Patch Notes 3.0.4


Premium Shop

- Added Blue Crystal weapon skins to [Weapon Skins] Judy for 300 CWT

- Added 23 new motions available at [Dance Instructor] Georgia. These motions are only available for CWT.

- Added Shadowmaster Set (M/F) to [Perin Merchant] Wafor for 750CWT. This set is also available at Pang's Merchant on level 80-Master.

- Added Famous Cheerleader Set (F), and Cheerleader Set (F) to [Fashion] Jacky NPC for 150CWT each.




- Furniture time can be stacked up to 28 days now.

- Furniture items are stackable in inventory now.

- You won't be kicked out of Trials lineup if you leave during the "Join" state.

- Added [Clockworks Flyff] Buff Helper to Asmodans Trials first room.

- Applied new prices to FWC Cloaks in [GM Events] Heather.

- Normalized 125, 130 and 150 set names for male and female.

- Moved the HP that is visible when Premium is active on top of the monster HP bar.

- Increased the delay between attacks of Treetrypy to match the attack speed of Armondonite Hunter.

- Increased the chance to get a Hematite-Soaked Creation Stone as a drop from [Primal Creator] Hephaestus significantly.

- Reverted the pet info window placement change.


Achivement Fix

-- If you are missing an achivement that you already fulfilled the requirements for, open a Ticket.

-- This includes all achivements that have tasks that are and stay fulfilled at any given time, such as couple level, angel rank etc.


Ragefire Chasm

- Re-did all of Ragefire Chasm. This means:

-- Updated no-move zones

-- Updated Monster Locations

-- Updated ground levels

-- It should now be very difficult to get stuck in places that can end your run. Any bridge/jumping place can be recovered from if fallen down to.


Sky Forest

- Updated Sky Forest Teleporter picture.

- Overhauled Sky Forest completely

-- This is an old patch note that we just never wrote down, so we thougth it'd be a good idea to do that. Better late than never lol.

- Updated statue model

- Increased statue hp from 4.5m to 20m

- Changed statue element to earth to match the rest of the dungeon.

-- Thanks to @PrijnceTV  for the map


Snowy Peaks

- Overhauled Snowy Peaks completely

- Updated map layout and statue model

- Reduced statue hp from 38m to 20m

- Changed statue element to earth to match the rest of the dungeon.

-- Thanks to @PrijnceTV  for the map


Guild War

- Increased the War Time for Siege from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

- Added [Angel Shop] Gabriella to the Guild War arena.

- Changed no-walk zones in Guild War Arena:

-- Before:

-- After:



- Disabled Psykeeper "Crucio Spell" damage reflect against players.

- Changed Asal formula, it now looks like this:

- For anyone not interested in math: 

-- Higher damage in full sta, same damage in full str.

- Cursed Heraus Set: Adjusted Stats: Added: 10% Ranged Block, Reduced: 30% Ranged Block in PvP -> 20% Ranged Block in PvP.

-- No change in PvP, 10% more Ranged Block Rate in PvE.

- Updated [Ultimate] Kalgas Card effect: Now only provides a 5% damage boost against Players. The 20% damage boost against Monsters is untouched.



- Fixed the skill description for Shrouded Thoughts.

- Fixed the level 2 and 3 skill effects of Fast Swings being switched.

- Fixed an issue that caused level 2 Endless Pursuit to root yourself.

- Fixed bank issues.

- Added a check to titan auction reducing the possibility to place wrong bids.

- Fixed some buggy texutres in Craft of Hephaestus.

- Fixed some objects being clickable/not clickable in Craft of Hephaestus.

- Fixed Bahara Desert quest items not being usable for guild exp.

- Fixed a bug causing pixelated fashion.

- Fixed a bug where collectors would get "stuck".

- Fixed Giant Hunter III requirement from 50 to 100 Giants..

- Fixed Samba Set (M) being replaced by another box.

- Fixed some item descriptions.

- Fixed a bug that prevented Hematite-Soaked Creation Stones to be awarded as personal drops from Titans correctly.

- Fixed a bug that would make monsters in Snowy Peaks and Sky Forest mainly  use their ranged attacks.

- Fixed some item descriptions.

- Fixed a bug in the german version where the "Beende x dungeon y times" task requirement would continuously rise.

- Fixed a bug where the action slot wouldn't be working after using Cursed Mind.

- Fixed the skill icons of Bloodletting and Shrouded Thoughts.

- Fixed a bug that caused skills with cooldowns to be used in the action slot.

-- Any skills with cooldowns in action slots are now skipped and a message appears on the screen to remind a player.

- Fixed some achivement requirements.

- Fixed Angel Skill "Bloodletting" not scaling it's damage with additional Skill levels.