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What is Scroll of Premium?

Scroll of Premium is a functional item that gives you a bunch of bonuses to help you on your journey. 

They are available in 7day, 14 day and 28 days, with 28 days including an exclusive monthly reward when purchased.

These bonuses are:

Speed + 10%

Experience + 10%

Angel Experience + 5%

Drop Rate + 5%

Pet Experience + 10%

Instant pickup of items

Additional Daily Challenge

Exclusive Challenge Chests

View HP of All Monsters

Lower Awake Cooldown

Direct Buy in Shop Search

Unlimited free 24 hour AFK Vendors

Mega Set Glow at +10

Yellow Shout

Yellow Name

Where can I buy Scroll of Premium from?

You can purchase Scroll of Premium from the CWT store and through NPC Gisela for CWT.

What are the 28 Day Premium Rewards?

For purchasing a 28 day Premium, you'll be rewarded with an exclusive item. This can range from exclusive pets, mounts, fashion, badges and more. The reward changes each month, so keep your character premium!

I have a Scroll of Enlighten on my non-Seasonal character, what happens to that?

Your Scroll of Enlighten will automatically convert to the Scroll of Premium of the same duration.