, use a Re-Stat, the purple one at Gisela)
  • Fixed a bug that could give a characters more stat points than intended
  • Fixed some client crashes
  • Fixed the famous black shadow bug
  • Fixed some melee skills having slightly more range than intended
  • Fixed an issue that allowed characters below level 150 to receive solo dungeon dailies
  • Fixed some item category filters showing wrong items