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As some of you already may know Asmodan's Trials is our replacement for the old Secret Room system. This topic will provide all needed information about Asmodan's Trials.



We increased the amount of rooms which has to be cleared from 1 to 9. The very first room has the same design as in Secret Room. Every room has its own design and appears in a random order.



Lineup can be done every full hour (e.g. 01:00pm, 02:00pm, ..., 08:00pm, ...) by every guild member with the "Trials" permission. You've got 10 minutes to finish the lineup. Up to 10 players can participate for trials (9 Player + Guild Master). Guild Members who participated for another guild in a week are not eligable to participate for your guild. These players are bound for one week.



There are two types of leaderboard. One for weekly records which also be used to reward the guilds and a global leaderboard. Normal leaderboard will be reset every week on monday. Global will show all records since Patch 1.3.



Before participating in Asmodan's Trials for the first time in each week you're able to edit your priority list. Your guild will be rewarded depending on your priority and how fast you finished trials. The list will be locked afterwards until next weeks trials-circle.



While killing monsters in trials there is a chance that they'll drop Treasures. These chest's contain special items which can be obtained by opening the normal treasure chest with either a copper or silver key, while the Hatred treasure chest can only be opened with a Hatred key. Hatred chests and keys are only dropped by the boss itself.