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What Is Royal Rumble?

Royal Rumble is an every man for himself PvP match. Unlike other PvP modes, to join Royal Rumble you  don't need to have any gear, since everyone is given equalized pre-made gear, putting you on the same level as everyone else.



To participate your character has to be level 60 and have chosen a second Job.


How Do I Sign Up?

There are 2 ways to sign up for Royal Rumble. The first is visiting Lee in North Flaris, and the other is to click on Start > Systems > Royal Rumble. Once the match starts you will be teleported to the Royal Rumble arena. You can trigger a server announcement inviting everyone to join Royal Rumble through the sign up menu as well.


Before the Match

Once you are in the arena, you will have 30 seconds to get ready and choose your load out. Some classes have one load out, some have two. Your character stats will be reset as well, be sure to reassign them. 


Preparation Phase

After the 30 seconds, your inventory, task bar, and buffs will be replaced (temporarily). You will be given 10 minutes to set up your gear and task bar the way you want it. Once you are ready, you can press the "Ready" button. If all players have pressed ready, the wait time is dropped to 30 seconds.


After the Match

Right after finishing a match (not if it ends prematurely) you can see the game stats in a log on our website. This log displays several stats such as your KDA, largest killing spree, multi kills, damage done and taken.


Point System


  • Kill - 10 points
  • Shut down (Ending a killing spree) - 10 points
  • First Blood - 15 points

Killing spree:

  • 3 kills - 5 points
  • 5 kills - 10 points
  • 10 kills - 15 points
  • 15 kills - 20 points

Multi Kills:

  • Double kill (2): 5 points
  • Triple kill (3): 10 points
  • Quadra kill (4): 15 points
  • Penta kill(5): 20 points

Assists are rewarded 50% points for a given action.

During Bonus Time you gain 200% points for every action.


What Do I Get?

For playing Royal Rumble you will receive Marks of Death. You can spend these marks 

at the [Royal Rumble Manager] Lee. You recieve:

  • 250 Marks of Death for Playing a game
  • Up to 750 Marks in game (1 point gives 1 mark)

For a total of up to 1000 Marks per game played.