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The tiers feature is a heirarchy system that shows off a players progression. It's directly influenced by Legend Score and Achievements. The higher your Legend Score increases, the higher your rank will be.

Reaching each tier awards you with cosmetic and functional items, these can be viewed in the "Season Tiers" located on the Start menu.

Tier rewards, along with tier requirements change every Season.

Here you can view each tier, their required Legend Score, along with their rewards.

To see more Tier rewards, you'll have to hop on in game!


There are currently 6 Tiers available, each needing a specific Legend Score requirement:

Bronze 12,500 Legend Score

Silver 35,000 

Gold 80,000

Platinum 100,000

Diamond 150,000

Legend 200,000


Where do I obtain my Tier rewards?

You obtain your Tier rewards directly from the Achievements window. 

Is it possible to buy Tier rewards?

It's not possible to buy Tier rewards from NPCs or the Premium store. However, as Tier rewards aren't soul-linked, you are able to trade, buy or sell them to players.

Do Tier rewards change each Season?

Tier Rewards, along with Legend Score requirements change each Season.

Do I keep my Tier rewards when a Season is finished?

Yes. Tier rewards are permanent.

Can I still get the rewards if I continue playing my character on the Clockworks server?

You can only recieve Tier rewards through Seasons, however you can still buy tier rewards from players.