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Castle Raid

Castle Raid is a new system that will be introduced with Season 3. Two times a week the castle will open its doors for everyone who wants to participate in a huge fight against the hordes that have overrun the castle. Castle Raid, or for short, Raids, have been designed to host up to 30 players per raid, randomly distributed based on their class. Those players will fight through multiple stages of monsters and bosses, clearing their way to the last boss in the pursuit of valuable crafting materials.


Starting with Season 3, there is one map layout available to clear. With more time, more layouts will be added.


To participate, you will have to speak to Gaonan in Eldeon’s Castle and confirm your application.

The minimum required level is 150, but it is advised to have gear capable of efficiently farming in Eldeon to apply.

After the application time runs out, every participant is distributed in their respective groups. Depending on the amount of people applied, multiple raid instances will be opened.


Castle Raid opens every Tuesday and Saturday 18:00 CET+2 on Channel 4/Activities. After that, you have up to 5 minutes to apply.


After the preperation phase ends, the fighting phase starts. Your group has to clear all monsters and bosses as quickly as possible. Dying in a raid without an assist does not mean the end. When reviving, you always revive in the raid. After a stage (either monster or boss phase) is cleared, the respawn point moves to the latest spawn your raid has cleared, (meaning, if you die on the last stage you won’t have to run for 5 minutes).

Each boss has their own mechanics you have either learned from some previously cleared dungeons, or maybe even some new ones, designed with the environment the bosses are in in mind. Keep an eye out for anything that looks like it's dangerous!


Each boss stage has personal drops enabled. Once a boss dies, every participant has a chance to get any combination of these items:

  • Re-roll Dust
  • Jewels
  • A Cards
  • 7% Cards
  • Supreme Clockworks Boxes
  • Boss CS-Pet

The last boss of the raid additionally has a chance to drop:

  • Yggdrasil Set Construction Plan

Loot Auctions

After beating the last boss of the Raid, an auction opens with the following items available for grabs:

  • Boss Weapon Creation Token
  • Upgrade Pack
  • Angelic Bead Shard
  • Angel Coin Box
  • [Chance] Box of Bones
  • [Chance] Box of Fashion
  • Blood-soaked Creation Stone
  • Yggdrasil Set Construction Plan