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Hepthaestus has the ability to summon powerful titans! These Titans appear in the Saint Morning Titan Arena These Titans take the form of dungeon bosses, and drop their respective items and materials. It's up to you to destroy them, but beware! They increase in power and stamina for every adventurer that comes to challenge them!

Titans spawn every 4 hours, ensuring adventurers from any timezone are able to defeat them! 

How do they work?

Titans have 85,000,000 HP. This increases for every new unique player that joins the fight by 25%. After killing the titan, personal loot is given directly to your character. You are also given the chance to obtain extra, more powerful loot through loot auctions.

What personal drops do I get?

  • Angelic Bead Shard
  • Advanced Re-Roll Dust
  • Jewels
  • A Cards
  • 7% Cards
  • Supreme Clockworks Boxes
  • The bosses respective CS Pet

What items are up for auction?

1st bid:

  • Upgraded Boss Weapon + [3~8]

2nd bid:

  • Upgrade Pack
  • Angelic Bead Shard
  • Angel Coin Box
  • [Chance] Box of Bones
  • [Chance] Box of Fashion

3rd bid:

  • Upgraded Boss Weapon + [10]
  • Upgrade Pack
  • Angelic Bead Shard
  • Angel Coin Box
  • [Chance] Box of Bones
  • [Chance] Box of Fashion
  • Titanium-soaked Creation Stone
  • Blood-soaked Creation Stone

Bidding drops will be available after killing any Titan. After it's demise, a special window opens that give you the opportunity to bid on special items, some of which are Titan exclusive. For an auction to occur, a minimum of 5 unique players have to participate killing the Titan and fulfill the requirements for recieving drops.

Can I use multiple characters on one computer to kill a Titan?

No, to ensure loot is dispersed fairly, you can only attack a Titan using one client per computer. Every additional character of yours will not damage the Titan.

What's their attack pattern?

Titan's attack pattern is completely random. They may target and change their target at any time.

Is there an in-depth guide to Loot Auctions?

You can find the guide to Loot Auctions here.

What are some of these materials used for?

Most of the materials found here are used for Angelic upgrades, or to create Bloodbane and Titanbane weapons. More on that here.