Premium Shop

  • It is now possible to buy CWT directly with your Credit Card. The same bonuses as paying with PayPal are provided.


Donator of the Month Rewards July

Special Premium Reward

  • A new premium reward is available! Purchase a Scroll of Premium (28 Days) from Gisela and recieve a FREE Baby Foxie! This pet is purely cosmetic, and can be skinned on top of an existing pet!

Stratholme Dungeon

  • Stratholme has received a complete overhaul with a new layout, models, objects and monsters.
  • Added 5 new monster types and 6 new bosses
  • The bosses drop their respective baby pet versions
    • Thanks to @inc_PrijnceTV for putting his heart and soul into it

Party Changes

  • Rewrote a big part of EXP calculation of parties. The main difference you will notice is that parties will always level up whenever possible - no "1235% exp" anymore. Also EXP required after Party Lv. 500 is always the same and not increasing exponentially anymore.
  • Made some changes to the Party window. It will now correctly display the action you are about to do, when you are trying to kick a member.
  • Recoded how the "Shield" party skill works. It is now possible to stack the time as well. The bonus of 5% PvE Damage reduction is still the same.
  • Fixed a bug where party points would appear as 0 when someone joins the party.
  • Fixed a bug where you would not be able to click on party members in the party window.


  • Dropped orbs are stackable now. They are packed in a box now, which can be opened.
  • Removed ATK Speed Orbs from the drop table.
  • You can use emotes in chat now by rightclicking the emote
  • @Jugachi added a new theme: Vintage
  • Changed Titan Auction bidding requirements: The minimum bet before was 10% more than the last bid. It was changed to 10% of the initial price to have a linear price increase.
  • Added upgrade level to shop search items
  • Added /rr command to open the Royal Rumble window for all of you who can't click on Start -> Features :unamused:
  • Added "/channel playername" command to check on what channel a user is
  • Added Superhero M/F Sets to NPC Jacky for 50m ea
  • Reworked the Couple window a bit to show more information
  • Changed some mount sizes. If you'd like a mount to be increased/decreased in size, please post it in #mount_size
  • Decreased data that is sent to the client upon login
  • Changed the maximum amount of buyable items with chips/tokens/medals/etc to 9999 
  • Removed EXP Scrolls from Daily/Weekly rewards if you are AR100.
  • You can use the buff pang while collecting without stopping to collect now
  • Doubleclicking a player in your party window opens the /say window
  • The first character selection page will be skipped when logging in and there are no characters on the first page
  • Removed the penya fee of getting items from old mails


  • Fixed a bug that would cause HP desync for other players after using some items
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to bypass character exp sharing limitations
  • Fixed a bug that would show duplicated titles and/or equip switch
  • Fixed animation stutter of moving pets
  • Fixed random invisible barriers in Madrigal
  • Fixed some borders on Traseia and Dark Traseia causing monsters to get stuck