Patch Notes 2.2.2  

Titan Auction

  • Updated Titan Auction
    • Removed Blood-soaked and Titanium-soaked Creation Stones
    • Added Hematite-soaked Stone
    • Hematite-soaked Stone can be used in exchange for both Bloodbane and Titanbane Weapons
    • We hope this change helps normalize prices for the stones, as the drop rate effectively doubled 

Party Finder

  • The Party Finder was changed to work across all channels. You can join any party, on any channel through it.
  • Full parties will not be shown anymore
  • The Party window was slightly changed. You can move members up and down now without kicking and re-inviting them

Check Load

  • Added "Check Load" feature for ticket areas, Cascada and Neo Cascada. You can see where people are on the channels. 


  • Changed the way auto attacks with 2 weapons work
    • Before when damage was calculated, in the 4 attack combo, attacks 2 and 4 would get the benefit of both weapons (left and right)
    • This benefit has been switched to be added to the 1st and 3rd hit
    • DPS wise nothing changes, but the effect is that farming as a Slayer is easier (More damage on the first hit, leading to 1 hitting monsters) while also pushing them in a PvP perspective (shorter trades are possible)
    • Depending on the outcome, further changes might be made.
    • In some testing penya gain increased around 16% per hour.
  • Adjusted "Curio/Curena Set" Effect: Added HP Rate: 25%


  • Improved rendering performance
  • Disabled "Daily Challenge Notification" for everyone. You can enable it in options again, if you want.
  • Fixed Cloak of United Swords positioning on male characters
  • Fixed some textures