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What is Guild Clash?

Guild Clash is a game mode in which a guild has to engage in a mix of PvP and PvE against other guilds. Guilds have to defend their own statues from destruction while destroying the statues of enemy guilds.


Guild Clash is currently sheduled once per week. Application starts every saturday at 8 p.m. CET (server time) on channel 4 (Activities).


When applying, you can see what guild already has applied in the Guild Clash Status window:

And apply yourself in the Guild Clash Register window:


To succesfully apply for Guild Clash, talk to Bernhard found next to the Guild Siege NPCs and fulfill the following conditions:

  • 500.000.000 penya or 5 Perin paid by Guild Masters
  • Between 4 and 8 Guild Members per guild which are at minimum level 150
  • Between 2 and 8 Guilds applied

    After a succesfull application and time running out, all participants receive a message, prompting them to enter the Guild Clash map:

    If participants still need something from outside, they can click NO, use their remaining 60 seconds and then talk to Bernhard to enter the Guild Clash map using the "Enter Guild Clash" menu point:

    Attention! You can only re-enter guild clash if it's still in the preperation phase or if you were part of the match but disconnected at some point.


    Once the fighting begins, two scoreboards appear. The first, which can be found on the left side, display the remaining fight time, the lined up guilds, their coresponding colors which match the color used for the entrances, aswell as their three towers with their current health.

    Towers display their health as a number in %. Green backroung means the tower is alive, yellow means that the tower is under attack and red means the tower is dead.

    The second interface displays the top players with their name, points, tower kills, player kills and deaths.


    Points are shown on the player scoreboard and awarded the following way:

  • 1 point per kill (up to 100)
  • 25 points per statue kill


    Every participating guild unlocks the Guild House for 7 days.

    Rewards are determined by the amount of points gained by each player. Points are converted to Guild Clash Medals. Additionally the winning Guild's Guild Master receives 250 more Guild Clash Medals.

    Guild House

    [Link to guild house guide]