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Daily Quests were introduced to the scene in our first release of Clockworks FlyFF. Seasons brings in a new and updated version, with tons more to do with even better rewards.

The Daily Challenges feature can be accessed through the "Daily" icon under your Status window, [Hotkey Shift + C] or through the Start -> Features menu.


What's the difference between the old system and new?

To start, instead of just one per day, three daily quests are now given to you!

Some of these quests include:

  • Kill monsters.
  • Kill Giants and Bosses.
  • Kill Players.
  • Complete Dungeons.
  • Participate in various game modes.
  • Damage Quests (PvP & PvE).
  • Jumping Quests.
  • Consume Food.
  • Collecting.

You have 24 hours to complete these quests and recieve your rewards. If not completed, new ones will be given out the next day. Each quest gives a reward, and not all three are to be completed in order for you to recieve your reward.

With this adition, weekly quests are now also available - giving you weekly challenges to complete.

Weekly challenges provided three individual quests that need to be completed in order to recieve your weekly reward. They provide much better rewards!

How do I claim my rewards after completing a challenge?

To collect your rewards, select the 'Collect' button for the completed reward. You'll also notice your "Challenge Quest Key" will go up by +1 for each Daily Challenge completed.

What's the Chest Market?

The Chest Market is a new addition to the Challenge feature. For every Daily Challenge completed, you'll recieve a "Challenge Quest Key" .

These keys can be used to open Chests, the more keys needed the better the chest!

What Chests are there?

  • The General Chest costs 3 gold coins
  • The Silver Skull Chest costs 9 gold coins
  • The Golden Chest costs 30 gold coins

If you have Premium, you have the option to buy Premium chests:

  • The Premium General Chest costs 2 gold coins
  • The Premium Silver Chest costs 6 gold coins
  • The premium Golden Chest costs 20 gold coins

What's the difference between Premium and non-Premium Chests?

The only difference between these chests is Premium provides slightly higher rates for rare items, and cost less.