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We know it can get boring seeing the same Angel again and again, it's time for a change!

What's Angel Transmutation?

Angel Transmutation serves to change the appearance of your Angel.

What can I change my Angels appearance to?

There are a select range of apperances you can choose from, with more to come! These currently range from custom models, monsters and pets.

How can I transmute my Angel?

After obtaining the Angel Transmute of your choice, double click the item to activate it.

How long does a transmute last for?

Angel transmutations typically last for 7 days.

Does an Angel Transmutation change the effects of my Angel?

No, it's purely cosmetic.

How do I obtain Angel Transmutations?

You can obtain Angel Transmutations from web-shop, [Angel Transmute] Gabriella NPC for CWT, Daily Challenges and Achievements.