Patch 2.1.3


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  • Added Easter Event 2020 - More information shortly.
  • Added Anime Face Masks to [Fashion] Jenny
  • Added Fury Ghost NPC. He will sell Fury Ghost CS Sets and Dark Skull Skins :slight_smile:
  • Added new achievements to obtain Colosseum Tokens
  • Added "Sorcerers Exchange" menu to Collector NPCS
  • Decreased viewing distance of monster names
  • Decreased amount of Jump Daily Challenges drastically
  • Removed damage numbers on invisible targets
  • Optimized Client startup and Badge rendering
  • Added Angel Coin boxes to "Angel" petfilter setting



  • Reworked the way block is calculated in PvP scenarios
    • Dex and level are not a factor in the block calculation anymore
    • Block shown in your H window is now the actual block rate you have against enemies (except if they have block reducing effects)
  • Relics that have been removed with the new changes:
    • Pan Barrier is functional again in PvP (technically)
    • Templar block is not capped at 50% anymore
    • Ranged attacks against Templar don't have a 30% penetration rate anymore
    • Ranged attacks against Crackshooters don't have a 18% penetration rate anymore
    • Melee attacks against Acrobats don't have a 30% penetration rate anymore
  • With the new way block is calculacted in PvP scenarios, all sets have received a rework to their set effects to reflect those changes
    • For now to get a baseline for everyone, every set 150 has been adjusted so everyone has 35% Melee Block and 50% Ranged Block in dmg equipment and 50% Melee Block and 65% Ranged Block
    • After getting feedback, these numbers will change on a class to class and dmg to tank basis
    • For all feedback on this, please use the #âš”balance_discussion channel!



  • Fixed a bug where a wrong weekly offer would be shown
  • Fixed a bug with Colosseum Easy Mode achievements
  • Fixed a bug where couples would still be "online" after a channel crashed
  • Fixed a bug that caused the drop rate of "Guan Yu Heavyblade" to be much lower than intended introduced in patch 2.1.2
  • Fixed a bug that caused the drop rate of "Iblis' Perpetrator" to be much lower than intended introduced in patch 2.1.2
  • Fixed Hera Hoverbike model
  • The achievement "Attempt the Cursed Aminus Dungeon." was changed to "Clear Cursed Aminus Dungeon.". It now works in Colosseum, too.
  • The achievement "Defeat Red Meteonyker 50 times." works in Colosseum now
  • Fixed achievements "Kill X players in the Siege Arena overall"
  • Fixed achievements "Obtain a killing Spree of X without dying in a Siege."
  • Fixed achievements "Kill X players in a single Siege Match"
  • Fixed a visual bug showing multiple spawned CS Pets
  • Fixed a bug that caused block reduction effects (Silverwing Card, Blade Berserk) to reduce enemy block % wise instead of being a total reduction
  • Fixed achievement "Chasing that Awakening" not working with Scroll of Superior Awakening
  • Fixed a bug in Model Viewer that would not show your transmuted items
  • Fixed a visual bug that would not correctly pass lead of parties to players on other channels