Patch 2.0.8


Hi, this patch might seem small, but I've done a lot of "under the hood" work, which will hopefully decrease the lags.



- Premium (28day) Monthly Reward #2 is now available! Enjoy a FREE Fire Fox pet with your premium scroll. You can purchase this bundle from [Consumables] Gisela.


- Dungeon Entries will now be restored after a server restart. This is needed due to the frequent patches/crashes. We can not reset Entries after crashes anymore.

- Optimized some server-side things to reduce lags.

- Hide and Seek NPCs will only spawn in Madrigal now.



- Fixed a bug where Elementor Masteries wouldn't increase damage of skills.

- Fixed a bug where "Increased PvE Damage" wouldn't work properly.

- Fixed a bug where "Damage Reduction" wouldn't work properly.

- Fixed a bug where Weekly challenges would reset upon login. 

- Fixed a bug where you would tasks in Weekly/Daily challenges with a requirement of 0. If you still have one, message me on Discord with your character name and I can reset your Daily/Weekly challenges.

- Fixed a bug where +3 items wouldn't be recognized in Quick Sell.

- Fixed a bug where you wouldn't be able to create Hephaestus Shields/Books

- Fixed a bug that caused some mail to be undeletable.


- Disabled the Record Book again, as it's still a buggy mess and I didn't touch it yet.