- Added Purple Furniture (7 Days) - This Furniture set is 60% the power of Blue Furniture Sets, and is available from the Clockworks Chip NPC Leon in both individual parts and box

- Added new 11 Achievements for PvE Cascada Hunter Achievements

- Added "Claim All" button to Achievements

- Added Fashion NPC Jacky besides Fashion Jenny NPC, he will contain new CS sets and ones that weren't released previously for CWT/Penya


- Increased max amount of guilds participating in Guild War to 15

- Increased the amount of "Scroll of Amplification" purchased from 3 to 5 per 100VP

- Increased the amount of Empty Scrolls required for creating Unbinding scrolls from 10 to 25, Reroll Dice from 10 to 15, and Angel Amplifications from 10 to 15.

- Significantly increased quantity of items received from daily challenge boxes


- Decreased "Scroll of Holy" cooldown from 4 seconds to 2.8 seconds (for now, more experimental changes coming if needed)

- Decreased "Carvi" and "Monstrous Carvi" model size by 20%

- Decreased "Purple Dragon (Skin)" pet size


- Removed max teleport amount limitation in Deathwing dungeons

- Removed Free Style Set as a CWT CS Set (If anyone purchased it message us and we will refund you the CWT)

- Removed cooldown of restats

- Removed objects from the middle of Siege map


- Moved all mass player activities to channel 4 - activities. Namely, Royal Rumble, Asmodans Trials, Guild Siege and Titans, HnS NPCs 

- All Vendor/Shop sales will be sent via mail now (to avoid player confusion about lost items)

- Auto-Powerups will be disabled when being AFK

- Buff Pang in Guild War will now give you Seraph/Force Master buffs if there is a Seraph/Force Master with more than 0 lifes in your lineup

- In PvP areas Arcanists will recieve 1h versions of their "Element Mastery" buffs that do not get replaced when casting a spell (they get removed after leaving arena/royal rumble/guild war)(Bearbeitet)


Craft of Hephaestus:

- Increased the aggro range of all bosses

- New Mechanic: when the entire party attacking hephaestus wipe, his HP will reset to full.

Reason: Even though we know there are mechanics that you can use on plenty of official flyff bosses to avoid having to properly gear for the boss, we feel that Hephaestus is supposed to be the culmination of your work in the first season. Being able to (with alot of endurance and time) kill the boss with practically no gear goes against our idea of a "final boss".



- Reduced Stonehand stun chance from 12% to 6%

- Adjusted "Cursed Mind" Magic Resist reduction from 100% to 50%

- Removed resistance reduction from "Fire Strike", "Water Well" and "Lightning Shock"

- Adjusted "Vigorous Roenier Set" Effect: Reduced ICD: 40% -> 30%, Crit: 22% -> 15%, ATK: 12% -> 11%

- Adjusted "Reine Set" Effect: Reduced ICD: 40% -> 30%


Bug Fixes:

- Fixed text errors in Royal Rumble

- Fixed some achievement requirements/descriptions

- Fixed some item names

- Fixed some bugs with Shop Search

- Fixed not getting teleported in front of the Guild War npcs if clicking yes

- Fixed a bug with messenger not showing the correct last online time

- Fixed a bug where you couldn't see the tooltip of weekly challenge rewards

- Fixed several monster position bugs

- Fixed Arcanine Mount speed

- Fixed Siege winner and MVP not updating on other channels

- Fixed Star Fighter set making hair invisible 

- Fixed Diamond Tier Rewards, please message @Chapstick if you've received the wrong Diamond reward

- Fixed Trabant set icons

- Fixed Punk Queen set icons

- Fixed Izayoi set icons

- Fixed Cat Pajama set icons

- Fixed Angel set icons

- Fixed "Scroll of Unlimited Party Points" not being unlimited. If you purchased/used a scroll, please open a ticket and message us for a refund.

- Some more FPS optimizations