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Your Ultimate weapons can be upgraded to Angelic Weapons!

How do I create an Angelic Weapon?

To create an Angelic Weapon, the following items are required:

  • Ultimate Weapon +10
  • Angelic Upgrade Protect (Weapon)
  • Enhanced Angel Stone (Drop from Mysterious Garden, enhanced at [Angel Shop] Gabriella)
  • Angelic Weapon Blessing ([Angel Shop] Gabriella)


How do I upgrade an Angelic Weapon?

Upgrading an Angelic Weapon follows the same rules as normal and ultimate upgrading. For each try you require an Enhanced Angel Stone aswell as an Angelic Upgrade Protect (Weapon). To upgrade a weapon, visit BoBoChan in Flaris.

What are the benefits?

A weapon that has been made angelic can upgraded further up to +20, each upgrade level upgrading the ATK of the weapon aswell as enhancing the effectiveness of jewels socketed into it by 2% for each upgrade level (1% for PvP jewels).