Twitch Rewards are here!

From now until the end of time, streaming our server will get you some awesome goodies! These include Twitch exclusive badges and fashion!

How do I get these rewards?

Stream our server for a minimum of 4 hours and with a title including our servers website []. Make sure your characters name is visible, as we'll be sending you it directly to that account!

Do these items provide bonuses?

No, these items are purely for cosmetic display only.

What if I stream on multiple characters?

Contact us through Discord and we'll be happy to send your Twitch pack to any character of your liking. However, you have to conclusively prove that you own the character and actively use it in your streams.

When do I get my reward?

Message us with a link to your channel and we'll send you the rewards! They'll appear in either your inventory (if you're online) or mail box, so keep an eye out!

Are these rewards soul-linked?

Yes, these rewards are soul-linked, along with the box itself. The contents and box are not tradeable.