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Not only do you recieve a chunk of Vote Points when you vote for our server, you also recieve a Vote Buff! With every consecutive day your vote buff gets stronger and stronger! So get started on voting!

How does it work?

Voting for us on GTOP100 helps us, and you boost our servers popularity. In return, you recieve 100 Vote Points and a Vote Buff. Vote for 7 consecutive days to recieve the highest tier Vote Buff.

You'll be able to view your Vote Streak, Current Server Votes and Next Buff Effects on the top right of your screen. 

What are the buffs?

Day 0 No Bonus

Day 1 Experience +5%

Day 2 Experience +10%

Day 3 Experience +15%, Drop + 1%

Day 4 Experience + 20%, Drop + 2%

Day 5 Experience + 25%, Drop + 3%

Day 6 Experience + 30%, Drop + 4%

Day 7 Experience + 50%, Drop + 5%

Anarchy Buffs also trigger at certain Vote Milestones! These Milestones reset each day, so make sure to keep voting!

All Anarchy Buffs are activated for every 50 votes, e.g 50, 100, 150.. and so on.


What happens if I stop voting?

After the second day of not voting consequentially, your Vote Buff will go to Day 0.