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The Seasonal Update brings forth a new and improved stat dice system. Gone are the days where you need to use a Stat Dice (Reset Last). You can now roll all 50 dice to perfection! Let's take a look!


Stat Dice GUI

What are Stat Dice?

Stat Dice unlock hidden attributes. Roll the dice & recieve STR, STA, DEX or INT bonuses of 2, 3 & 5. Each dice can be re-rolled in exchange for Dice Rerolls or Clockwork Tokens (CWT). There are 50 dices for you to unlock and perfect.

How do I unlock Stat Dice?

Stat Dice can be unlocked through paying 1 perin for normal Dice, and 5 perin for Blue Dice.

Stat Dice can also be unlocked through reaching specific level goals.

Select the designated button for the dice of your choosing to unlock it.

How do I Reroll a Dice?

Dice can be rerolled through Dice Rerolls or by Clockwork Tokens (CWT). If you have both Reroll Dice and CWT on your character, the system will favour the Dice Rerolls.

Dice Rerolls can be obtained through the webshop, [Jewel & Dice Manager] Peach, Daily Challenge Rewards and Supreme Clockwork Boxes.

What are Blue Dice?

Blue Dice are special Dice that take up more resources, however give a better reward and a higher chance of perfect rolls. When rolled, these dice may grant you with STR, STA, DEX or INT bonuses of 3, 4 & 6.

How can I view my progress?

This update comes with a fancy new tracker! You'll be able to view your progress as you unlock and perfect all 50 dice! Just take a look at the top right of the window.

My non Seasonal character already has Stat Dice unlocked. What happens to them?

We've built the converting system to favour as many perfect rolls as possible, even if you didn't have them before - so don't worry! You'll also have the same amount of unlocked dice.

My non Seasonal character has Stat Dice (Reset Last). What happens to them?

Your Stat Dice (Reset Last) will automatically convert to Dice Rolls.