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Sentenced to the depths of Madrigal over a millenia ago, the forbidden God Hephaestus has opened a secret portal to Madrigal! This primal creator plans to enslave Madrigal with his army of Titans. Can you rise to the challenge and defeat him and his army? Defeating Hephaestus' dungeon and Titans brings almighty treasures of infinite power!

The Craft of Hephaestus brings an all new adventure with the lure of powerful, beastly weapons!

You can find Craft of Hephaestus on our teleporter [Hotkey: V].


Angel Rank 50+

2 Entries per day

Recommended HP 590,000

Hephaestus' dungeon places you in a series of different rooms. It's up to you and your party to defeat all the monsters inside, summoning the Forbidden Creator's himself! Defeat him and obtain his construction plan. Combine these with vast materials to create Madrigal's most powerful weapons.

How do I create Titanbane/Bloodbane weapons?

Haphaestus may drop Construction Plans for each weapon:

You must combine these with every version of ultimate weapon! Hunting Titans allows for you to significantly speed up the creation process, as they drop ultimate upgraded weapons. Upgrade these weapons to Ultimate +10. Depending on if you would like a Bloodbane or Titanbane weapon, you need a Blood-soaked Creation Stone or Titanium-soaked Creation Stone.

Craft your weapons at NPC BoboChoo. The crafting table is as follows: