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With Weapon Re-roll, all rare weapon/shield attributes are randomly generated, allowing each weapon to be completely unique!


How does it work?

When a weapon/shield drops, its values are randomly generated, allowing more diversity between weapons. You are however able to reroll one of these values.


How do I view the range of values for weapons?

You can do this either by using the in-game Item-List (/wiki) or by hovering over your item and pressing the CTRL key.


How can I re-roll my item?

  1. Go to [Weapon Reroll] Dark in Flarine and place your item into the slot window.
  2. Select the stat you would like to change the value of.  [Re-rolling a stat costs a certain amount of Jewels, Re-roll Dust and penya]
  3. Click OK, and start re-rolling!



The Reroll cost is determined by the weapon type. Reroll costs stay the same for the same type of weapon.


How do I get Re-roll Dust for re-rolling?

Re-roll dust can be obtained by destroying any rare weapon/shield. The amount recieved depends on the weapon/shield level/rank destroyed.


How do I get jewels for re-rolling?

 The easiest way to get a lot of jewels for re-rolling, is to use the "Create Jewels" function at [Jewel & Dice Manager] Peach in Flarine. To create jewels, you must sacrifice an upgraded weapon. The upgrade amount also determines the amount of jewels you get. 

Normal Weapons Upgrade Level Number Given Rare Weapons Upgrade Level Number Given
+0 1 +0 1
+1 1 +1 1
+2 1 +2 1
+3 1 +3 1
+4 1 +4 1
+5 1 +5 2
+6 2 +6 4
+7 3 +7 6
+8 5 +8 10
+9 10 +9 20
+10 20 +10 40


Another way to get jewels is to drop them from bosses.