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Awakening is the process of adding additional special stats to a piece of equipment. The stats that are added are always positive. Any weapon, shield or armour piece can be awakened. 5 lines of awakenings are given per item. However, it is important to note only specific stats are granted to a specific item.

Once an item is awakened, as seen above - it will have five additional attributes (stats) added to it, which are indicated in blue lettering. The number and type of attributes added are random depending on the item awakened.

Note: Awakening has a fee of 100,000 penya for each scroll used. Awakening has a 100% success rate, and so can not fail. There is no chance of an item breaking during the awakening process. 



You are able to quickly, and effectively awaken your items using our Fast-Awake feature. [Fast-Awake] NPC Lisa is available in Flarine, Saint-Morning and Darken City. Click on her to prompt the fast-awake window. Place your item in the item slot, as seen below. Press OK to start awakening. You can also use our 'Highlight Specific Stat' feature to be notified when you have awakened a specific stat, as well as our 'Summarised Stat' feature to easily view a total for any duplicated stats. 

Tip: [Fast-Awake] Lisa is also able to awaken your Raised Pets, Pickup Pets and CS. 

Using an additional Scroll of Superior Awakening per awaken attempt raises the chances of getting a better awakening on your items. Specifically, it makes it so after the awake is determined internally, all lines are raised by one stage. As an example, without the Scroll of Superior Awakening you awake an item with 3 INT, 5 STA, 9 ICD, 5 Heal Rate and 300 MP. Wiht the scroll the stats on your item would be 5 INT, 7 STA, 11 ICD, 6 Heal Rate and 350 MP.

If you do not like the received Awakening, you are able to revert it, which brings us onto our next topic.



Removing an awakening is a simple an easy task using a Scroll of Reversion. Scrolls of Reversions are occasionally dropped from any monster in the game once killed.  Return to [Fast-Awake] Lisa and place your item, along with any amount of Reversions into the corresponding slot. Press Start to re-awaken the item. If more than one Reversion is placed (with a maximum of 9,999) into the Reversion slot of the NPC, the item will continue to be awakened for each time you press Start. 



The following list is the available stats and ranges available through Awakening. 

  • Max. HP (50 - 500)
  • Max. MP (50 - 450)
  • STR (5 - 35)
  • STA (5 - 35)
  • DEX (5 - 35)
  • INT (5 - 35) 
  • Attack (5 - 140)
  • DEF (4 - 112)
  • Speed % (1 - 10)
  • Attack Speed % (2 - 38) 
  • Critical Chance % (1 - 10) 
  • Additional Damage of Critical Hits % (1 - 19)
  • Decreased Casting Time % (1 - 10)
  • Heal Rate % (1 - 10)


Awakening Weapons:

Awakening a weapon will give you a chance of:

  •  All available stats

Awakening Shields:

Awakening a shield will give you a chance of:

  • All available stats

Awakening Armour:

Awakening a helmet will give you a chance of:

  • STR
  • DEX
  • INT
  • STA
  • Max HP
  • Max MP
  • Heal Rate %

Awakening a suit will give you a chance of:

  • All available stats

Awakening a gauntlet (glove) will give you the chance of:

  • Critical Chance (%)
  • Attack Power
  • Decreased Casting Time % DCT 
  • Attack Speed
  • Max MP
  • Heal Rate %

Awakening boots will give you the chance of:

  • Increased Critical Damage
  • Speed
  • Defence Power
  • Max HP
  • Max MP
  • Heal Rate %


First you can click the "Previous" Button to check your last 3 awakes. If you find an awake that you would want to get back, you can use the Scroll of Awakening Rollback, which gives you the chance to convert your current awakening to any of the last three awakenings of that item. Select and confirm your choice. Please not however, all previous awakening history will be deleted once you log out. To revert an awakening, the Scroll of Awakening Rollback has to be present in your inventory. This item is available in the Webshop or at [Fast Awake] Lisa.